Fire Element February 2019

Welcome to February! Be sure to read your Rising and Moon Signs to gain more information.

This is a General Reading for the Fire Element. If you would like a more personal in-depth reading you may contact me to book an appointment. I also offer Soul Discovery and one on one coaching lessons tailored to your own energy.

A R I E S / L E O / S A G I T T A R I U S

You, My Dear Fire Signs, will be cutting the cords from a bad situation. 😉 Presently, you are leaving behind what no longer serves your best interests. There is a definite and unrevokable situation going on here. You are going through a period of transformation. You may feel it deep within your soul even if you cannot see it occurring on the outside. I see you working through the pain that has lingered and getting rid of outdated friends and beliefs. You no longer have “time” for those than cannot rise to your level, nor for those who impede your progress. Some of you are letting go of a family member, other’s are leaving their homes behind. This is definitely something you have ignored in the past or put off thinking about. You chose to remain blind to the issue or situation, refusing to see it for what it was. You knew that if you were to focus on this, that you would then feel compelled to make a decision. It’s a decision that can bring forth Fear, a sense of instability, a phase of possible lingo. I’m hearing “What if I can’t do it? What if I fail? What if everything just falls completely apart?” You should not focus on those thoughts, because it is those negative thoughts that stop you from, continuing to think about this issue and figure it out! It stops you from moving forward! You must face it! Easier said then done, I know. Especially, if you have low energy often.

What will cause this change, I am seeing that in your past there was a very quick energy coming in. This could have been caused by an Air Sign (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra), or this individual carries the personality of being quick witted, clever, instant anger ( out of the blue arguments). For some of you I am seeing that this was news that you received which caused you to “face it” and begin to make the necessary changes in your life. But as a personality, this individual seems very angry and hell bent on getting their way. They are usually young, teenager/young adult. Or they act immature for their age. This individual seems angry due to something THEY didn’t expect to happen to them. I get this energy that you wouldn’t allow them to do something, you put down your foot or took back your control. This may not have happened yet for some of you. There’s this other individual here that seems Narcissistic. They go into rages over not getting their way. I am seeing you wanting to back away because of the emotional conflict you’re experiencing. I don’t blame you! This is the type of energy that you need time to yourself in order to heal from it. It’s very overwhelming and consuming. You completely desire to separate yourself from this painful situation. You’re so tired of being hurt.

You have felt as though you’ve been stuck, hopelessly, watching everything happen and felt as though there was nothing you could do to change it. The feeling is one of being chained to a chair and being forced to watch emotionally triggering events, but yet it’s happening to you physically. It seems like a out of body experience at times. Living in a fog. Being able to see the situation at all possible angles. You see that you’ve lived in a confined manner for too long, there even being a period of acceptance through this. You’ve made many sacrifices. You will come to understand that you’re worth is so much more. You are being placed in this situation by unseen forces trying to help you gain back your power and confidence. You are being led to defend yourself and stand your ground! To rise to the challenge. Emotions will be intense.

I’m seeing someone coming in with an emotional message for you. This could be a Water sign (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio), This could be a message from or about a child. But for most of you I see this message as a new beginning in your life that fills you with hope. I’m seeing an apology. A revelation of their feelings. Honesty. They will tell you about what they’ve been through. I see them very exhausted but trying to remain strong. Put on a brave face. They’ve been going through a healing phase. I’m also seeing you receiving some type of invitation. This is either about starting a new creative project/ endeavor/ hobby or this is a romantic proposition. It could include both for some of you.

I’m seeing you more in your mind than in your heart. It’s due to the heaviness that you have experienced. You’re making decisions analytically. Justifying. The energy around you is detached and cutting. Not much love going around. Mostly criticism. Straight to the point conversations just relaying important situations. I’m seeing that this is draining the life out of you. I’m seeing you also becoming drained by an individual around you. They are sulking. They may even be depressed. It seems that no matter what you say or do to try to get them out of this state they can’t be bothered. They are stuck in stagnancy. I’m seeing you Being bonded by another person. Being forced to live life by someone else’s perception, beliefs, morals and/or rules. Living life only on their terms. Your lesson is to break free from this. AND YOU WILL! Pretty fearlessly too! I’m seeing you walking away and taking a chance when it comes to what fulfills you and can help to make your dreams come true. By doing this you will bring Good Luck into your life!

Overall, your reading shows you putting down the gauntlet. Refusing to fight with this other person. It’s not worth your time! The cycle of fighting gets you both no where. All it seems to do is hold you in a pattern of anger and disappointment. SO this is why you will choose to walk away.

Have a Wonderful February!!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

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