Water Element (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) Full Moon in Sagittarius Reading.

When the Moon goes into Sagittarius, get ready to hit your mark! Sagittarius is fire, fire brings in passion and Inspiration, as well as a creative vision. Our courage is boosted to go after what we want. Your main focus will revolve around what gives your life meaning. You will be honest and not afraid to speak the truth. You may fight against any type of restrictions that has been holding you back. Restrictions that haven’t allowed you to be completely who you want to be. You will break free from specific dogmatic situations and/or beliefs.

Within our lives we have been through of process of “doing something over and over”, that doesn’t seem to get us anywhere. You may have had big plans or specific endeavors that haven’t gone anywhere. Aiming for a specific target or having a goal where nothing seems to come of these plans or work that you have put into making them happen. For some, this could be because it was just talk, instead of action. If you look upon your life’s experiences as a lesson, this will help you to move onto the next stage. But, if you keep with this specific path of doing the same thing over and over again, then you will be met with having to prove yourself in such a way that you absolutely cannot. Either way, you need to change what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. This reminds me of the Tower in the Tarot. Abrupt and unexpected change in order to rid yourself of a false exterior or a foundation that isn’t truly built on solid ground. Masks coming off. Seeing the Big Picture. This is the energy of RAW and REAL. Honest communication is still happening at this time up until around the end of June.

I’m seeing that collaboration at this time is HUGE. A meeting of the minds to come together in order to get out of this energy of the cycle of insanity. Fresh blood and new ideas are taking place. Old ways of doing things will be replaced by updated methods. The union that comes together has the potential to birth such a change that will produce massive results. You will finally be able to get off the never ending spinning wheel that you find yourself on.

If you would like to see the cards pulled, I have included the video down below where you can see them 🙂

Now onto the Water Element:

WATER: You’ve heard of the term “Winning”… well, water signs… your term is “Owning”. You are focused so badly on this great achievement of owning what you desire. You want to come out on top! You want to possess what or who this is. If, it’s a person, please remind yourself that they aren’t an object and can’t be owned. They actually own themselves. I have to put that out there. It’s a bit of a personal trigger for me. It may be a specific object or objects that you want or try to claim as your own that you don’t want to share. I’m getting a bit of a “bratty” feel when it comes to some of you. AS in, “I don’t want them using or touching that…. It belongs to me!”, “This is MINE, not yours!”. Water signs, can get this way when they feel as though they don’t have control over a situation. Normally, you guys are very caring and love to give. So what’s going on, guys??

I’m seeing here that there is something within your relationship, the environment of where you live or where you work that has turned upside down. The stability that once was there causing you to feel protected and safe, is gone. Some of you may be going through battles within a marriage or battles with an individual that you lived with for so long over something that was yours… could be a family member who has things you want to claim as yours and you’re pissed about a sibling or other family member taking it or wanting it. You guys are going to “go off”… hard core, about what this is!! I’m seeing you being projected as an explosive individual. Yelling at the top of your lungs, arguing out of the blue… this has been simmering for quite some time, by the time that you explode. 

As I turn yet another card I see Unhappiness and disruption within a family unit… validation yet again. I’m just going to put this out there since I am reading in general here, that the explosion may not come from YOU, it may come from a loved one in your family. So then they would be LIVID at you for something you are taking away from them. You could be trying to walk away from them. I’m seeing Bad habits, deceit, abusive behavior. Then Manipulation, brainwashing, having control over someone or something… even how the situation will play out. You need to prepare yourself.

What you need to do to smooth this over and to overcome this obstacle being presented to is it to come to a compromise… share… “If you get to have that, then I get to have this.” Or ” You can have it at these times and then I will have it at those times”. This can also be about sharing custody of children for some of you. If you’re a teenager, you may have to share a vehicle with another sibling or parent. Just giving examples. You need to strike a balance in order to come to a harmonious solution using love. You have to look at things from the other’s perspective or you may truly care about this individual and you’re allowing a material object to come in between the two of you. For some of you, what you are arguing over you both love with all of your heart. You need to take that into perspective.

I’m being shown that you should practice, “Speak no Evil, See no evil, Hear no evil” This means that you shouldn’t solve this matter by being verbally abusive to the other, by showing signs of violence by throwing objects or physical abuse (there just may be innocent eyes watching causing them to have traumatic memories). You surely do not need to damage any relationship in your life that is meant to last your entire lifetime. When you are able to come to an amicable solution for all involved, then you may be surprised at what you will get out of the deal. It’s not like you will be left with nothing. You will definitely get something in the process and it will surprise and please you just as well. For those dealing with an abusive partner, get away as quick as you can. Give Them the Boot!

You received the rune of Eihwaz. This rune speaks about Defense and defensive forces. You are asked to gather strength during hard times. Perseverance and caution is required of you. Avoid future difficulty by doing the right thing and acting in the correct manner.

I Wish You all Well!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell