Earth Element February 2019

Welcome to February! Be sure to read your Rising and Moon Signs to gain more information.

This is a General Reading for the Earth Element. If you would like a more personal in-depth reading you may contact me to book an appointment. I also offer Soul Discovery and one on one coaching lessons tailored to your own energy.

C A P R I C O R N / T A U R U S / V I R G O

What happened, Earth Signs?? You normally have very good readings!! It seems as though you’ve been stuck in a repetitive cycle that has been consuming you. It is as though no matter which way you go or no matter what scenario you try to come up with or achieve, you can’t seem to move forward. I am seeing that you are supposed to let go. This could either be within Business or a relationship. It is as though you are reluctant to move forward. That you refuse to face this. I am seeing that whatever this is for you personally, it has caused you to feel unsuccessful. You are not allowing your transformation to take place.  You may be scared of making this change in your life. At this point though, it has the energy of massive stagnancy. An example would be holding onto something that has become rancid because you can’t seem to throw it out. It holds a type of value for you, that’s what you focus on, the rest doesn’t matter. This is very draining to you.. Draining on your financial resources, your emotions, and your mind. You have been going through a slow process of a personality transformation. As you perceive certain parts of yourself, you go into a bit of analysis, and change your reactions. You subconsciously know that a change is looming. This subconscious awareness manifests in anxiety, worry, restlessness, and mood swings.

Your secret desire and wish here is to get out of this TRAP. This state of self sabotage! You feel so stuck!! Your whole energy Screams that you don’t know what to do! After this reading I will pull more cards on that. Though advice really should be personally given as each individual’s circumstance is different. You’re caught in between competing ideas, choices and issues, feeling attached to something or someone that unnecessarily ties you down, some of you may feel as though you don’t have “permission” to be yourself or to do things your own way, you may feel as though you don’t deserve what other people have, or you may have perfectionism paralysis. You may have to make a choice where there are limitations as to your success, as in living somewhere you really don’t want to but you have to in order to make something a reality. You’re not able to gain clarity because you can’t see the bigger picture, you’re too bogged down with the details to expand your vision of choices. The answer is there waiting for you.. It seems hidden, but it’s not. It’s showing you as very confused. You spend some time in fantasy and then bounce back to reality, and because it’s not what you’d like it to be, you slip back into fantasy again. That’s not for everyone. But, You’re holding on too damn tightly to a specific outcome. I’m feeling the frustration and the stubbornness and I want to kick you out of it. Lol Not in a hurtful way of course. This is like being RIGHT THERE where the answer is and you can’t seem to take the tiny step to see it. Usually, the Universe will step in at some point and force you there if you don’t decide for yourself. The universe can cause your partner to break up with you or you can lose your job that you’re supposed to leave, or a home can go into foreclosure… that’s just some examples. You are being brought into this period of conflict in order to gather the will to cut right through it. This is challenging your sense of identity. Some of you need to be forced to stand up for your rights, express your own ideas and defend your personal space. The intensity of this may cause you to act out in a negative manner (which I am seeing you do in your outcome). By being this way you can either make enemies or cause others to see you in a different light. Your hunger for justice can bring forth a negative reaction in another.

Coming towards you is an Air Sign (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra), or this will be your own personality. I see an argument occurring. This individual seems very angry about getting their way. This could be you fighting for what is right. The energy is filled with extremely quick change taking place. When it comes to your situation and within your environment there’s no room for growth. Some of you may have an issue when it comes to staying focused on your goals. You may have to start small and eventually build up to where you’d like to be. Using a vision board is very helpful. What you desire is within your reach so don’t completely give up, instead focus on what you can do about your situation presently, instead of trying to aim directly for your end goal. Each step that you take towards the end result, will eventually get you to where you want to be. Others may see you as someone who is scattered, who jumps from one thing to next and they can’t keep up with you or pin down what it is that you are trying to achieve. This causes them to mistrust you and not want to invest their time or money into you. For others, when it comes to finances, I’m seeing that getting approval for loans is most likely not happening at this time. This is about proving and showing your worth.

You are asked to seek a balance and be fair when it comes to you and another. Or to be fair within your situation. This is a Karmic lesson you’re experiencing. This goes back to the fact that if you do not make the decision for yourself to let things go then it will be made for you. You truly need a boost in your confidence. Our ego’s are blown when we feel unsuccessful and puts us in this place of feeling like we aren’t good enough to accomplish our dreams or to get what we truly desire. The only way you’ll be able to move forward, away from the disappointments of the past and to gather your courage of conviction and set sail towards your destiny. Don’t allow another or anything else to do this for you. There is an inspirational saying that goes something like this, “Do not allow anyone to take your pen and write your life. Only YOU can do that.”

Have a Wonderful February!!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

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