Fire Element – March 2019

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This is a General Reading on the Fire Element ( Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). I will be posting the other elements in the coming days. Be sure to read your Rising, Moon and Venus.

As I was shuffling I noticed the 2 of wands, it also fell into your spread. This is a very important message indicating to you to take that final step into the unknown. You’re dwindling on taking action towards something that could propel you into a new life. Yes, It’s risky. Yes, you may have more work to do. But this is raising your status in some way. It’s raising your initiative, your creativeness and will bring with it an obligation. This obligation becomes a devotion. A devotion to the task at hand.

I’m seeing quick changes in the past, full of Inspiration and Ideas! You seemed pretty passionate about the change/s you would embark upon. You even took the steps towards this. The steps you took included research, communication, rough drafts. Currently, I am seeing that this inspiration has been pushed down. That’s the energy of it. Pushed down, pushed to the side. It may have gotten to the point of being overwhelming!! Too much to take on, or too much too soon! You’re feeling a bit burnt out and you haven’t even began. Don’t overlook this opportunity. And try not to be careless, due to too many distractions and ideas. There is self discipline required to tackle this task.

You have this great desire to control all of the details. This is limiting you and what you could accomplish. It’s as though one side of you says “Let’s Go and DO this!!” and the other side “It’s not quite right.” You have a free flowing passionate side that is ready and willing to make this change in your life. I will lovingly refer to this as your child side. Then you have the “parent” side of yourself being analytical, practical and it is drowning out your enthusiasm. It is putting your child side in timeout or down for a nap. What are you to do?? It becomes overwhelmingly confusing! What you’re aiming for could be yours, but you’re holding back. A lack of confidence is also indicated here. I’m seeing you feeling undervalued or unappreciated by another or other’s. This is causing you to doubt yourself. To place yourself on the backburner.

You have put in a lot of work already. Many of you are working on multiple projects. This could be in various aspects of your life as well. Not just in your career. You know this would be just planting the seeds at this time. However, I’m seeing you being very cautious as well with each step your planning on taking. You feel as though once you go and do this thing, you will have to go into battle with other people. The environment is overly critical! There may be an individual or multiple people around you that will think what you’re doing is “Nonsense!”, as an emotional distance will be felt and witnessed. We all deal with people like this from time to time. It’s whether you choose to indulge them in their desires or your own that matters in the end. Who will be the one staying stuck in a phase of life that no longer suits them? You, not them! So, you must gather the courage and remind yourself of your goal. Don’t aggressively throw people to the side that are stating their objections, just ignore and continue. Smile wickedly to yourself. 😉

You will go on a personal quest from now through Summer. This quest will truly tug at your heartstrings and transform your Soul. I see you sharing bits and pieces of yourself. You will be taking on more obligations and responsibilities. AS I have stated previously, you will become Devoted to achieving success. Even if it becomes exhausting or too much to handle, you will keep going. This is your baby and you are it’s creator! Protect it with all your heart and soul. Bring that dream into your physical reality!

Have a Wonderful March!Blessed be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

I have been reading the Tarot since 2004. I have extensive knowledge since Birth of Symbolism, Numerology, Colors, Dream Interpretation, Astrology, The After Life, Rituals, and Energy Work. Mostly self taught through experiences. I don’t read books based on these subjects, other than Astrology. I find it more personal and powerful to come to your own conclusions through Experience, Experimentation and Analysis.

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