Water Element February 2019

Welcome to February! Be sure to read your Rising and Moon Signs to gain more information.

This is a General Reading for the Water Element. If you would like a more personal in-depth reading you may contact me to book an appointment. I also offer Soul Discovery and one on one coaching lessons tailored to your own energy.

C A N C E R / P I S C E S / S C O R P I O

You start off the month requiring help. There seems to be a lack of leadership or an abuse of power happening here. Whether this is you yourself, or this is coming from someone important in your environment. For a lot of you, This person is your Boss, or someone who you have to answer to in some way, such as a father figure, or partner. The way that this individual is acting causes you to second guess your own power and abilities. This individual’s energy is extremely Dominating and Manipulative. They can be seen as egotistical, pretentious, demanding… they act this way because of a self- esteem issue. They feel that they must control everything in order to feel better about themselves. They exert their power in a negative way. It becomes very suffocating riddled with rules, obligations.. They constantly try to remind you of “your place”. They would rather put fear into someone than to gain respect. This individual may be ignoring you most of the time, leading you to think that things are worse than they actually are. But you, yourself need to get back on track, back on a stable footing, gain back your own power.

I’m seeing that you have a lot of dreams and wishes that you’d like to achieve and bring about in your life. You’ve been filled with hope, fantasizing and thinking about your plans for the future. If you’re dealing with this demanding individual. They may be acting the way that they are because they do not like what you are trying to do. It scares them. It makes them think that they will either lose you or that you would rise high above them in the ranks. I’m seeing ultimatums from this individual. Example: “If you go ahead with what you’re planning on doing then we’re done!” Don’t listen to them. Your soul force is driving you forward on this specific task for a reason. You are meant to accomplish what you’re currently desiring. With Your ability to be open and generous with others, has made this individual think they could take advantage of your good nature. They see it as an opportunity to try and destroy your reputation if needed.

You strive for things to be fair and equal. If you’ve put in a ton of work, you expect to be compensated fairly. Anyone does really, but you feel as though it should be an automatic acknowledgement by both parties. No questions asked. That’s the way it should naturally be! Not everybody sees it that way. Especially, if you’re dealing with an individual that only thinks of themselves and prosper through greed. I’m seeing you wanting support from other’s or from this individual. You are craving Harmony and a sense of balance at this point. I get a sense that things have been “toppled over”. You now have an obstacle to deal with and contend to that you didn’t prior. I’m seeing a lot of you having support from family members or a group of people you think of as family; these can be your friends or coworkers. They want the best for you and for you to be happy and reach your goals; they want your dreams to become a reality for you. They would also help you in dealing with this other individual. To set things right. I’m seeing for a small bit of you that you may want to meet with a lawyer or take this matter to court. Trying to get back money owed to you. Getting back what you deserve! This can even be getting back a job you’ve lost that you shouldn’t have. You could have been fired or let go for something that wasn’t even your fault.

I’m seeing that in February you will have a new beginning. You actually have 3 Aces showing up in your reading this month. You have a beginning when it comes to your emotions, a beginning when it comes to your thought process and a beginning when it comes to either finances or a physical opportunity. The Ace that is missing is the Ace of Wands, this is about becoming Inspired. So, you may lack inspiration this month due to the negative energy that this individual is putting out. But do not fear because as an overall you do have the Page of Wands, which is an “Ace” in the courts to me, so it is as though you will afterall be given the inspiration through a message someone sends or says to you! 😉 Backing up… This new offer being presented to you will fill you with a lot of hope. I’m seeing tears of joy for a lot of you. I’m feeling as though this is in connection with your hopes and dreams. It’s as though you are being given the first peek at what is available to you. This is also someone coming out and showing you their support, that they have your back. This is the first sign that all will be well. If your own sense of self esteem has been bruised then this will give it a boost to regain some confidence. For a bit of you this indicates a pregnancy. For others I am seeing the beginning of a romance. This is when the person you have wanted begins to show you that they feel the same way. As a General reading, I will put random messages in when I see them.

Within your surrounding environment, I am seeing honest discussions taking place. Getting to the heart or the truth of the matter. Making a plan based upon information received or known.  There is someone around you or attached to this new beginning, they could be a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), or their personality is like a Fire sign. They have the energy of a younger person (teenager/ young adult), Fearless, Inspirational, very creative, they seem to come up with all kinds of ideas that can lead you to become excited about change. They have an energy of quick change themselves. They are spontaneous. They can call you up out of the blue or just pop by your house and say “Let’s go on a road trip!” or “Let’s start this business today!”. You can either become overwhelmed by this individual or be very amused by them. As a Water sign you have a tendency to merge into your decisions by how you’re feeling. You don’t make changes as quickly as a Fire sign. That’s not to say that you can’t ever be spontaneous yourself. Take note that no matter what our Sun sign is, we also have Rising and Moon to look at as well. Any of the three can rule our day. 😉 Venus signs, you can take into account when it comes to romance. I don’t place much emphasis on that. Probably because my own Venus sign is my Sun sign. But I digress, this passionate individual is placing fire under your ass… so they can most likely be the one who gives you the inspiring message that makes you get up, take your power back and get things going in the right direction for you.

The Spiritual Forces behind you at this time boast of a new opportunity when it comes to money or creating something physical. You have a lot to offer and you deserve to be paid for it. I’m seeing that whatever this is for you personally, this is what makes you finally feel safe enough to take the risk. I’m seeing that by the end of February you will cut this negative attachment to this other individual or situation. You will separate yourself from this so that you can finally pick your head up and be able to focus on your own dreams and move on from disappointment.

Have a Wonderful February!!!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

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