Fire Element – June 2019

Collective for the Fire Element

Welcome to June, Fire Signs! This is for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius! I cannot believe we are already halfway through 2019! Where have I been?  Where have you been? What has transpired in your life so far?? It’s insane that half of the year has flown by so quickly!! This year is a time for creative activity, for progressive planning and for decisive action. What have you been creating, planning and what actions have you taken thus far? The influence of what you begin this year takes you through the next 8! I have conducted a collective read and then went individually into each sign.

The collective read for you guys was straight to the point! Now, I normally do not conduct love readings, even though they are the most fun and interesting to conduct. I don’t focus solely on that topic due to the fact that not everyone is involved with another, but most individuals do have a job, have a career, have friends, and deal with everyday life. However, the collective read automatically tells a Love story. It’s more like a swift one. I am seeing this coming together of two people who are meant to be…. spontaneously. Most of you will make love with this person, as we have the oracle card about cleansing and purifying the physical body, which straight out says – Orgasm. I minds well be blunt, right? Some of you will create a baby with this “Enchanted evening- The Perfect Night” oracle card, but thankfully not all of you will. That would be nuts. Lol

For other’s this speaks about creating something new with another. You both see eye to eye on whatever this endeavor is and through this project your “baby” will be born. This is like a new Business happening here. A very creative Business. Something the both of you will LOVE.

And now I will go into each sign for the month of June…

A R I E S: The number 3 is dominating this reading. As well as 3 Major Arcane…. Telling the story about releasing the restrictions and turning the page in your life. A new Chapter has fallen upon you. You are taking matters into your own hands. What you do with your creation is up to you. You have the ability to make your dreams happen, and for you to bring about this great sense of stability and abundance into your life. Great expansion is occurring with each step you take.

The decision that you’ve been holding back on is no longer. You will rip off that band aid and move forward with NO FEAR. There is this essence of “pulling the trigger.” It’s as though all of your worries and cares don’t matter anymore, or that you’ll just become more than willing to take that chance that you’ve been putting off. I feel like this is a chance for discovery. A discovery of YOU, a discovery FOR you… A lot of you are attempting to see just what You’re made of! You refuse to hold yourself back in fear any longer. Your curiosity holds quite the opportunity for you. A lot of you have already taken the steps forward… venturing out of your comfort zone. And yet, there is something HUGE that is still missing. A Big piece to this personal puzzle. Something wasn’t quite right in the past and so many of you didn’t achieve what you wished you would have… this is So far from over yet, it’s not even funny. I am getting this energy of being trapped or stuck to a particular cycle. And I feel as though for most of you it is You yourself that has held you here in captivity of some sort. It’s True, that there may have been an individual or circumstances… obligations or promises that you have made to a situation, another person or other people, but it’s time to cut that cord. It’s time to focus on what will bring YOU what YOU desire.

For June, you are focusing on your ULTIMATE achievement. Your Main goal. You want this closure, this ending, this finale… whatever it may be for you, to happen. You want to feel this massive sense of Success. Like, “I finally did it!!!”, “I officially conquered what I set out to do!”, “It’s Mine!”. The world speaks about graduating from one phase and moving on into another. A higher level. I see some of you graduating from high school (not to be obvious since Yes, that happens in June normally), Some of you are ending a semester in college, others are finishing up internships, then we have some of you beginning to work towards your dreams and passions, getting the word out there, showing yourself, Not allowing another to take your power and beginning to Own Your own power, creating social media accounts, beginning businesses,  or even forming an allegiance to another.

Glancing at the Oracle cards I pulled for you, Aries… I am seeing “The Art of Seduction”, “Secrets”, “Desire”…. Then I glance at the Devil, which is also about seduction and desires…. I am also noticing that the woman in the World card, dances naked and free staring at the man in the devil card, who is glancing at her, but he is chained and bound. In the Art of Seduction, the man is being whispered to by a woman, and yet instead of looking at this woman, he is looking off in the distance as though he is thinking of another. He is taking in what he is being told, he is digesting the information. I’m also seeing with this that some of you are being told secrets about a situation involving another. This could be a secret told to you by someone you can physically see and interact with, as well as your own spirit guides. I feel as though this sense of longing that you have is coming to an end. What has held you back from going to this other person or beginning this dream that you have will be worked on then released. You will unchain yourself from this other person, or situation to be able to head in the direction of whom or what you Desire. Communication, as well as a bold action needs to be taken. So take your curiosity for discovery and mold it into what you desire. Know that your life is yours to Live and to Experience!

L E O : The Number one dominates your reading, indicating being at the start of something in your life. You have two Major Arcane, telling the story about how you have been in an deep introspective phase in your life. Working through the mysteries that have held you back for so long. You will now bring out into the open what you have learned. Through this you will then create your own type of master plan to bring complete abundance into your life. Trust within yourself to stabilize and secure your world. There is a massive energy of protection surrounding you in June.

“My Dear Friend, You can’t go back to Yesterday…. Stay in the present.” You are being told to steadily work forward. You’ve been on this particular journey for quite some time. You are building the foundation to achieve something much greater than ever. I am seeing that you may have dropped any plans that you were going to implement. They didn’t seem fair or right to others. Or they didn’t seem to hold quite as much value as you once thought they would. Some of you, may have decided to drop these ideas because you don’t need them as much since something else has come in to offer you just what you needed to begin with. I’m seeing a partnership being formed for some of you. They are the yin to your yang. You compliment each other. Where you may not know as much about a particular topic, they do, and vice versa. Whatever is it, you definitely compliment each other.

For other’s, I am seeing a loan being granted, if you are in need of financial help. You may have been trying to put off payments, or work out payment plans in the past and you never seemed to get ahead. But that is officially over. You spent time trying to gather information in the past before moving forward as well. You are trying to secure your position, But you want to do this in the right way… a fair way, not in any type of underhanded way. You don’t want to mess with anothers energy or life. You don’t want to bring about disruption to another. You want this to be equal and balanced. You may have been off kilter in the past, but you are also learning to become more grounded. This is very imperative to stay this way as you move forward with your plan.

Some of you are dealing with an Earth Sign (Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo), or you will be “greeted” by someone who has the ability to help — I’m hearing “fund your life” though I know this is not for all of you. This individual could be a very influential person (most likely a man), who has secured their own life in some way. They come into yours (they could already be involved in your life), but they come to you to offer any help they can. This is where the protection lies. You are shown as having the ability to create whatever you desire, but you also have this person here who adds an extra benefit to your situation. Expect doors of opportunity to swing open for you.

S A G I T T A R I U S: The Number One dominates your reading. Just like the Sign of Leo, you are at the beginning phase of something in your life. Three Major Arcane tell the story about how this change and transformation is inevitable. As I was looking at your cards, I smiled to myself… Pulling the Death, the page of pentacles, the Wheel of Fortune, then the last two of Temperance and Ace of wands, both in reverse. I heard the screeching of wheels come to a dead stop! Then I turned one of the three oracle cards over and saw “New Directions”. Bingo!! I didn’t want to go too much into the story of the three cards as I am now going to tell you the full story.

You are headed in a specific direction. You have certain goals in mind, projects that you want to work on, but they may not pan out in the way that you envision. In the past I am seeing that you had to put your emotions to the side and get “down and dirty” into the details of a situation. You had to just cut out the bullshit and get straight to the point. Communication about the why’s and the what’s had to happen. Some of you had this conversation with an Air sign (Aquarius, Gemini or Libra), this person was most likely a woman. I get this feeling as though you are being advised by this individual about what you must do in order to achieve this new path that you will be taking. Some of you will be learning something new… through a course of study, or a new job title. This is going to change your life— I’m hearing the “luck of the draw”, One of the next lottery winners will be a Sagittarius (not something I say often if at all!).

What you are about to embark upon will change your life… There is a delay, yes…. Caused by a sense of trepidation. Because I’m feeling that something is going to happen or come in that changes the course of what you are attempting and this was validated by the “New Directions” oracle card that I pulled for you. Your advice when this happens is to remain as calm as possible. Don’t let this change cause either an emotional chaos within you or don’t go all out with your plans… you still have to move forward in moderation. Watch yourself. Don’t become impatient. So, if you do win the lottery don’t go out and tell the world, don’t post it on facebook, don’t shove it in someone’s face, because it will backfire. That’s a huge example I am giving though since only one person (maybe a couple) will win. Keep yourself grounded as much as you can with whatever this change is. Keep yourself HUMBLE. For a better example, if you do get promoted or say given an award for something, don’t laugh in someone else’s face about it. You could definitely end up regretting that.

An old part of your life is definitely being abandoned to enter into this new chapter of yours. In some ways, it may be bittersweet about what or who is left behind, but this has to take place since the energy in your life has become so stagnant. Welcome it, and don’t be afraid to accept it when it comes.

Have a Wonderful month of June!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

May 2019 / Fire Elemental Reading

Welcome to May, Fire Signs! 🙂 Be Sure to read your Rising and Moon signs when they are posted. Below I have read on your element collectively as well as individually!

Fire signs are transforming in May. Most likely around this Full Moon in Scorpio on the 18th. The energy will catapult you! A type of Debt is being paid off. For some of you that have been going through hard experiences, your reward is coming in. So, don’t push away any type of offering, meeting, suggestion (most of these will seem as though they are nothing or aren’t worth your time, but you’ll be surprised.) It could be the starting point of something much larger than you could ever imagine. You don’t have to instantly get excited, Jump at the chance or make a decision quickly. You just need to remain open and neutral… see where it goes.

Many of you will be challenged through an ending of some kind in order to move on to better circumstances. It’s all pretty much Karmic Debts. Say you’ve been in a relationship or a job (specific career) for a very long time and now you will be released from it in some way. It could be in a unpredictable way as well. Especially, with Lillith transiting Pisces for a year (began on May 3rd 2019). Be prepared to leave your comfort zone and definitely try not to “wing it”.  You’re either going to be the alchemist or the student of you situation. You may Sit back and observe or see how you can change your circumstances. If you remain the student… someone else will come in as the teacher. It’s best to take control and to figure out the best way to navigate through your ordeal to gain the best outcome.


A R I E S:  When the deck was cut the 6 of cups was revealed. Definitely working on past issues, old happy memories coming about as well, past life karma. Currently, the Star as we come into the month of May. Carrying over the Justice from April. Last months general theme is the Knight of Pentacles. This month’s general theme is queen of cups. Some of you could be dealing with an over emotional, manipulative loved one. Could be a water sign. They can be smothering. Vindictive. Passive aggressive. There is this energy of unfairness happening that you’re bringing forth from last month… or the past. Keeping in mind that some of this could derive from childhood, past lives or younger years. This individual could be acting out like a bratty child. Someone deranged. Your advice is to take control, don’t allow someone else to dictate to you, put your foot down, direct the situation in a positive manner with respect, but don’t allow them to disrespect you in return. Set the course. Plan ahead. Delegate when needed. Outcome is the 2 of cups. This person is not going to like what you’re doing. There will be miscommunication, a disagreement, not being able to compromise. Now, I see why they will throw a bit of a tantrum and try to deliver guilt trips. You’re done hanging back, you’re done feeling sick, you’re done thinking through your situation and you’re done healing…. You’re ready to take what you’ve learned with great strength and move forward. Mantra for the month… You  may feel like you’re juggling a lot this month… even if it’s your emotions that are on a bit of a roller coaster. Try not to get overwhelmed. Take breaks so that you won’t get drained or become exhausted. Prioritize what you need to do first, then go from there. Allowing someone else to help where they can will be beneficial. You will be able to manage and handle all that is happening as long as you stay present and relax. Your extra insight for May comes from your own Soul. You have had this discussion before, of this lesson that would come about in your life, how it would all go down and what you would have to do and learn from this process. What does your gut say? You may have trouble controlling your own emotions when it comes to this other person. To get counsel or therapy will be helpful at this time to keep you calm and on your path.


S A G I T T A R I U S: When the deck was cut the Ace of Cups revealed itself telling me that you’re at a new beginning in your life, filled with hope. For some of you this may be delayed. I’m seeing you receiving a huge “A ha” moment. AS though looking back on your life and your various experiences has brought forth a new revelation to your current situation. I’m seeing that you’ve been stressing out or stuck in a bit of a mind trap that seemed NEVER ENDING. The energy I’m seeing is of Clouds being dispersed. Confusion being cleared. Clarity has arrived. Carrying over Strength … you’ve been through some very hard and trying times, have persevered and remained as strong as possible. Holding back a lot of what you wanted to say or actions you wanted to take. And if you did say them or take them they were straight forward and full of courage. Very mature. Trying to take the higher road. King of Wands is this month’s general theme… he is looking at the past like “Fuck that! I’m most important!” You are what I call “angry strong”… You refuse to go backwards. Enough is enough Change needs to take place. Your Mantra… “this isn’t over… you haven’t won.” You have been making sacrifices for far too long. It’s like you’re noticing that you’ve been stuck in a dysfunctional situation or relationship. Or you were stuck in one in the past and you’re now seeing that for all it is… seeing the bigger picture. May have felt or seemed cultish to you. For a lot of you this deals with a family situation. For others this is something else that you had to play a part in for a long time and follow the rules that were laid out for you. I’m seeing that for a lot of you by the end of May (Timing is different for everyone) you will still feel stuck in this. You want to get out SO BADLY… and honestly, you can get out, you may not see how yet, or feel that you can. You will be very tempted to go behind the backs of others or do what you want in the meantime without them knowing… I see you doing tricky tactics, but it’s not like you’re trying to hurt the person, you just can’t openly do what you want at this time.


L E O: When the deck was cut the Wheel of fortune revealed itself telling me that karmic destiny plays a massive role in your situation. I am noticing many changes within your cards. If you were a reader I would just rattle the card titles off to you and you would be like “holy shit.” I have you currently walking away from a situation. This is a situation that has held you in place for a very long time. You have felt as though there was nothing that you could possibly do to change it. You just had to hang there and observe it from every angle. You couldn’t make a move. You either decided to hold yourself there or the situation did. But now, you’re able to move on towards something much more gratifying. You hope that it will be anyway. Seeing this king of Wands here as your hovering energy, you want to take direct action about something in particular. You feel quite confident in your ability to get what you want. You have this burning desire to charge forth, but you hold yourself back because you know that the situation could become chaotic if you allowed yourself to do what you fantasize about. You will take the much slower approach, step by step, laying down the foundations towards your goal. Looking at the oracle card that I pulled of extra insight, it is titled Provoker… and I kind of laughed to myself… because I saw this with the King of Wands… Some of you want to provoke another for whatever reason. Maybe they have what you want. Maybe you feel they don’t deserve it. I feel as though just your presence could be intimidating in this situation. I’m not saying that YOU’RE intimidating on a daily basis (though some of you could be), I’m saying that within this situation, you could be intimidating to the one you have your eye on or the one that you’re thinking about confronting… there we go… that’s the other word I was looking for. You will be thinking about your happily ever after in May… this is your main goal and focus. You want everything you’ve ever asked for when it comes to a loving family. You want everything to go well and for all to get along. You want to make this happen so you’re about to journey and find it. Some of you may have to leave an individual or a current location behind. Others will have to leave behind a certain way that you’ve been living for a long time… especially, if you’ve been single. It will be time to share your life with another. You’re advised to take the time needed in order to repair your thoughts and emotions… some of you have to re[air your health. Taking this much needed time will help to gain the courage to move forward. Your outcome shows you needing to make a decision…. One that you may have ignored and put off… it’s scary for some of you. But it must be done. Overall, is Death…. Yes, that wonderful transformation I was speaking about in the collective above. Your life is about to change in a massive way! And it is for the better. Your Mantra for the month validates as you’re told to “go Fish!” It’s a gamble, sure…. But one worth taking.

Hope you have an Amazing month of May!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

April 2019 / Fire Elemental Reading

Welcome to April, Fire Signs! This month I conducted a Collective Elemental Read, then conducted readings per sign. Be Sure to check out your Rising and Moon Signs. For those that are interested in my Personal Experiences and getting to know all about me, I posted my First blog titled “Spirituality… it’s seriously not a trend” Snoop around and Ye shall find! 😉 On IG it’s in my Highlights. Now on with the Show!

Collectively : I’m seeing that you had a decision to make, but wasn’t facing it out of fear. Some of you are still going through this. This is changing. Your Collective lesson for the month deals with Support. You may need to find it within yourself first, but you have more support than you realize out there. You need to be honest and fair with yourself, your goals and with others. Internally, you’re budding with inspiration and new ideas. You want to begin something that will bring excitement into your life. Renewal of passion. But externally, you’re holding yourself back. This could be due to insecurities or a fear of instability. You will struggle when it comes to others. Possibly someone trying to outshine you or start an argument. You may even know this as to why you hold yourself back. BE BOLD, be BRAVE and COURAGEOUS!! That’s how you are naturally!! There is no need to be perfect immediately… Do what you feel you should…. Stop paying attention to your thoughts so much. You may regret it if you don’t just make this change. It will change how you feel about yourself and the energy of your situation will drop past emotional baggage… It’s time to Show them what you got!

A R I E S :  Communication is a big theme for you from now through April. You may be rushing in too quickly. You have a strong desire to say what you need to say. There may have been certain things on your mind for a while now, and you no longer can hold yourself back. Be careful not to express yourself in a careless manner. You can get straight to the point in a more respectful way. There is a better chance for others to listen to you, and to entertain consideration of your opinions. It is as though you have had two opposing advisors — your thoughts & your emotions. You still have a huge decision to make that will change the course of your life. You were filled with all of these ideas and future projections of success, you were contemplating a different path from your current one… What if??? You’re right not to just jump into this decision quickly. You may need time first to step back and to investigate certain aspects to what you desire and trying to change. In April, You’ll be taking it one step at a time, day by day, one thing at a time, and with each task that you complete, you will be one step closer to a feeling of more trust, more security and a much better inner knowing that you’re on the right path. You will begin building the steps towards your future. You need to express your feelings openly, to test the waters, You need to harmonize what you want with what is possible or available. Even if it’s something small at the time, it will grow. Just like a seed being planted. Keep in mind that during this time you’re just figuring out what changes to make, how you would like to conduct these changes, trying different options or avenues and feeling into what you want. Communicate your emotions, your thoughts, and work through your own personal energy. You may not know exactly where you are going or where you will end up. But by doing this it will help to bring you much closer to others. *** Happy Birthday, Aries!!! Here’s a Special Message- Something that happened 12 years ago is returning. This could be a person, a situation, or reviving a dream. Possible second chances. For some of you who have begun planting your seeds 12 years ago, you will finally see the rewards. This time around the energy will flow smoothly and peacefully. I’m seeing you feeling quite calm. You will stand firm in your Element. Normally, Aries is a fighter or a Passionate Lover… But with this new Moon in your sign standing in between two Libra full moons, you are becoming balanced and strong at this time. The color Green could be very significant for you at this time. I’m seeing this with the Heart Chakra. Physical items. This is also literally your “Green light” to forge ahead. PROSPERITY, It surrounds you now. I’m seeing your manifestations coming to life. This period could trigger a desire to travel and a need for inner development.

L E O : Unsatisfied and wanting to move on… Leo, Yours begins in the way that the collective does. You’re not wanting to face something at this time. I’m seeing you receiving a message of opportunity, an invitation to do something exciting and possibly brand new, but it’s as though you don’t trust it. In the past, you spent a lot of time collecting information and investigating. I get this feeling that it’s irritating some of you. I’m seeing you minding your own business, just doing your thing, and it’s as though you have this pesky rodent just eating away at your cheese. Lol Sorry. For some of you, no matter how many times you try to shoo it away, it just comes back. Just pay attention to what you’re trying to accomplish in April. You Lion’s are truly about to set shit on FIRE! Let’s hope not literally! You may be beginning to clearly see who you truly are and/or what you’re made of. Your Confidence will be at an ultimate high around this time. You will know what you want and nothing will stop you from getting it! If you are competing for something others desire as well, you will be fearless, which will in turn secretly intimidate the competition. You will become so focused on yourself, your goals, your accomplishments, that you won’t even notice when others have walked away or gave up. Get ready to hit your mark! It’s time to throw off your robe and bare all!

S A G I T T A R I U S :  Three main things stick out at this time… Your Dreams, Figuring out What you want and/or who you are and Long term Friendships. Currently, you’re thinking about all of the possibilities for your future. There hasn’t seem to be much, if any, real movement on this. Stalling energy. You need to get over past issues and disappointments. There is a time out … during this time you will spend time thinking about what life YOU want to now live. Making a plan. Turning to long term friends…  They will play an imperative role for you around this time. The strong connections you’ve made through out the years that are so firmly rooted into your own existence will stand beside and behind you. There may be something that you’ve wanted to do for so long and they have supported you when you have felt less confident. You know who you can trust to support you again. For those of you that don’t have many friends, there is a group of people waiting to be formed by you. They will feel like “home”… a very comfortable resonance. The Best ones can be found in the oddest of places. I’m seeing your friend pulling favors and gathering resources to help you during this time. You’re not alone. Reach out to these people and you will be surprised at what you can accomplish!!

Have an Amazing April!! Blessed Be to You and Yours!!

RJ Worrell

Aries New Moon, Break Out of Your Mold! April 5th, 2019

This is the best New Moon to get things STARTED!! I felt compelled to get this out as soon as possible since so many have already begun to experience and go through this process. When it comes to the Sign of Aries, we are gifted a burst of inspiration and passion within ourselves and our lives. Aries, is also spontaneous and about the SELF.

I am noticing looking at the Transit Chart that the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron are all in the First house around this New Moon. The chart shows us hanging out in one tight spot. Anytime you try and divert your attention elsewhere you will be brought right back to get things done and headed in the direction you have neglected or put to the side. At first, this reminded me of placing rubber bands over your fingers. As I was mulling over the energy trying to articulate what I was feeling a friend of mine texted me saying, “The Cat’s out of the bag!”. She had never used this phrase since I’ve known her. I was on a search to find a good example of what I was seeing. I found many different variations of playing with rubber bands, came across this particular picture, it was the closest thing I could find. Guess what the name of the game is called…. The Cat’s cradle. 😉

Validation, that for many “the Cat will be out of the bag!” Literally…. Secrets being revealed, Wants being identified, Goals being brought out into the open.

Then I was feeling this state of frustration… You’re trying to break free from a confined state. Going from black and white and bursting into color. Breaking free out of a box. A state that you’ve been stuck in for a long time. Reminiscent of this clip in “Take on Me” by Aha…

The Energy I’m feeling by looking at the chart. (Aha – Take on Me)

During this time you may notice that your mind, body, and soul is much more sensitized than normal as you move towards a higher Level of energy. You may absorb the mood of those around you quite easily, causing your disposition to become mercurial as a result. Welcome to the world of being an Empath for those that aren’t naturally this way! 😉 For the rest of us, we may have to practice blocking energy if we choose to at this time. This transit can add a mysterious aura to the way that you project yourself to others. You will become less practical and more idealistic, dreamy, and sensitive. Some of you may find the mundane concerns of life too boring to grab your attention! Some may feel less confident, as their direction in life is uncertain; others may attune themselves to a stronger spiritual purpose. Watch out for those that may manipulate and create a type of “woah is me” victim mentality to get you to do their bidding… they are just playing on your emotions. Make sure that you as well, don’t fall into this trap.

You will not want to deny yourself of anything during this time! You’re ready to roll on a pleasure seeking adventure to satisfy your senses. This is a very good period in which you are more inclined to speak up about matters that you previously were only thinking about. Your self-expression will happen naturally and easily. Relationships with siblings, neighbors, classmates, and casual friends may become more prominent in your life now. It is likely that you will initiate discussions during this period, evaluate your appearance and the impact you have on those around you, as well as connect with others rather than to stay chained to any one place or activity.

This is the time to be direct and to communicate your needs and interests. You are more inclined to talk about yourself and your personal past now. This may also be a restless time when it is difficult to turn the thinking process off when it would be better to relax! It is an especially fruitful time for any endeavor that requires dealing with words, ideas, and facts. Your demeanor is more youthful, perhaps mischievous, lighthearted, and non-threatening so that others may be more inclined to turn to you for advice or pleasant conversation. Using the power of words to attract what you want or to further your interests works best for you now. Manifestation is Dominating this Phase in Time.

You will feel compelled to drop all fear and go for that individual that you’ve had your eye on for a while. Or to have a Conversation to clear the air… communicating all that you’ve ever felt and have gone through. This is HUGE for getting out there and telling your own story! You may even begin to write that book you’ve been putting off to the side. Or to finally dig that manuscript or great idea out from “under the piles of dust” and submit it. Courage is STRONG is at this time. The Desire to be as free as possible reigns! Wield Your Scepter and put on your crown. Many Personal transformations are underway and will Powerfully change your life!

Ignite your Fire! It’s time to surprise everyone! And, maybe even shock yourself. 😉

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

The Doors – Light My Fire

Transit Chart For your Viewing.