Earth Element (Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo) August 2019

I’m seeing you either being hurt by someone, stuck in the middle maybe for others, There is painful discussions taking place here. For some of you it could be a situation in which you are either getting a divorce or breaking up. Keep in mind that I am reading for all three Earth signs, so this definitely won’t pertain to everybody. Some of you may find out that your spouse or partner has been cheating. This situation is mostly about what went wrong in a connection, possible arguing, trying to work through the issue, and attempting to gain answers as well as stability. It is as though things have been turned upside down. If you’re not in a romantic relationship, this could deal with a friend or two… a group of people you have connected with. Someone is getting hurt and feeling left out. 3rd person interference. Some of you may be the interference.

Looking at your cards the dominant number is 8. The Number for the 8th month! You received the 8 of cups, the 8 of pentacles and Strength, which is an 8.

You want to currently walk away from what is going on. The way that things have been going have been very dissatisfying. You are someone who works very hard to achieve what you want. You are seen as someone who puts in a shit tom of effort and time to either your career as well as your relationships. You’re not a quitter. You will work and work until what you are doing is perfected. The problem is that you may be so detail oriented that nothing ever seems to be perfect, this becomes like a never ending cycle of frustration. You have your Ups and your downs. On one end of the spectrum, you have your good moments where you can feel very proud of what you’ve done, but then your own scrutiny takes over and says “You could do a hell of  a lot better than that!!” and so you go backwards, to attempt a redo. As you criticize yourself others see you as someone who has come a long way and each time you come back you level up… you don’t fully see this. You’re so focused on your work, your goals, putting effort working on your relationships, that you don’t see what others see. They see you as someone they can rely on and trust. They see you as someone that can achieve anything. Very productive.

Trigger warning… I apologize… it’s a channeled message that came through… It may not pertain to all of you. Maybe this is someone you know instead.

I’m hearing “Power Hoarder” and I’m not sure what that is exactly. Now, people might not see you as that… but it could be what the guides are telling me some of you are. This could be someone who wants to do everything within their career, kind of like a know it all, but more so a do it all. “I do it ALL” Like taking bits and pieces of what others can do and making it part of your own. Does that make sense? You could be someone who likes to be the one in charge in your relationship or connections. The one in charge of a group. I had to look up this phrase because I have never heard of it before… so what it says is… and don’t shoot the messenger… “Power Hoarding is a similar dynamic and involves inflating one’s value or diminishing the value of others. Examples are: Sabotaging the performance results of other employees or other people. Giving assignments that are impossible to carry out successfully. Withholding credit or taking credit for others’ performance, work, research or ideas.” SO I was kind of on the level of what I thought it was. You know if you’re doing this. The universe sees you doing it. The Guides obviously see you’re doing it since they gave me that phrase. Lol Give credit where it’s due. You’re being observed by the unseen and they are tallying up your karmic debt as we speak. Even if you don’t believe in Karma, you will be exposed at one point. If this is going on in a relationship… one of you wants to be in charge at all times, maybe putting the other down periodically… this must be what the Emperor in Reverse is about. I saw that as I cut the deck. Moving along…

I’m seeing a Revelation of secrets. Revealing information. Here it is! Possibly blocking out your own intuition. Not listening to your own gut instinct. I’m hearing “This isn’t right.” So some of you may feel that in your own situation what is happening to you or what you are doing isn’t fair. There may be some guilt attached to it. Try not to be swayed by other’s opinions, by what other’s are doing, Try not to be swept up in another person’s drama so that you can stay focused on what you are currently doing and/or trying to achieve. There are some who appear to be caught up on the surface of an issue, or another person. Only seeing things on the outside. Only focusing on appearances. You are asked go into depth. Meaning, you need to get to the heart of the matter, to get to the core of the issue. Not all is as it appears to be. Go deeper. For an example, you may admire someone for whatever reason. To you they appear to be very confident, direct, intelligent, but deep inside they actually lack confidence at times, have fears, They are human after all.

What you are asked to do in order to overcome obstacles is to Change the dynamics if in a relationship, changing roles. Reassessing and altering the way you relate to each other. You could allow a relationship to change direction, or to alter the way that you relate to other people, or reassessing your role in regards to how you connect with another as well as restructuring the foundation from which it was initially built. The main message here is to be willing to work together, being open to change and allowing it happen rather than trying to maintain an old pattern, but not forcing anything. IN this way… by choosing to allow the flow, you’re still in control, you’ve made the choice, que sera sera. Honestly, what’s meant for you will come anyway. Believe in YOURSELF. Believe in your own power. But you also are asked to be as strong as you possibly can be during this time— I feel like you’re going through a major transition. Be strong in your resolve when it comes to tackling problems in order to work through them in the best way possible. Some believe that resolve is solely an intellectual process that it resides only in the mind. While it’s true that without the mind, resolve could not be activated, the real power of resolve is located much deeper than the mind. It resides in the intuition, in the heart, in the spirit and in every cell of our being.

Initially, when conducting your reading, and this has never happened before… I completely jumped over this question…. Looking at your blockage answers why… because it states — don’t be swayed by other’s opinions or by what they are doing. SO I guess you are not supposed to learn from the outside world… however, I pulled a card anyway… just to see what it says for you… Death came out. This instantly said to me “Nothing!! You’re not meant to learn by other’s at this time.” The overall energy for this particular card is the 6 of Pentacles in Reverse, which is about unfairness happening. The card behind the 6 of Pentacles is 10 of Swords– adds to 16/ the Tower… Unexpected event, breaking down of a false foundation that has been built over time, something that awakens you to the truth.. The 10 of swords is Yet another card speaking about the END, this is like a stop sign. 10 of Swords occurs when someone has been betrayed, when someone has been hurt SO BADLY by another or a situation that has led them to a feeling of a bottomless pit. Death and 6 of pentacles in reverse add to 19/ When I was cutting the deck for this pull I saw the Sun in reverse which is the number 19. Now I’m thinking about the movie “The Princess Bride” when they talk about the Pit of Despair– the secret dungeon where a torture device awaits it’s next victim. What a strange message. The tower is also an ending. Definitely a stop sign for this question. You are not to look to other’s or look at other’s experiences in this particular matter. You need to go internal, like the High priestess states. You need to find your own answers. To do your own work. No comparisons.

Your projected outcome for August deals with Straight and direct communication will take place. The King of Swords is astrologically an Air Sign (Aquarius, Gemini or Libra) — the personality of this person is Intelligent, a very strong communicator, They may appear to be cut off from their emotions, but they definitely are not inside… they just choose not to show it. Younger Air personality will have their ups and downs… at times showing off too much of their emotions and then cutting them off. Also, Younger Air personality can speak excessively about anything that comes to their minds. A king is the most mature energy in the Air Element… SO he/she has learned how to focus only on the details and not to become emotionally involved. The Magician is about Communication as well.. You also received within the oracle the cards- Gemini, that comes with the phrase “I Think”. As well as the card of Messages in the 3rd house. I will get to those after this. This individual, if they aren’t you, may quite possibly be specifically a Gemini that you need to have this conversation with. This King and the Magician add to 5…. The Hierophant. 5 is the number of challenges being brought on by other’s. 5 is also about Freedom and change 😉 It’s not all negative. But this is what you need to clarify and speak about…. Changes that need to be made, or a change that is taking place in your life. This could be with a Family member, a specific individual in a group (be it at a Church, a Synagogue, a gang even lol I’m speaking to a lot of people) A person who is in charge in some way, or in charge of something specific. This person could have a designated title. But I feel as though you really need to speak to them to lay down some guidelines. There is this sense of Unease about this. Some of you may want to leave this group or community of people, but you may feel as though you can’t just up and leave. I want you to know that, yes, you may be dealing with a strong power, but you as well are surrounded by this power with 3 8’s in your reading. You may have been practicing what you are going to verbalize to this person. Trying to get everything in order before hand. This King could also be a lawyer for some of you. King of Swords for me is a Lawyer, a Surgeon, a Judge, an Analyst. I’m just putting that out there. You will be conversing about a New beginning in your life.

Spirit animal that each sign will embody for August:

Capricorn- owl/ deer- When I look at these cards, the First thing that comes to me is that both of them are “paying attention”. The deer has this natural instinct to be on alert at all times, as it knows it is being hunted. Survival of the Fittest. The deer remains as grounded as possible so that nothing can throw them off balance, or dictate the course of their life. Trying to remain as gentle and compassionate as possible. You will embody the Owl, both are intuitive, when making decisions, so you will tap more into your own intuition in August.

Taurus- swan/ oyster- Both these cards are from the element of Water. The Oyster hides in it’s shell, as well as conceals a treasure within. ON the outside they may seem like nothing special, until they open up. AS you embody the Swan in August, I feel as though you will show what you’ve hidden, or you will reveal something about yourself or a situation that no one ever knew. The Swan is very elegant, Beautiful and Powerful. An inner voice is waiting to be heard, an inner vision is likely to be revealed.

Virgo- cosmic egg/ spider– Whenever I see a Spider, the symbolism tells me about weaving a type of web. Spiders also trap and cocoon sustenance for later. Some of you may be literally hoarding things at this time for later use. It could be anything. It could be Money, food, objects, documentations… whatever it is you feel a great natural desire to do this. Some of you are hiding these things. Looking at the snake on the cosmic egg, this snake also has it’s body wrapped around this egg. Attempting to cocoon it as well. Claiming it. You’re trying to get to the point where you feel content. Content in knowing you have it. You may feel lost without it. You are being guided by your Crown Chakra. You aim to feel secure and fulfilled in August.


Tiwaz: This is about Binding oaths. Binding commitments, contracts, whatever you have binded yourself to or are thinking about. A promise that is made under the right conditions and for honorable reasons, should, and indeed must, be kept. Marriage vows are a case in point.  its appearance denotes a bond that, once made, cannot be broken. This what some are you are trying to get out of. And it’s not simple. Some of you can’t get out of it at this time if ever depending upon what it is. Tiwaz is considered to be a aggressive masculine rune, showing that passions will run quite high because two strong-minded people will be involved. There is a danger of jealousy that is present for some of you. Other’s may have to sacrifice some thing major in their life for someone or something else. There is an energy here of Selfishness, dishonorable actions and turning one’s back on responsibilities. Be on the alert for that.

Oracle- Gemini (I think)- 3rd house (messages)

Gemini’s are of a dual nature. SO they may either have opposing Thoughts verses feelings., Be caught up between two people, two options, two paths. Normally, you’re already on one path, or with one of the people/options, but then you must consider something new. What to do, what to do? There seems to also be a type of “mirroring” aspect. Are you what you truly see in the mirror? Or are you mirroring someone else, or doing what you think other’s want of you? Are you paying attention to the details in your life? We already had two cards indicative of communication- The king of Swords and the Magician. Gemini is the card of communication. It is asking you to probe your own mind, to investigate your own thoughts, so again here we have not looking at or turning to other’s for a solution. What you communicate needs to be precise… and this is why some of you have been in preparation mode for this upcoming meeting or discussion. Falling into the 3rd house of Messages as your overall… You are informed that words hold great power. This reading is all clearly about WHAT you are trying to or going to communicate. It’s everywhere! Power itself is here with the 8’s. It will be the time to get your point across. Articulating concepts and thoughts into words… There is a need for some of you to uncover what you can and then to relay the messages. Some of you will be speaking your way into and out of situations. You wield the power to create your new Destiny through your words.

What a Heavy reading that was!!

Have a Wonderful August!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

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