Air Element February 2019

Welcome to February! Be sure to read your Rising and Moon Signs to gain more information.

This is a General Reading for the Air Element. If you would like a more personal in-depth reading you may contact me to book an appointment. I also offer Soul Discovery and one on one coaching lessons tailored to your own energy.

A Q U A R I U S / G E M I N I / L I B R A

While Shuffling the cards, I get this sense as though you’ve been through your own personal war. You’re very tired of what you’ve been dealing with or a specific ordeal that you’ve been through. Some of you may have felt like just giving up, while others still feel this way. Most of you won’t though. Most of you will hang in there and keep doing what is required of you. I’m seeing that in the past you have put in a lot of time and effort. Working diligently towards creating a very solid foundation. You kept plugging away trying to up your game. You have a specific goal in mind and because of this it did not bother you to put in the extra effort.

Currently, you’re coming in as the Emperor. The leader of the pack, the individual in total control. You’ve been taking matters into your own hands. Not shying away from any obstacles that may be thrown your way. Setting the course for your own future to become a success. You’ve been standing up for your rights. You know what is in your best interests and won’t let anyone contaminate your thoughts and beliefs. You come across in a very respectful way to others when you have to deal with any problems that they may have caused you or have presented to you. I’m seeing some of you working very hard to please a Boss or someone who is in a position to promote or help you along your path. Some of them serve as a mentor. Others will try to make their own Father proud with all the effort they are putting in or with how you are trying to show that you can take matters into your own hands and rise up to the challenge without breaking down. This is being influenced by the fact that you have or will gain a lot of clarity about your situation. You may even feel compelled to communicate about it. This clarity makes you very happy because it was exhausting being stuck in confusion. You have many ideas that you want to implement into your life. It is as though a light bulb has gone off in your head. With the knowledge you gain you will set the course towards this endeavor.

I feel as though many of you hold secrets that seem almost “crazy”. I’m not sure if that’s the term to use, but whatever it is you feel as though you can’t or won’t tell anyone about it out of fear that they may not understand you. You’re going with your gut and intuition when it comes to this. Your intuition tells you to dive right in and do it, but you’re afraid to take the risk. I’m getting this sense of “going into the unknown”. You have this deep feeling that if you were to move forward then chaos would break out around you and your environment. There is intense energy when it comes to this… it may make people mad, argue, gasp, try to stop you… it will cause for you to go through a period of time (possibly 3 months worth) of gaining back your balance and reestablishing a state of stability. I’m seeing a lot of you wanting to just walk away. Wanting to head towards what could ultimately fulfill you. There is someone who is trust worthy, grounded, financially stable and accommodating that will help you. This “secret” that you have will be revealed. I’m seeing you standing up for yourself against others and walking away fearlessly towards your destination. During this transition, which from start to finish will take about 7 months, you will be healing. You will come out of this much wiser and stronger. I’m seeing some people want to empower you on your path while others suffocate you with their needs and wants of you.

You are truly meant to find what works for you and what doesn’t. You are meant to see, experience and live your ultimate reality. Certain things that may have just been a passing thought or a fantasy can actually become real in your life. It’s up to you to cut through this confusion and see this for yourself. I’m seeing some of you having to break free from long term situations ( a Marriage/ a job). The main thing here is that if you take the risk, you will achieve your desires. You may have to take on more responsibilities, but it will be worth it in the end.

Have a Wonderful February!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

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