Water Element (Cancer, Pisces & Scorpio) August 2019

For the Month of August I’m seeing a New start delayed, being blocked. On the other hand, an offer being accepted or taken is delayed. An apology… A gift. A second chance or a “second go” at something. But it’s what you want and what you are focusing on at this time.

Currently, you are trying to change something that took place in the past. You’re attempting to make things right and to go your way this time around.  There is this essence of combative energy… this could come off as an argument that you have with another. This is a type or power struggle. Trying to win the argument no matter what. You could be encountering this energy from another person. I’m also seeing that something is transforming inside of yourself at this time. It’s very conflictual. I’m seeing confrontations, communication about a fight that went down. You may be the mediator in this situation, if it’s not you that played a part in this. I feel like someone is trying to involve you in a dramatic issue. You find it to be petty and pointless to engage. You want to remain focused on your own goals at this time. While this is happening, other’s around you see you as a person who is very stable, determined and focused. Put together well…. Nothing bothers you… very goal oriented…. You have this energy of “I’ll wait forever! I’ll never give up!” or “I’m going to do all that I can that attain my goal no matter what obstacle in thrown in my path!”… You are Showing yourself as a very calm and patient individual. Some of you may have a fire placement as your Rising and Moon… as Fire signs were given the same type of message.

I’m seeing the blockage that you may dealing with is actually being controlled by Universal timing. Some of You may be on the wrong path or doing something that isn’t beneficial to get to where you need to be… it is something that is throwing you off your path. Destiny is playing a huge role in what blocks you at this time. Universal timing isn’t correct. But you or the situation has definitely changed.  You have the power to handle whatever challenge you’re faced with in order to attain your goal that you desire. No matter what is thrown in your path. But keep in mind that slow and steady is the best way to tackle this goal of yours, especially, if you’re dealing with bad timing. That doesn’t mean that the answer is a NO or that you won’t get what you want, you will get it, just at a different time frame or maybe even in a different way. So, some of you could have been dealing with trying to go for a loan, as an example, and in the past you were denied. When you go for that loan again, after a period of time, you will be accepted, and better yet, it will be a much better Loan for you. Lower interest rate, more funds given, lower payment… you get my point.

Some of you may need to just go with the flow of how things are unfolding in your situation. Try not to control the circumstances. The energies surrounding you are trying to help you in this matter. That could be it as well, with the initial 5 of Swords, you could be at “battle” with the energy around you. You’re trying to achieve your goal in one way, and the universe is trying to orchestrate the end result in a different way than yours, leading to a push and pull type of energy that doesn’t seem to go anywhere. If you feel you’ve been getting no where with all that you’ve been doing… this is why. I’m hearing, “Release… the tension”. Let go. The energy around you will become much lighter. Right now, it seems pretty heavy and taught … Take a rubber band, now stretch it as far as you can. You’re on one side, the individual, the circumstance, the energy (whatever it is for you) is on the other side. They are NOT letting go. That’s where some of you are at right now. Once you let go, the timing can get back on track, your luck will change, and things will go much more smoothly… I’m also hearing “get out of your own way.”

This is about the end to a long term situation. For a lot of you this deals with Finances, Family or people who have become like family. I’m getting “try not to gamble at this time”… try not to gamble when it comes to your finances, try not to gamble when it comes to your connections- be it family, friends, coworkers, don’t burn bridges. This feels like this is speaking about the 5 of swords energy again. The 5 of Swords is very dominant in your reading, as the situation keeps leading back to that. I feel with this is asking you guys is to become the peacemaker in this situation. Now, if someone is doing you wrong, I am not saying to allow them to walk all over you, I am referring to a mature compromise or if the other is unwilling to compromise take a step back.. Take note that you are protected at this time, meaning you will get what is right for you when all is said and done. Attempting to swim against the tide will become very exhausting and eventually will cause the rubber band effect in your life to just Snap. Give way a little bit, so that the tension is lessened if it doesn’t disperse.

There is excitement of the new. There are either other people or New situations, that are trying to get your attention. You could have an offer being made to you to try and lure you away from your current goal. But because you’re so stuck on the end result, you don’t care if it’s something or someone that you would actually be very ecstatic about. This is about pushing away great opportunities that are being presented to you. This is telling me that by moving into this new energy it will help you to get into a much better mind space as well as emotional space. It will help you to recover… either physically, financially, or you will be able to recover what was lost in your world. This will lead you to a state of satisfaction, contentment, stability, Magnificent energy if within a family. This 4 of wands comes after waiting in anticipation– so you may have restless emotions, anxiety or stress during this time. That when you achieve the 4- you can now relax. As preparations will made.  It’s a time to celebrate that all has gone well and is resolved.

Spirit Animals that each Sign will embody in August:

Cancer: Lion/ Mouse —-so opposite of each other… but the Mouse is the reason for the lion… maybe you grew sick of being like the mouse and did a 180… Getting rid of nervous energy and replacing it with Strength and perseverance. Becoming observant. Stealthy and precise in what you speak and what actions you take. You will grow to hold a deep inner knowing that you will come out on top

Pisces: Tiger/ Hyena– the hyena relates to showing like all is well on the surface but underneath there’s the complete opposite going on. An energy around you being led by this sense of dissatisfaction. You will become like the Tiger— Raw and Real… showing, and speaking about your truth, putting your foot down, as You are awakening your own power.

Scorpio: Bat/ Frog —Doing something at night… nighttime only activity… illusive… You have been feeling very exhausted and drained. Needing some time for self healing and to cleanse yourself of all negative energy. You Will become like the Bat. This bat is about letting go…about a death leading to a rebirth. Once you release what is draining your energy and are able to let go, you can then find solace in your every day life.

You runes basically mimicked your tarot reading…


This is a rune of protection. setting your focus on a reasonable target to achieve your goals. There may be slight obstacles, delays or minor problems. This is all basically repeating what I have seen in the cards.  The obstacle or delay may very well prove beneficial, or it won’t turn out in the way you thought it would.  anticipating problems that may arise. becoming flexible, working WITH the change or changes. Using your imagination to turn any situation to your advantage. There is a tie to the past. It can mean that you will hear from someone from your past. Sometimes this rune is an indication that problems from your past that were not dealt with effectively will be returning. problems that previously had no answer will soon be solved.


This is the rune verifying that you will achieve what you want out of this if you take the time to move through this tension in the best way possible.

Oracle- Grand Cross 47- 11th house/friends—You guys received the Grand cross… the grand cross is about an area of tension (there’s that word again lol) found in an astrological chart that becomes a type of major catalyst for movement and change in your life. Grand cross… look at the pattern of the Wheel (Change) and the Chariot (Movement) This is considered to be a rare placement. So if again, if you’ve been feeling as though nothing seems to be going right, this is why. You’re at a type of a life changing crossroad. This comes with the pressure to grow and the will to exceed any limitation’s put in your path. This is the most intense placement as well. You could be working through a crisis that may seem to come out of the blue for some of you, then you will experience a painful growth process, then a renewal (Saw this with the Animal spirit for Scorpio), But eventually, you will come to find yourself on a much greater foundation for your own happiness and success. Goes along with the example I was giving about a Loan.

You may feel at times, with the pressure, that you are provoked. You then become very frustrated, being pulled in many different directions. Having various tasks to complete, people to speak with, Anything you try to attempt may seem to fail, you could be given leads about something in particular which causes you to become very hopeful, thinking the situation can finally be resolved only to hit dead ends. This within itself, can make you angry.

You have alliances around you who you can rely on to help you at this time. You may feel as though this is your battle to take on, but it doesn’t have to be.

Allow the Universe to take the wheel in August!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

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