Weekly Energy (March 18-25th, 2019)

There has been massive change in the air surrounding us for several weeks, as though it is looming. It reminds me of a Lion watching its prey, getting ready to pounce. We have begun shifting through this change. We will begin sticking up for our rights, standing our ground against others that try to impede our progress. This also includes cutting out those that drain us of our energy and waste our time. I am seeing the energy of the past coming back. Which is mostly the case when we are in a mercury retrograde, but we have been asked to heal parts of ourselves for a while now. I believe the tactic we will turn to during this particular phase is of PROTECTION. Protecting ourselves, protecting what we have accomplished thus far, Protecting who we are as individual’s. Those that have conducted intensive self work have been able to build an energetic barrier to outside negativity. This protective barrier helps us to stand in our element with no fear. We can say the things that we want to say without worrying about the outcome of the situation, because our main priority will be ourselves. This doesn’t mean that we are becoming selfish, it means that we are finally putting our own selves first so that we can continue on our own individual journeys to perfect our souls.

Too many times in the past we have we allowed others to hold us back. You may have been too focused on what they would think or say about your choices. You may have subconsciously allowed the past voices of others to dictate how you felt about yourself. What that means, is that as you were growing up you may have been ridiculed or misunderstood and that has impacted you to the core so much that you began to believe it yourself. NO LONGER!! It’s time to put your foot down and to take back your life. That dream you had so long ago… it’s time to revive it. That deep belief in something that was shunned by others… present it to the world. We are not meant to be alike. We are meant to be exactly who we are. Who we truly are. You will not learn who you are or what your particular mission is on this earth if you follow the rules others have put upon you. If there have been certain issues in your life that has never been put to rest or seems to keep cycling back with no real change or sense of closure, this is the time to situate and end this state.

Throw off the dead weight.

You MUST TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE. What is going on right now that you do not like? You’re the conductor… DO something about it. XO

Blessed Be to You and Yours!
RJ Worrell