Something’s Gotta Give- Cancer, Pisces & Scorpio – September 2019

Cancer, Pisces & Scorpio!! Here your reading for the New Moon In Virgo/ September 2019!

You guys have the opportunity to create something of value coming into September. For the Sign of Cancer and Scorpio, this deals with breaking free from boredom and connecting with new people, either in your community or online. You want to make new connections. You may not have found where or how you can accomplish this yet, But you will. With Pisces, you have this desire to communicate in an open and honest way with the most important people in your life- romantic connections, friendships, family and co-workers. Some of you could meet a new person during this time that has the ability to grow into something solid and stable in the future. You all wish to break free from this stagnant energy you’ve been feeling, mostly in connection with dissatisfaction on an inner level. You want the excitement to come back or for something to stir up change and that “something” is YOU. It’s up to you to reset your current state. I’m seeing some of you (cancer and Scorpio) joining groups, taking a class, going to meetups to meet others with the same passions or hobbies, and this will create new friends, possibly new romantic connections, as well as business opportunities. Pisces wants to bring new ideas to the table. You have held a lot back when it comes to communication and now you feel compelled to speak your mind. There is a delay for all of you at this time, but don’t worry as that will be shifting quite soon, if it has not yet. You’re all attempting to gain back a sense of balance.

Yes! You guys completely want to connect, as seen here with the 2 of cups. You long for a deeper connection with those around you or towards a specific individual. You want to be able to communicate openly and to have this free flowing energy of give and take. Sharing ideas, sharing hobbies, being on the same page. You want to be accepted and received in the most generous type of way. The 2 of Cups is known as being a Soulmate card, so you’re definitely looking forward to meeting this individual. Some of you may have felt lost and alone, as you watched others being together in a way that you could only hope for. You wondered where your deeper connection was, and I kid you not that if this is the case for you, you will find this person in one of the groups you join, a class you take, or in whatever way you’re personally considering getting back out into the world to meet new people. With this Ace in Reverse, the individual is also waiting to connect and feels the same way as you do. You will find each other. If you’re a Pisces, you most likely already know this person, as the energy of this New Moon In Virgo, personally speaks about new beginnings in Important relationships that have already been formed. You may seek to reignite passion in your current relationship or connections. Or you may wish to connect again with a specific individual to share your thoughts and feelings, or even what has been going on in your life. You’re all presenting yourselves as open and willing.  I’m seeing the energy of a person who is unsure about how or when to approach another. There is a slight nervous energy here. I feel like there are hidden issues that must be discussed. I’m hearing, “I’ve always wanted to tell you that…”. I’m seeing some of you meeting others through friends. You could be joining a class or a group that friends already belong to or want to join as well, they most likely will be the ones who suggest which one to join. There is cooperation when it comes to meeting others.

You may fear that the outcome won’t be what you’d want it to be. You may fear that you won’t meet anyone you can connect with on a deeper level, or that you won’t be received well. You’re afraid of getting your hopes up for nothing. So this holds you back in a type pf repression that seems to grow and grow, causing you to feel sad or to carry low energy. You don’t want to risk feeling disappointed. And who can blame you??? You already feel this way subconsciously, you don’t want to add more of that negative energy onto your psyche. You know that it will take work on your part to create this new phase and to set the right energies in motion. But maybe you’re unsure of how to go about this. Going back to the 2 of Cups, friends can be very helpful at this time when it comes to suggestions. Some of you may be the introverted type, and so in a way going out to meet new people is overwhelming or scary and this also holds you in place. You may be worried that you won’t meet the “perfect” compliment to who your soul is. That you will be surrounded by loud and obnoxious people. So, why bother? Right? Just do it!! You don’t have to speak to everyone you see. You can sit there and analyze who you want to approach if anyone catches your eye. Or, maybe an online group would be the best way to go. But I do feel as though what you’re trying to achieve requires you to do something you wouldn’t normally do. And if you are introverted and you already belong to multiple online groups, you may need to put some fire under your heels to get you out and about. This could be the change of energy you’ve been longing for. Try not to stress to much about what could go wrong or what might not happen when you make this change and reach out. This goes for all of you.

Advice for overcoming the obstacles- I think I already told you this. 😀 5 of Pentacles is about Support. Needing support. Feeling left out. Feeling ignored. Feeling as though no one can help you. That you must do it all on your own. I’ve stated that friends can be helpful. So let’s see what else I get here… I feel as though, for a lot of you, you will have someone who is strong and resilient, who helps to lead and guide you in the right direction. When this person goes through their own rough periods they are the type of individual who can still help others. That’s how strong they are. They don’t allow their own issues to shut others out. They are more than willing to help in anyway that they possibly can. They have a ton of life experience. This could also be a person who knows about specific groups or classes that can help you. They could a person who has the ability to help you get noticed and seen. This person has a type of Spiritual VIP card that gets you involved just because of who they are and who they know. They have all of the information that you need to get started. But it will be up to you to take action. To make that phone call, to join that class, to make a meeting. All they can do is give you the address, the phone number, the website, the Suggestion of which direction to look in. Some of you are being guided by an unseen force, your main guide. Or the specific guide that is in charge of this task in your life. Sometimes we have guides for short periods of time that help to guide us during transition’s. Then they move onto another soul. This individual in the card that represents you looks battered and tired. Requiring crutches to hold themselves up. You won’t feel this way for very long once you merge into this new beginning. There is a major reset coming. 

What you can do within yourself at this time… 3 of Pentacles… COOPERATE! In this card you will notice two people speaking to each other about plans for the future. As one works behind them. Normally, when I am reading about career, this indicates that an interview will be taking place, or that the two hiring employees are discussing an individual they want for the position. You are required to have this dialogue within yourself at this time. Weigh the pros and cons about suggestions that are made to you. Go for what feels right. Make the effort of trying new things, or trying out a specific new way of coming together with others. You must figure out what will bring you the best possible results from any action taken.

What you can  learn from others that have been where you’re at… 10 Swords OOOFF!!! This tells me that those who have been in your shoes before hit rock bottom from not making the needed changes in their life. Remember when I showed you how you’re feeling battered? It could get worse. When we feel out of balance and we do nothing to fix the issue, it drags us down to the ground. One can go into a depression. Feeling numb. Maybe even feeling as though they don’t exist any longer so why bother? A one man pity party. You do not want things to get to this point!! You have a lot to offer and deserve what you’re seeking out. Don’t allow yourself any negative self talk when you do have that inner dialogue happening. You’re working your way out of a type of tunnel. You’re working your way towards the light. You don’t want to dig deeper. You don’t want to put yourself in quicksand either. Try not to throw away suggestions given to you. Try not to hold onto what you’ve been doing (especially if you’re introverted). Change can be very scary for many people. But you need this change so very badly in so many ways. Speak your mind, don’t stand in your own way and go after what you desire. Its up to you to get yourself out of this rut.

Your Projected Outcome- Devil. This is about being held back from an addictive mindset or mentality. Being stuck to bad habits. Needing to free yourself from this repressive state. When I was cutting the deck I saw the 8 of Pentacles in reverse which told me about not putting in enough effort to achieve a goal. On the bottom as your overall I see Temperance in reverse which speaks about being out of balance in your life. This causes you to feel the way you’ve been feeling. This also doesn’t help you when  you’re trying to break yourself free of these bad habits. You are the one holding yourself chained to them. Most of you know you’re self sabotaging, some of you either have a hard time admitting to this, wanting to face it or even fearing the steps you will have to take in order to put yourself on the right track. It’s a lot of work, yes, definitely with the 8 of Pentacles. But in the end you will feel so much better once you take those steps. You have the ability to break free in September. Do what needs to be done. Try to be more open and disciplined with yourself.

Your Power Sigil is : Faery Magick- Respectfully work with the Faeries and elementals to achieve your goals. In other words, Work with what or who you can in order to achieve your goals. Just make sure you take action and don’t remain in this rut.

Your Oracle card from Black Moon is: 8th House- Endings and Beginnings. Yes, I was being told you’re in a transitory phase. “This is where it all goes dark and becomes mysterious.” The 8th house is about going internal…. Deeply internal. So this is where you’ll receive your inner dialogue. The overall energy behind this inspiring you is Capricorn… Maybe your support comes from a Capricorn or an earth sign, but that’s for only a small portion of you, as the message lies within this card– “It is time to focus on your objectives and not let up!” No more walking away, both physically, or mentally.. You must do the work to change this situation for the better. No more pushing ideas or thoughts out of your mind because you don’t want to face them. No more thinking about the bad habits that you may have and doing nothing to correct them. You have to take the time to evaluate your situation, and put in the effort. Use your time wisely!! This card states that,” you are about to meet all the right people who will back you and your goals. Some may be greater in status than you (this is for those looking to make business connections), but they will show you the ropes or support you in some substantial way.” Look at what you’re facing like an unwanted issue in your life that you must take hold of. When it comes to addictive mentality, you must see the issue as a type of bully. How long will you put up with their antics before you knock them out?? In this case, you must word it to your own personal situation. You know that what holds you back is not doing you a favor… it’s causing you internal harm. Take control of it.  Some of you may feel as though your situation is DIRE…. You may be to the point where it’s a matter of life or death. This could be physically– especially for someone who may have to face substance abuse addiction. This is also for your mental health, emotional health and spiritual health. Somethings gotta give! Before you get to the point of no return. Think of this time as your Second chance. Only you can gift yourself one of these.

May you Have a Wonderful September and the courage to change the things you can, with the wisdom to know the difference. 😉

Blessed Be to You and Yours!!

RJ Worrell

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