Full Moon in Virgo 0 Degrees

Welcome to the beginning! I was experiencing a very heavy energetic shift starting around the 12th of February. It is beginning to fade away. When an astrological sign or planet lands at 0 degrees it refers to the beginning stages of a phase/lesson in your life. Virgo has landed in the second house. The second house refers to our possessions. This is anything that we own, that we claim, and which we deem is ours. One of the main things that we will claim more so on top of anything else is ourselves. If we have given away too much of our time, too much of our energy, too much of our self-worth. It’s time to take it back! That’s not to say that you can’t help out others or do what needs to be done. This is saying that you have given away too much of your power. The Full Moon in Virgo will help you to take a complete inventory of what is yours. To become more organized and more in control of your Financial situation, your Home Life and Career. Virgo is a Feminine sign, a practical sign, and so now we begin to plant our seeds towards the future. Are you ready to commit to your new life?

Channeled Messages per sign (No Cards) Read your Sun, Moon, Rising & Venus. It will also be helpful to see where this full moon lands in your personal chart:

Aries will begin to notice of what is right in front of them. They will take what they have and utilize it to reach their goals. No matter what obstacles, distractions or responsibilities are thrown their way.

Leo will take value of their worth, then double it. This includes doubling finances (gaining through investment or career) & seeing that they deserve more. Not settling for less!

Sagittarius You will take “out” the sun and shine your own light! That sounds kind of harsh to the sun, but what I was being shown was a large hand grabbing the sun and it being replaced with you. This tells me that it will be up to you to grow from here on out, time to promote yourself! You may even get recognized and rewarded!

Cancer, at first I wasn’t being shown anything. It was Silent. When I came back to channel for you, I was given the initial P, but then it turned into a stutter— what burst forth “Petrified!” Then I heard “Home alone in the dark”, Now, before I scare you, for most of you this is not literal. I get told phrases that I have to figure out. To me this says that you feel worried about the changes taking place in your life and you feel as though you’re alone through this, or you have no idea what is taking place. You need to open up and talk to someone.

Pisces, I see you walking through a vacant house. Some of you are looking at homes to purchase, while other’s are saying goodbye to where they live. You will also take stock of what you own. What stays, what goes. I’m seeing you celebrating this.

Scorpio, I see you out shopping with others who want to run in different directions to purchase items. You’re trying to appease them but at the same time you’re getting worried about overspending. This says to me that you must tighten your budget, go through your bills and see what you have in the bank. Make a plan and stick to it. Seek out help if you need to.

Capricorn- I see you dancing around and having a good time. But when you look at what is happening around you, you’re like a deer in headlights. You may have been very focused on yourself and what you’ve been doing. But now you need to focus on what needs to be organized and situated in your life. Certain things may seem quite tedious, but it must be done.

Taurus, I am seeing a bunch of papers, as though they have been dropped from the sky or you have thrown them in the air and now you are watching them come down, with this tad bit of crazy on your face. It seems like you’re very frustrated. You have too much to do and it has taken you to this point. What’s going to work?!? You need to pick up one piece at a time and go through it until it is complete. There are steps to your current progress that will end this madness.

Virgo-It is all about YOU. You have been conducting a ton of self reflection and working on the deepest parts of your psyche. You are beginning to see doorways that you haven’t before. Solutions to your problems have arrived. You will begin to understand how to maneuver through the task at hand. You will also learn to place your peace of mind at the top of your priorities.

Aquarius, it is like Pandora’s box is about to be opened in your life. I’m seeing someone leading me as they are smiling and saying “they need to see this!” I get the feeling that something long hidden will be revealed. I get this sense that there is something you must go through in order to start afresh. It’s like long held karma that needs to be let out of the bag. The good news is, you will be satisfied in the end.

Libra- You guys already know your worth. And now you’re going to ” Sell It!”. Some of you may decide to start a brand or begin putting out all the ideas (or at least your biggest idea) for all to see. It’s definitely time to gain more trust, respect and admiration from others.

Gemini- I get the feeling that some of you will inherit or be gifted a coin collection. This also refers to people receiving a loan. You’re being “nickel and dimed” to death. You haven’t been able to hold onto money for very long. There is always something that comes along and takes every last bit of what you have. You will be gifted the opportunity to correct your issues (make money and keep what you have) as long as you “keep tabs” on everything.

Have a Wonderful Full Moon!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

PS… I feel this Full Moon is very significant when it comes to Close connections and Relationships. If anything has been held back, kept a secret, or put on pause, this full moon will compel us to take the lead and clear the air. What has been halted in love? You’re either coming or you’re going but you definitely aren’t standing still any longer.

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