Time to be Reborn, Air Element! Aquarius, Gemini & Libra. August 2019

Your reading is dominated by Pentacles/ Earth Element. SO for you in august, your finances and stability will be the main focus. This is also about career for some of you as well as establishing security and maybe even a type of new routine. You have 3 Major Arcana- Fool, Devil & the Wheel of Fortune. Two 8’s and Two 2’s. 16/4… Breaking down and rebuilding. You have a Court Pair- King and Queen of Pentacles. Your personal situation could involve an Earth Sign (Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo). When you have a court pair it speaks about a power couple, as well as a couple that is involved through marriage. This reading seems to mimic last month, taking into consideration that this reading is dominated by pentacles, which are the slowest moving energy/ element… Pentacles can take months if not years. So you may have already been in this process for a while. But it’s not something that completes quickly. That would be more so Swords/Air or Wands/Fire. Stating that… Pentacles are very solid and stable. If that’s what you’re looking for or desire, then be happy in knowing that you’re achieving it. 

Now, onto your reading…

Where you are in your life- I was hearing “Start from Zero”…. Some of you are beginning again in life. You could be beginning again when it comes to career, since that is one of the main focuses. You could be beginning again with your finances and physical lifestyle. AS in, moving somewhere and having to rebuild the environment… purchasing furniture, getting to know the community, making new friends, getting to know the area. Some of you are spontaneously taking off somewhere unknown, as in having this desire to see where you end up. Feeling into where you belong. You may have a Fire sign placement in your chart as they relate to the Fool for august as well. I feel like some of you, even though this is a new energy, could be going back to something. Going back to a place where you grew up, going back to something you tried to accomplish before, only this time with new eyes, a new perspective, having no expectations for how things will turn out. You’re pretty much going with the flow. But you are definitely changing how you perceive things, how you’re going about your daily life. So this also ties into establishing a new routine in your day to day. This could be a mundane as taking a route that you’ve never taken before. You’re fearless about this new endeavor or undertaking. You’re ready and wiling to open up to a completely new experience. For a small portion of you, you’re opening up to a new relationship, or the possibility to a new connection. You may have been closed off before. As you’ve been working on opening up your heart chakra, you feel like the time has come to see what and who is out there. Once again, with no expectations.

 I see this Devil when I think about the truth of your relationships, that some of you were stuck on someone for a long time, or you were stuck in a relationship that you couldn’t get out of. You could have been stuck on a certain situation or something. Unable to move froward or away from it to focus on something new. If we look at this from a Career point of view, you felt obligated and stuck where you were at. Some of you could be choosing to quit your job. If this is the case, you worried for too long how you would pay your bills and if you would even find a new job, this held you in place for too long. You no longer can take the stress, the anxiety, so what happens is, one day it just clicks that no matter what happens you must leave where you’re at for your own sanity. Basically, whatever is happening in your particular world, you refuse to be trapped by circumstances, you refuse to be held by someone else’s desires or your own mind trap that keeps telling you that you can’t walk away. A switch will be flipped. A light turned on. Other’s have seen you as someone who has been trapped, some of you have been abused– either by your partner or by people in your work/school environment. Maybe even bullied. This has been going on for a very long time. Then there are a select few of you that have been seen as being addicted to someone or something, or having an addiction issue. I’m seeing you as someone who felt repressed in your situation and it wasn’t healthy for you whatsoever. So I am very proud that you will release yourself from whatever this is. The Devil is a Very HARD obstacle to overcome, and you are showing as the Fool… This is a whole new existence for you. Breaking free from the chains. Overcoming a negative cycle.

What is blocking you, other people. Isn’t that mostly always the case? For some of you it could literally be 4-5 other people who are constantly putting in their two cents on you, your life, your lifestyle, your desires. They may think that you “live in a cloud” and that you are lost. They may say things like “You’re crazy!” Now, this isn’t naturally about constant put downs, it’s more so about meddling, sticking their nose in your business, being annoying, definitely throwing obstacles in your path… you get ahead a bit, you feel good about it, then here one of them comes with something to say, or wanting you to put your attention to them or something they want you to do. Interruptions. There could be fierce competition for some of you. Especially in a workplace. Especially when it comes to something that you’re aiming for or trying to achieve. You may have to compete with others when it comes to gaining a new position or gaining the attention of another. This doesn’t necessarily anger you. You may even at first laugh about it, but they keep doing whatever this is and now it’s becoming frustrating. You will not give up.

You are asked to nurture yourself or to nurture what you’re building. TO put more effort into the groundwork of your situation. You’re building a new life or a type of new life in a certain sector in your life. This new area has the energy of becoming very successful, comfortable, Bringing complete satisfaction to your life. Aside form that, if you’re one who is becoming involved in a new relationship, you may be asked to nurture the other person, but not in the way where you’re reciting poetry to them, playing music for them, wooing them with communication about your future, or scaring them by coming on too strong… this is a process… it’s going to take dedication and determination over a period of time to attain it or attain them. You are asked to come off as an individual who has their life together, who is reliable and trusting, who has ambitions and goals. Whoever, you’re trying to form a connection with or for those attempting to get the attention or be chosen by a company for example, need to show these things as well. This is the time to be serious, but also in a soft way. Rough edges needs to fall away. Any combative energy that you have held onto needs to be released before getting to this place.

When we take a look at the internal you, we see that there is this type of flip flopping going on. I feel like this is brought on by your physical existence With what is going on around you.. Your emotions fluctuate.. Your thoughts may be conflicted. Unsure of where to put your attention to, what task to tackle first. Try to remain calm whenever and wherever you can. No matter how slow your situation moves, you are going to “roll with the punches” of what comes your way.

I’m hearing “Practice makes perfect”. The biggest thing right now for a lot of you is to practice grounding yourself. That’s also a major message when it comes to having so many pentacle cards. Each time you practice meditation, or any type of grounding work, it will become a habit in your life and it will help to keep you focused and productive on a daily basis. It will also help to lessen the burden of any issues that you may come in contact with. If you keep “at it” then it will become an embedded piece of your daily day and help for things to run much more smoothly. Those that already have a daily routine are surrounded by the energy of pure lightness… they have this sense of freeing up time because they are able to dedicate to what it most important until completion. There will be no more procrastination.

Your projected outcome shows you becoming someone who is extremely grounded. You went from the Fool (which is like a baby), worked through specific issues and ending up becoming a King. You have the King of Pentacles as your projected outcome for the month of August. This King sits on a throne of Abundance. He is very influential to the ones around him. Knowing this, you could end up being very influential to those around you. He is also someone that is extremely trusting, reliable, secure and Stable, he lives every day in a structured way. Getting up at 5am, working out for an hour, taking a shower, having breakfast, replying to clients, meditating, putting in several productive hours on what he is achieving, eating lunch, maybe playing racket ball, getting back to work, puts in more productive hours… this is how he lives every day. He mixes work with downtime, but he does it in such a way that keeps him going all day long. Because of this mixture it becomes very helpful with how he feels and thinks. The energy runs through him like infinity. It keeps the blood pumping strong, it keeps him spiritually fit, as well as physically fit, it keeps his mind working, learning, it keeps his emotions in check.

This King could also be someone that becomes helpful to you by the end of the month. They could be astrologically an Earth sign (Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo). This individual will exhibit the personality that I have already described. They are normally a Business owner, A C.E.O., A Manager, A Partner at a company. They are the Boss of their domains and within their careers. They have the ability to help you but only if what you have to offer proves beneficial in the long run. They won’t invest in someone unless they know that the individual is as reliable as they are. This could be why it is imperative that for some of you to meditate in order to gain a sense of stability in your own life. Even if you choose not to meditate, you are required to do whatever it takes to become more grounded. I feel like some of you have already been working on this.

Because I normally don’t like to end a reading with a Court Card… I felt guided to pull several more after this king… You received the 8 of Cups in reverse… which connects to what I was saying about going backwards and starting from zero. With the 8 of cups in reverse, we want to move away from this state of dissatisfaction but for some reason we cannot. It is like reconnecting with yourself. There is something stuck somewhere within you. For other’s there is something they must work on again that they may have left in the past. Then we have the page of cups in reverse. This is an emotional state that is out of balance. Hard to motivate. SO once again, this is about becoming productive… it’s very hard to get over this hurdle the longer that you are stuck here. The last card is the Knight of Pentacles… SO finally… You are able to with your own type of routine begin to get out of this hump. You will dedicate your time and attention to fixing your flaws. Working your way up to this King Status. Or at least gaining the attention of this King. Showing that you are strong minded and hard working.

Spirit animal

Aquarius – owl/lizard– Both of these spirit animals tap into psychic gifts. The Lizard has this 6th sense about them; hearing what is yet to be spoken and seeing what is yet to manifest. You may experience your energy becoming quite low around others through August. At times you may need to close yourself off from the world to get to your inner core and regain energy. Becoming the Owl will prove helpful in this situation as you pay more attention to your inner nudging’s when you must retreat, or even if you should be around certain individuals. You will just “know” exactly what to do when the time is right.

Gemini- tarantula/ octopus— both have 8 legs… and with these powerful legs they can consume as well as protect. With the main focus on the Octopus, you may be lacking in direction at this time. They could also be issues when it comes to maintaining and/or setting healthy boundaries with others. There is this energy of other’s either sticking their nose in your business or oversharing information. You are asked to be patient and firm with this person. Becoming like the Tarantula takes you to a crossroad in your life. This is where you must make a decision. You may be prioritizing your life or certain aspects of it. You may have a bad habit or routine that you must let go of. Refocusing your attention on what matters most will be helpful for you when it comes to choosing wisely.

Libra- crow/whale– Both Whales and Crows have an extensive memory. They can travel long distances and remember how to get back. These memories are imperative when it comes to finding home or what was once home. The whale speaks about the desire to delve deeper … researching ancient wisdom… finding the answers in order to overcome certain challenges. Every experience that you have been through, has made you become stronger. You have gotten to a point where you’ve learned so much that you have this amazing depth within you. What you have learned in the past will be very beneficial in a current situation that you find yourself in. Becoming like the crow will cause you to be watchful about what is going on around you. Observant. You will be able to combine the past, present and the future all at one time. Taking what you’ve learned, living this way in the present, in order to balance out your life for a better future to occur.

Runes: Raido

Communication, Agreement, Reconciliation, A Journey

This rune is about the communication, the mood of something that has two sides, two elements, and about a different reunion. This is about asking yourself- what is the right action.

warns against tricks and deceit. One’s life can take many twists and turns, and different directions. Life’s journey is represented by this rune. It tells you how your decisions can change your path. It also symbolizes the need to change oneself through a journey of self-awareness. You may have been stuck in stagnation, leading to a lack of change.

Oracle- Water Element & Pluto :Transformation

Pluto governs Renewal and Rebirth. It brings to the surface the things that have been hidden or are felt deep inside. This connects to the Water Element of Sensing. Water connects to our emotions and our intuition. Some things that are hidden could be painful to think about and/or confront… as well as possibly embarrassing. But these issues must be confronted, dealt with, and worked through. Pluto also speaks about the Unexpected. It is in connection with the Tower in the Tarot. What was once on a faulty foundation will crumble down to be rebuilt again. You are being given a clean slate in your life. What you choose to do with it and how you choose to react is up to you.

What comes next will be rejuvenating and healing! It’s time to be reborn.

Have a Wonderful August!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

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