New Moon in Aquarius by the Signs!

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These are General readings for all Signs in the Zodiac for this New Moon! Please be sure to read your Rising and Moon Signs to gain more information. Scroll down to your sign… Earth, Air, Water, Fire.

Earth Element:

#Capricorn , This New Moon finds you in state of “What to do??” It seems as though a situation is in a state of pause. You are to experience this spiritual lesson in order to gain the bigger picture. You have only been seeing your issue from one point of view. This has held you back. Once you are able to see it from all perspectives you will then be able to move forward. I’m also seeing that you are waiting on the arrival of something or someone. It will most definitely be coming to you, starting from today- to three weeks. Stop over analyzing, stop obsessing… and move with your heart. A very big decision is at hand here. The number 6 surrounds you during this new moon. This speaks about Harmony and balance and relates to the Lovers. The Battle of the heart and of the Mind. Don’t worry about what others may think. Do what is right for YOU!

#Taurus, This New Moon brings to you a new cycle of growth and expansion!! I’m seeing some of you receiving a job offer that holds great security for you. There is Promotion on the horizon that has great benefits and amazing pay! You could have taken on more responsibility within a family and now must set down rules and guidelines for yourself and others to follow. There is Success and the term Legacy that surrounds you at this time. There is a mother figure that is involved in some way for a lot of you. You’ve come to the end of one cycle and will begin the new one on a much more stable footing. The number 4 surrounds you during this new moon! This is about Organization, Structure, Stability and Solidifying!

#Virgo, This New Moon has you communicating in a clear, concise, and straight forward manner. Your intellect will be quite high at this time. You will want to get things off your chest. I see you seeking advice from a wise and mature individual, who has the ability to help put things into perspective for you. They will not be emotionally connected to what the two of you are communicating about. They will be able to give you counsel from a detached point of view. This will help you to go after your goals in a much more determined and focused way! I’m seeing a lot of you starting a journey when it comes to career or study. Keep going, no matter how long it takes. Success is at the end. The Number 5 surrounds you during this new moon! It brings a type of challenge when it comes to conflicts with Morals and Society, However, It also brings a change and adventure your way as well!


#Aquarius, This New Moon is in your sign! How Lucky are you?? Not only because it’s in your sign, but because this specific placement boasts of Luck and good things occurring for everyone. This makes it extremely powerful for you. You lovely Aquarians will experience fearlessness, Spontaneous Outings, Adventure, and just going after something that you normally would be too afraid to even attempt to do! I’m seeing a lot of you being offered something in your own field, Getting the job that you never thought you would (It’s because you took the chance not expecting anything to come of it, or will do this), And if you have already begin something then you will receive your reward for it! Others will receive a long awaited message out of the blue from someone that they hold passion for. Positive energy is all around you!! The Number 3 brings forth Expansion, Growth, abundance and Communication dealing with what will bring you success. Congratulations! Enjoy it!!

#Gemini, This New Moon has you taking risks, even if it seems as though you could fail along the way. You will refuse to think in such a negative mindset and chart your course towards a long wanted goal of yours! I’m seeing through this the challenges that you will take on and conquer. Hopefully, not in an aggressive way as that could cause you to stop progress. With each obstacle presented to you — work through it in a calm and determined manner. Some of you may even go on a road trip at this time or have someone else take a trip to you. This risk has the ability to change your life and to end what no longer works for you. The number 2 surrounds you at this time. It’s about Decisions and Risks. You should go with your gut and not your thoughts!! I know that’s hard for a Gemini to do with so many thoughts swirling around in your head constantly. 😉 Be safe!!

#Libra, This new Moon has you stating your opinions firmly and without much thought to how other’s may take it. You have a lot to say to someone or about something in particular that you’ve been holding back for far too long. I’m seeing that some of you may have to deal with an individual who thinks things should only go their way and will agressively try to prove their point to you. Don’t back down. You need to Stand your ground! Stay in your element. They may be jealous of what you’ve been achieving or about something you have that they do not. It’s not your problem, it’s theirs to face and deal with. You’ve earned what you have!! You have nothing to prove! The number 7 surrounds you at this time,,, bringing with it spiritual challenges to conquer. And you shall! So Be it!


#Cancer, This New Moon pulls at your emotions and your sense of creativity. I’m seeing your romantic sense heightening during this time. You may feel pulled to meet someone new, to join a dating app or a group where you can meet like minded individuals. You have so much to share of yourself that you no longer want to hide or hold back. You want to take control in regards to relationships and let someone know where they stand and how you feel about them. For Single individuals, you will take control of your own destiny in love and set the course to meet the “one”. The number 6 surrounds you with the energy of Harmony and balance. It also relates to the Lovers. Sometimes, who we meet may not be exactly what we’d like on paper, but they fit well with our Soul and feel a strong connection with them. Try not to judge a person based upon aspects you normally wouldn’t consider. For other’s, you may be deciding to follow your heart and walk away from what no longer works.

#Pisces, This New Moon has you wanting to make future plans. You will definitely want to communicate the possibilities or a certain plan that you have in mind with another. I’m seeing some of you having to travel in order to do this or your plan includes moving from your current location. You could be considering purchasing a home, Adopting a pet, Beginning a relationship with another or Working on a project with a partner. Your thoughts may have been scattered, but after this meeting you will be able to move on from the confusion and disappointments that you have been experiencing. The Number 9 surrounds you at this time. It’s speaks about Wisdom and completion.

#Scorpio, This New Moon is about getting yourself out of a sense of mental Imprisonment. You have felt so unbelievably stuck within your situation that you could not see beyond this problem to find the solution that is actually right in front of you! I believe that part of what has held you here is because you have gone through something that has practically depleted your energy. You still have a “fighting chance” in regards to your issue. Don’t lose hope! After taking a period to rest, get back up and continue to go after or fix what has occurred. Persevere, Because this has the ability to turn out for the best! The Number 8 surrounds you at this time, bringing with it, a tremendous amount of power and courage to tackle any situation that life has presented to you.


#Aries, This New Moon will have you mostly in your head. You will analyze your situation and possibly do some research to gain even more information. You will communicate very clearly and in an intelligent manner. I’m seeing you being very productive and stabilizing your foundation. This can be about the stabilization of a business plan, Your home’s atmosphere, your social status (social media), and with the way you see yourself verses how other’s see you. The number eight surrounds you at this time. The energy that eight brings will gift you power within your presence. This is also about leadership, taking the initiative, and fortunate circumstances when it comes to your finances. There will be opportunities out there for your taking. Make sure you see them and make the most of these opportunity’s.

#Leo, This New Moon has you working through the disappointments and setbacks then moving on. You’ve been trying to clear your mind and to gain a sense of peace. At times you may have felt as though you were walking on eggshells around another. I’m seeing for most of you that this individual is a woman/Female. For other’s, this individual is a Feminine Sign (Water or Earth). You could have been trying to please this person, but they have a different view on how things should be done. Your “recipe” for success is there… and you will most likely find the common ground to it. If not, you will choose to move on in your own special way. The number 9 surrounds you at this time. Bringing the End to a situation gained through knowledge and information. Completion. Even if you must walk alone, You will certainly be Wiser! (Random message: Fertility is high, if you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, now is the time)

#Sagittarius, This New Moon is attempting to guide you out of confusion. You have many ideas and thoughts that you are contemplating on. You’re unsure of what to choose. So many options!! What to do?!? I’m seeing you having to spend time away from the crowd to ponder. This is due to the heavy stress that you’ve been experiencing. Your home life or work environment hasn’t been very peaceful or stable. There has been disagreements and possible arguments with others. If the disagreements are being caused by those that do not live with you, you have isolated yourself from them as much as possible. You may have even of taken a break from social media. Finding this “safe space” will help you reach a conclusion. The number 11, the first of the 3 Master Numbers, surrounds you at this time. This is a huge indication that what you are experiencing is an internal spiritual lesson. One in which you seek the solutions to your issues in order to learn from them. You will then implement what you have learned in order to avoid this in the future.

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Blessed Be to You and Yours!
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