Full Moon in Sagittarius Reading for the Fire Element (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)

When the Moon goes into Sagittarius, get ready to hit your mark! Sagittarius is fire, fire brings in passion and Inspiration, as well as a creative vision. Our courage is boosted to go after what we want. Your main focus will revolve around what gives your life meaning. You will be honest and not afraid to speak the truth. You may fight against any type of restrictions that has been holding you back. Restrictions that haven’t allowed you to be completely who you want to be. You will break free from specific dogmatic situations and/or beliefs.

Within our lives we have been through of process of “doing something over and over”, that doesn’t seem to get us anywhere. You may have had big plans or specific endeavors that haven’t gone anywhere. Aiming for a specific target or having a goal where nothing seems to come of these plans or work that you have put into making them happen. For some, this could be because it was just talk, instead of action. If you look upon your life’s experiences as a lesson, this will help you to move onto the next stage. But, if you keep with this specific path of doing the same thing over and over again, then you will be met with having to prove yourself in such a way that you absolutely cannot. Either way, you need to change what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. This reminds me of the Tower in the Tarot. Abrupt and unexpected change in order to rid yourself of a false exterior or a foundation that isn’t truly built on solid ground. Masks coming off. Seeing the Big Picture. This is the energy of RAW and REAL. Honest communication is still happening at this time up until around the end of June.

I’m seeing that collaboration at this time is HUGE. A meeting of the minds to come together in order to get out of this energy of the cycle of insanity. Fresh blood and new ideas are taking place. Old ways of doing things will be replaced by updated methods. The union that comes together has the potential to birth such a change that will produce massive results. You will finally be able to get off the never ending spinning wheel that you find yourself on.

If you would like to see the cards I have used for this reading then please watch the Video. I have transcribed the reading for those who would rather read. I have included the Video at the Bottom. 😉

FIRE: You are currently weighing up your options. I’m seeing that some of you may not be communicating about your process at this time. You are keeping it to yourself. It is as though you have this connection to the divine energy, like an antenna, and that is what you are utilizing as you move through the energy of each choice that you are considering. Does it feel right? Where would this lead you? You try to envision the future with each specific option. You don’t fully know your ultimate goal or where you’re being led to. You just know that you’re being nudged into a certain direction. Some aren’t sure of the direction. Other’s have an inkling as to which direction. But all have no idea about where this will ultimately lead.

Using your intuition as your guide and trying out various ways of doing things or being is best at this time. Try not stress when it comes to the end goal. I’m hearing, “Should I put my focus here? Should I put my focus there? Should I do this or do that?” At times you can be seen as scattered by the outside world who has NO IDEA what you’re going through or doing. It’s not for them to know. Keep your focus on yourself and what you are manifesting. The energy of what you are manifesting. Stay focused, stay grounded.

It appears to be not easy since you have One Major Arcana that is The Moon, Speaking about Deep Emotions as well as fantasy. You may find yourself emotional at times through this process and becoming highly intuitive, if not psychic about what it going on. Even if you can’t put the puzzle pieces together, you just know that this is something extremely important that may be hard to communicate to another, This could be why I initially see that you aren’t communicating about it. You don’t fully know what is happening either. You may be obsessing over a specific option, goal or a person that you have in mind causing you to not being open enough when it comes to other options or ideas. Focusing solely on one thing that you truly want and feel that it may be the only way or the only one.

You need to fully open yourself up to as many options as you can. There is never one strict pathway to attain your goals and desires. This has held you in a type of loop. You need to take charge and initiate some type of change in your situation. You don’t want to be stuck in this loop of never reaching your desire. You may need to kick your own self in the ass to get out of this.

For some of you I’m hearing, “don’t compete, join together.” Which makes sense for this Full Moon in Sag. No one is better than the other. What you can do in order to achieve your desires, is to communicate — reach out to others, get going with the options you haven’t tried or the actions that you haven’t yet taken. Reminds me of the quote, “The road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path.” Go down that road that you usually turn away from, or be open and willing to try something new that you haven’t yet!

I’m seeing that what you can learn from the outside world is this- We’re all afraid at some point. We all get nervous and try to ignore something that we don’t want to face at times. It causes us to put off making those hard decisions. But at some point we must move forward in order to go even further. In order to challenge ourselves even more so. In order to grow and feel complete. You need to see things clearly for what they truly are. Once you do, you’ll be able to follow that great call of change that you’re being nudged towards to find the satisfaction and happiness that you desire.

You have the overall energy of coming out of a state of solitude, as well as a state of healing. You are now going forward in life from a strong position of unification. Know that within your life that the energy is constantly changing and you need to be willing to become flexible and remain centered. Prioritizing your core values and beliefs (which are what YOU truly believe and not what you were told to believe), will provide a strong foundation to realign your energy, so that it stops being scattered. Create a boundary between who you are and what they want. Or where you end and the outside world begins. “Don’t adapt to your Audience. Speak your truth.”

When you feel tension or anxiety, all you need to do is take deep breaths to regain your own sense of perspective. You received the rune of Gebo, which speaks about sacrifice, cutting through barriers and exchanging powers… This validates the unification of coming together in order to either find a solution or create something amazing!

Have an Amazing Full Moon!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

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