Water Element – March 2019

This is a General Reading for the Water Element (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio).  I will be posting the other elements in the coming days. Be sure to read your Rising, Moon and Venus.

AS I was shuffling the 6 cups showed itself. This tells me about the past, memories, conditioning. Then the song by Evanescence titled “My immortal” came on. I’ve included the video down below for your viewing. The entire song may not resonate. There could be a few lyrics that will for some of you. These two things are validated by your overall of 5 of cups. You’ve been in a type of mourning. Unable to move on from past pain and disappointments. I feel as though this could be about a parent for a lot of you. The parent in control, if not the father. For other’s this is about a relationship that you’ve lost. There is definitely something important that was never communicated about. Truth was concealed and not given a chance. Fear of rejection. Fear of abandonment.

In the past, few months, I am seeing you taking care of practical matters in your life. You are giving your all within your career and at home. You have built a great deal of stability and security. There’s an individual in your past who carries feminine qualities. They could be an Earth Sign (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo). They have a protective and comforting quality about them. They could be a family member or a friend in the workplace. They were taking care of you in some way. It could even of been trying to give solid advice and counsel. I’m feeling as though you didn’t want to listen or take what they were trying to offer you. You shut them out… you shut them off. You may have blocked any communication from them. I feel like you did it to protect your own self in some way. I get this sense that it would have “ruined” something in your eyes and you didn’t want to face it.

There’s this new start that you are trying to implement into your life, but for the moment you don’t hold trust within this. You’re looking back at all the time you’ve put in and you’re beginning to see what you couldn’t before. You’re looking back on memories and instances and you’re seeing how dysfunctional it was, or how you couldn’t break free from this situation/person. You’re questioning yourself as to why you didn’t fully see this prior. The environment around you is very restrictive!! There are certain rules that you were expected to abide by. You may have lived your whole life with these restrictions or however long you were with a specific individual, but now you see it from a different angle. You want things to change, and you want them to change now!

I’m seeing you wanting to meet up with someone that you once felt a closeness with. You’re trying to reconcile, but yet there is something blocking this communication from either happening or going well. This could be the individual from the past that you ignored previously. I’m seeing that you want to set the story straight. You’re hoping the issue can be resolved in an equitable manner. Some type of “middle man”, or mediation will help for things to go well, or to get the communication started. It’s as though you both have to come to some type of agreement or common ground in order to heal then move on from this situation. Don’t be afraid of the risk. Don’t allow past rejections to stop your progress. The Past is no more. Work through this issue and rise above it. Get back to the real self. The one that you are. The one you choose to be from here on out! Success is assured once you do. It’s time for a new chapter in your life.

Have a magnificent Full Moon!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

I have been reading the Tarot since 2004. I have extensive knowledge of Symbolism, Numerology, Colors, Dream Interpretation, Astrology, The After Life, Rituals, and Energy Work. Mostly self taught through experiences. I don’t read books based on these subjects, aside from Astrology . I find it more personal and powerful to come to your own conclusions through Experience, Experimentation and analysis. If you would like to book an appointment, use the Contact page. I am Still setting up my wordpress. 😉