New Moon in Gemini + Elemental Readings!

This New Moon in Gemini speaks about communication on a very large scale. We are communicating about what we personally desire in our lives. If we have been left confused in regards to another or certain situation, we will now want to know the truth and where we stand. We want to situate our lives at this point. This will come in both written and verbal forms. This reminds me of what I was saying in the reading for the sign of Libra.

Gemini comes with the phrase, “I Think,” Gemini’s are stuck in their minds more so than any other Sign. As they grow up, they tend to question themselves repeatedly. They have many questions about life in general. All of this questioning and criticism causes them to become confused. In the Tarot, they are related to the Lovers card. This card speaks about a battle between what the mind thinks and what the heart feels. What they think they should do/are supposed to do and what they truly desire. It becomes quite the conflict when they want to go after a certain individual or a dream and other’s have an opposing opinion. This can lead them to go against the grain. They will either do what they want in a sneaky manner, behind another’s back, or fight back by showing off what they are doing whether anyone likes it or not. But one thing for sure is that they are stuck mostly within their own internal battle. Gemini is highly intelligent.

We have the Sun, the Moon and Mercury falling all into the Third House. Mercury involves the Mind, the third house is about Messages.  The Phrase for this New Moon is : “I think, I need to write a message telling them what’s been on my mind.” As stated previously, this “message” will also be given by verbal communication.

Special Message for the Elements…

EARTH: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

In Order to manifest what you desire you are required to dissolve the tendency to get stuck in an emotional internal battle. You may have so much emotional turmoil that you try to block it or ignore how bad it actually is. You may not realize that this can cause you to react in a negative way to others. Being snappy and short when the situation and/or person doesn’t deserve this type of treatment. Try not to get caught up in what’s not happening for you. You may feel that something seems “off” when it comes to a particular individual in your life, or of whom you meet. This is validation to be cautious around them. Don’t be too open with them. Avoid sharing your secrets. They may be picking your brain for their own agenda. The Universe will support you by causing you to become accountable for changing the way in which you react. There is the energy of a blockage and it’s being caused by your emotions and the way in which you see things in your life. I feel as though you are left in confusion and this does not help the matter one bit!!! Some of you are turning to drugs, alcohol or addictive behaviors in order to function through this. Addictive behaviors are anything done in excess instead of moderation… over eating, over exercising, binging. It can even be over thinking… being hard on yourself. You’re learning a lesson about compassion. Many of you are way too hard on yourselves and you need to have compassion for your own self. When you’re not treating yourself with care, or feeling down on yourself and your own abilities, you tend to analyze the faults of other’s more so often than not. Bring your focus back to yourself. Your short term goal from now until the next full moon on June 17th is to make a decision on what you can bring into your reality. You seem to have a few options that you’re thinking or daydreaming about. Avoid all unnecessary stress by focusing on what you CAN do, instead of what you wish you could do. This will help to begin building solid foundations to work upon then go from there. You have to start somewhere… at least it will be the spring board for future progress. This will help you to get out of this emotional slump. AS you move forward you are to rely on your own inner knowing, you intuition. You KNOW what is right for you. You’ve been given the signs repeatedly. Continue to be cautious when it comes to people that haven’t proven themselves to be trustworthy. Relying upon what you know will be the greatest source of support and security. This is what will break you free from this state of purgatory that you find yourself in.

AIR: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

I heard, “It’s time to FLY!”. You’ve been stuck in a low state that you never can quite seem to get out of!! This is Rock Bottom. You may have been stuck in depression or a state of numbness. Possible betrayals. A major phase of disappointment has surrounded you, leaving you feeling very heavy. What has been done to you may have caused you to feel as though you don’t deserve better when you truly do! Because of past experiences and/or conditioning you my hold yourself back from releasing what no longer serves you. The Positive of this phase is that you are right on the edge of discovering a stronger piece of yourself. You will grow from this point on. I’m seeing that the Universe will help you to overcome the obstacles being presented to you at this time. It is as though negative energies are coming at you from every possible angle and the universe is batting them away. This is a great energy of PROTECTION. Your Guides are helping to clear the way so that you can move forward. You’ve been through enough and don’t deserve anymore turmoil. I’m seeing as though you are in this type of protective bubble… You’re inside of a net at a hockey game and the Universe is the goalie. The opposing team is trying to get the puck into the net (the Opposing team being people in your life that are aiming to make things hard for you- or they are the obstacles themselves that you’ve been trying to overcome)… this is what the Universe is doing… being your own personal goalie at this point, not allowing that puck to hit you. Your Short term goal to achieve by the next Full Moon is to make the courageous changes required of you. This is Swift, fearless and exciting change rushing in. Do what you are the most passionate about. Go after what you desire the most from now until the full Moon. You have what it takes to make this successful. The support that you must give yourself is within knowing that what you’re aiming for may take a bit of time, BUT once you begin to turn what you desire into a reality, it will grow from there. Have Trust and faith in yourself that this will all work out well. What you create or the changes that you make will be yours and yours alone. No one can take this from you. Begin to build your “house” of security. I’m hearing “Saving face”. This means that you have or will have created a strategy that will save your dignity, allow for no embarrassment, and it will preserve your reputation. Time to Fly, Air Signs!

WATER: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

Your waiting in anticipation…. Stop watching the clock… stop putting things off until later… don’t wait for things to change themselves. What are YOU waiting for?? You want to be rewarded for what you have given, done or the effort that you’ve put in. But it hasn’t come. That’s not to say that it will never happen for you, but there’s more work to be done. The Universe lives by a free flowing state of energy, however, it knows that there must be a plan placed, then set into motion. The Universe is helping to guide you and the situation for the better. It wants the outcome to be positive for all involved. But there are certain rules to live by or situations that must be dealt with first. There is an order to how this will play out for you. You can’t expect everything to happen in the way you want it to. A short term goal for you to achieve by the next full moon would be to focus on a few tasks that you can complete, instead of just hanging around in the meantime… this is most likely about conversations that need to be had, cooperating when it comes to another, taking care of the trivial to get them out of the way. Once you begin to do these things then time will speed up for you. I feel as though you need to give yourself the permission to be open, possibly vulnerable, and if this has to do with communication, then you need to give yourself the permission to have that conversation you’ve been putting off. You may have been too afraid to approach the topic with another, out of fear of rejection or what they may say back to you. It is better to get this off of your chest than to sit in wonder. Once you have moved forward with these tasks or communicating, it will speed things up dramatically!!!! The Knight of Swords is the QUICKEST energy in the Tarot for me. Change swiftly comes in a manner of Minutes, if not hours!  You will definitely get your answer that you’ve been waiting on. It may not be the answer you want, but at least you will now know where you or the situation stands. You may find out that there’s more work to be done or that the situation is can’t go any further. Don’t procrastinate… take that action as soon as possible.

FIRE: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You guys are holding back! A lot of you have been holding yourself in this placement. It’s as though you refuse to budge until you can either see your way out of your circumstance or until you can fully trust that all will go well before you move forward. There’s this energy of being stuck. Some of you may feel as though you’re SAFE here, but underneath you truly desire to rip free. I’m seeing a vision of one being held in captivity in solitary confinement… in a white straightjacket. Which tells me that this situation could be causing some of you to go a tad bit crazy. Stressed out at times. Frazzled nerves. On the surface, when you’re around others, you show them that you’re fine with your situation or at peace. But you’re not. Some of you may wish for another to come in and “Save you”… but no one is. The Universe is aiming to support you by helping to separate you from the situation that is causing you so much pain, or disappointment. Some of you are dealing with an actual seperation or a third party situation. I feel as though the universe is going to facilitate a conversation on this matter in order for you to gain closure and be able to come unstuck… I did actually hear “Undone”… I can see this as getting out of the straight-jacket, as well as, getting out of this issue as a whole. Your short term, goal from now until the next full moon would be to get out of your head and go out with friends, people who are very supportive to you. You need to go have as much fun as possible. To have an amazing time, take a breather, have open communication about your feelings and your desires. The perfect ones will support you, they will be nonjudgmental and may actually help you to move forward. The support that you need to give to yourself involves having complete trust within your situation, devotion to what you’re trying to achieve, and dedication to the task at hand. I’m seeing that you will courageously move forward and begin to build what moves you the most… what drives your passions, this can even be beginning a new business that inspires you… I do see a lot of inspiration coming to you in June. You surely won’t be stuck for long. Allow your situation to unfold… don’t control it.

Have a Wonderful New Moon!

Set your intentions!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!!

RJ Worrell