Propel Yourself into the Unknown! Air Element/ Aquarius, Gemini & Libra. September 2019

Greetings, Air Signs!! Aquarius, Gemini and Libra! This is your Reading for September 2019. All Signs have now officially posted! Enjoy!

Out with the old, and in with the new! You guys are making changes in your life. You’ve been in a deep state of contemplation. This is a slow progression towards a “freeing of your being.” When it comes to Aquarius, I am seeing you working through past traumatic situations. You are healing through this phase in your life so that you can break free from fears that have held you back. There appears to be a new beginning when it comes to Investments, joint finances and purchasing property. You will also be dealing with any debt, as in situating debts and being able to release any stress in connection with financial burdens. Gemini, your own type of “death” deals with home– your home environment, your family, where you will reside. I’m seeing you going through a period of trying to reset your home life. You could be looking to move in somewhere, out of another, or even attempting to kick someone out of your environment (especially if you have a roommate, or are going through a breakup). I’m also seeing some of you reconnecting with family- extended family and possibly having “family meetings” to discuss your next steps. Libra, I’m seeing some of you diving into spiritual practices. I feel as though you want to go even deeper if you’ve been in study already. There is the energy of looking into new forms of spirituality that you haven’t yet, or what has peaked your interest. Spending time away from your phone and social media. You’ll be cocooning yourself at this time. You’ll be given a lot of downloads in September that you must pay attention to. For those that don’t know what downloads are- they are messages that come to you through spirit, your guides, or even phrases said to you. I’m seeing you creating your own personal space in order to meditate, journal or to take journeys– creating personal space so that you won’t be interrupted. You’re being surrounded by the energy of “Hidden information”, which will be very helpful through this process. You will all be breaking free from stagnancy. You may be dealing with or hear of an actual death in September. For some of you, this death will trigger major changes in your life for the better as sad as that seems. You’re all ridding your life of unnecessary things and people. I’m hearing that you’re “de- hoarding” your life… is that even a word???

How you project yourself to others and what is the truth of your relationships/connections- Judgment reversed. I saw this card as I cut the deck as well. With Judgment upright you are heeding the call to awake to go to the next level in life. You are listening to an epiphany that you’ve had, evaluating the past and seeing where mistakes were made in order to fix them. There is a MASSIVE liberating energy to this. However, others see you as being stuck. Not moving. Not making a decision. Not changing what needs to be changed in your life. You’re not listening to your higher self. Sometimes, this happens out of fear. It’s as though you’re holding onto the back hoof of the horse and you’re being dragged into this new life, new way of being, being dragged into making a decision whether you like it or not. You’re trying to stop the horse, which metaphorically heralds the time of change… causing your situation to develop very slowly. But, it’s moving, just at a snails pace. You can’t prevent this from happening. No matter what you do, no matter what you say. You must learn from the past. Try not to halt any progress that you have made so far. You may have made bad decisions in the past, but that doesn’t mean that it’s ok to do it again or that it will happen again. You definitely feel this great sense of anticipation, but may not know where it’s coming from. It’s as though you’re on the edge. Will you fall or will you fly? Now normally, the Death in reverse show someone running away from a ending in order to prevent it, but you’re not. The reason I bring that up is I am also hearing, ” Flight or Fight”. You’re going to “fight” for what you want. But currently, you’re being slightly resistant… for some of you, it’s because how slow the changes are taking place. So by the energy moving slowly, it’s giving you too much time to think about what is going on and causing your thoughts to bounce back and forth… One day you’ll feel very to tackle any challenge and the next day you don’t want to make a change. There is frustration over the delay and there is indecision indicated here. You just don’t know what to do! But YOU DO—- listen to your inner voice, not your fear… or whatever it is that is causing resistance on your part. Others see you as being indecisive.

What is blocking your goals and desires— YOU. Ok, let me turn over this card… FOOL! Fear of the unknown! Fear of falling off that cliff that I was seeing. This is telling you to be fearless. If you’re trying to make a change that you’ve gone through before, remember how you felt the first time you attempted this. The Fool is about having no prior experience, or I should say, having no prior bad experience to go by. And when you don’t have this bad experience then you’re not afraid to make a change. You see it from the perspective of excitement and what good things it will bring you. The fool Is complete and total freedom, inside and out. The Fool is making a change where others may worry for you or wonder if your experience may cause you strife, because they’ve either had a bad experience themselves with what you’re attempting or worry that you may not make it. Now, you seem to be taking this perspective on yourself and it halts you. You need to see this with brand new eyes. Wiping past issues away as though they never happened. Don’t listen to anyone who tries to stop you. Most of all don’t listen to your own negative self talk. You will make it, you will succeed, it just takes that one step. You need to let go that the horse’s hoof or else you may be trampled upon like the man in the death card. You don’t require a lot of things on this journey. You begin with a small amount, a small step… taking it day by day. I feel as though many of you are thinking about your situation from EVERY SINGLE ANGLE and it’s overwhelming. Say that you’re all prepped and ready to move into a new apartment. You have a bedroom set. But because the issue is moving slowly you begin thinking about all of the furniture and things that you want to make your apartment feel complete. All you really need is a good bed in the beginning. If you sit there and add up the costs of a top of the line couch and all the trimmings, well, then you won’t budge. You only need the BED. Having a good night’s rest sets you on the path to create and do so much more. You will notice in this card that this individual carries a small sack. He has no worries, he is focused on life moving forward. Knowing that all will be ok and that if he meets with an obstacle he will deal with it then… no sooner. He lives in the Present moment. That is what blocks you. You’re not living in the present moment. Don’t worry about what could occur later. It most likely won’t pan out that way. It will be better than you think! 😉

What you need to do to overcome the obstacles- King Of Cups. This is Astrologically a Water sign (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio). A very small portion of you need to have a conversation with this person. For whatever reason, this individual is in connection with your current issue. I feel like you must put a situation to rest with this person. For most of you this is the persona that you need to take on. The King is very mature, doesn’t allow his emotions to control him, He’s compassionate and caring. It’s very important for you to trust your intuition. I’m not referring to the worries or bad feelings that have had time to seep in and take over, I’m referring to your initial desire that put you on your current path. You will notice in the card that he has all kinds of things going on behind him, these are his emotions going up and down. He holds two tools in his hands and holds them to the side. As he is completely focused on his goal. This means that no matter what is going on, you must remain focused on achieving your desire. Looking at this man’s face, it looks as though he holds great concern. He becomes frustrated by interruptions to his goal. He grows serious as he stops the interruptions and pushes them away. “You’re not going to take control of me!” I feel as though this is you needing to become more disciplined when it comes to outsiders, or thoughts and emotions that can sabotage you on your current path. You need to continue to work on your goal and build a plan. Set the foundation for your success. That’s all you need to focus on is your foundation.

What you can do within yourself to achieve the desires- 4 pentacles reversed… I think Earth signs has this exact card for this position. This is validating what I have already said. The 4 pentacles upright keeps you still, stagnant, unmoving, unwilling, resisting…. When you have it reversed, you allow the energy to flow, you allow whatever to come, Whatever will be will be…. I’m hearing that song by Doris Day, “Que sera sera!” You can look up the lyrics, if you’d like. It details the questions one has about will happen to them in the future. Main point is– Don’t focus on the future. Which I find hilarious that I was given this song since I look into the future for a living. 😀  It’s the same situation here… You’re wondering what will happen once you take the next step. You’ve been held back in fear. Held back by a false sense of safety. Whatever is truly meant for you, will happen. Regardless as to what you do. But I always warn that if you don’t make the change, you definitely won’t like the results. Trust me, even if you don’t know me. 😉 You will either be forced to make the change or you’ll be stuck living the same way and you know how you feel about that. I don’t need to pull cards. It’s always best to just let go and see what happens. You are at least making a decision for movement of energy to occur. You won’t be stuck where you are any longer.

What you can learn from others–7 of Wands…. Stay strong and stand your ground. People have grown spiritually from attempting what you are. This causes them to become a human form of “Hercules” who can battle against all odds. You will become mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit through this. Whether or not you’ll be able to achieve your desires 100% is up to the universe and your specific path in this life. If you’re one who analyzes every single detail, you may set yourself up for disappointment. The bigger picture shows that you will get what you want in accordance to what you deserve. What type of person are you? Do you work hard? Do you treat others with respect? I am being given a “Justice” vibe here, but wasn’t given that card. You are becoming much more of an individual through this process. Breaking apart your old self and inviting in your true self. Not listening to others, not trying to follow their path, but your own. Regardless of what they say. Because many opinions and obstacles could be thrown your way and most likely already have been. You have to keep fighting for yourself. Fighting for your own freedom. It’s up to you and no one else. You WILL prove yourself in the end.

Your Projected outcome- Sun! Could you get a better card?!? NO. The Sun tells me that YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. And I saw that with the 7, because the 7 of wands indicates long-term and hard-won success. You may question when your own success will arrive, but it’s completely up to you. You may have been putting off your own success. The Sun brings a Lucky and Powerful influence to your reading. This means that something good will come out of any problems that you may have had or encounter. You will achieve what you set out to achieve. There’s nothing much more to say with this one…. Just set yourself free.

Your own personal Sigil— Safe and Happy Travel. Protection from harm when Journeying. I smiled with this. 🙂 I instantly saw the Fool card, because that’s what he is doing. He has no fears. He doesn’t need to feel Secure before he goes about his business or attempts to achieve his goals. This validates that you have nothing to fear. Even if something comes along and challenges you on your journey, you will be protected. With Libra, since I was seeing them taking Journey’s, you will learn a lot during them that will help to put the pieces together for you. If you will be traveling and moving, this is obviously speaking directly to you.

Your Oracle message from the Black moon- Lilith “Mystery”/ Gemini “I Think”. Yes, you’re thinking way too much about the unknown. The sign of Gemini is known for being in two minds at once. To me this speaks about over analysis. When you over analyze you become quite stressed to the point of indecision, sure! Mystery says “I Don’t know what to do!!”, “I no longer know what to think or how I should feel!”… you get to the point of being stuck, going backwards, rethinking, or wanting to give up for the time being. Lilith represents, “Soul expansion and cosmic awareness, the force in aloneness, and the path of the individual.” This card basically took what I channeled and placed it all into one sentence. This is a shift in power and consciousness. Symbolic of destruction before creation. During this transition you may become the topic of discussion with those around you. You have many ideas about what you want to do and/or see happen. You may have communicated about this to other’s. And yet, you haven’t fully made the move forward. SO they are questioning whether or not you will do as you say. It’s like they are on edge. At some point, you may have to talk your way out of a problematic situation. I’m seeing you doing a lot of multitasking as you search for the level ground.

Propel yourself into the unknown of your situation! Take back what belongs to you.

Have an amazing September!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell


You’re at a Turning Point- Earth Signs! Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo. September 2019

Greetings, Earth Signs!! Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo! Here is your reading for September 2019!! Water and Fire have been posted.

Currently I am seeing that Things aren’t going well at this time. There’s this “flow” that seems off or stunted. It appears as though you’ve gone backwards, have given up for the moment, or Something happened out of the blue that stopped your progress. Possible bad news was given to you. Capricorn, you’re going through a period in your life when you are beginning to see things from a different perspective. You may be changing your belief system. Trying out something new when it comes to spirituality or religion. You are thinking outside of the box. You may decide to change your major or going back to school. Taurus, You’re going through a huge reset when it comes to hobbies or your interests. You may be considering switching careers or trying to figure out what it is that you’re good at in order to make a career change. This new beginning is set to be liberating for you. I am also seeing a renewal of passion if you’re involved in a relationship, as well as meeting someone new if you’re single. You could even meet someone new that sparks your interest while being involved already. Virgo, This is the year that most of you break free from stagnant situations that have held you back or that have been very unhealthy. This has most likely been going on for the past 9 years. You guys are experiencing a cosmic reset from this past new moon in your sign. What is it that you want to break free from? I’m seeing new belief systems coming (as with Capricorn) with each change in perspective you make. You could be changing the way that you eat, or beginning an exercise regimen. You could be deciding once and for all that you need to stop smoking, stop drinking, stop gambling. You could be factoring in your expenses and seeing where you need to cut things out in order to get rid of excess stress. You will make the changes required to align yourself with your “new life”. You may experience unexpected travel or you’ll branch out in order to learn something new. The Wheel in reverse just means that changes must be made in all of your lives. This is a “revisiting” of past circumstances.

You show yourself as someone who doesn’t back down easily. There is hard headed stubborn energy coming from this card. Taurus, being the Bull, is known well for this. This also has the energy of standing strong against the current, standing strong within your own beliefs, unwilling to change, defending your position. This 7 usually comes after the success you’ve worked hard for in the 6. This is when other’s try to tear you down and apart. Or when a situation gets out of hand and you must work hard to keep whatever it is that you might lose. You will notice that this individual is covered in armor. He has been through a lot. But he also has a red scarf draped around him signifying courage and power. Your internal self is challenged through this. Do you give up the fight? Or do you keep going? Is this worth fighting for? It’s one of those things where you must pick your battles wisely. You may be going back and forth on whether or not to drop this “battle”. You think to yourself that you’ve worked so hard and for so long to have what you achieved or got. It’s a risky situation. You may also experience other’s opinions when it comes to what you’re going through. It can make the issue confusing, or angering depending upon what they have to say. I’m seeing some people just dishing out their two cents without putting in any type of sympathy or experience. They could be saying something such as, “Who cares?! You’ll be better off!”. They don’t understand the magnitude of the effort and time that you’ve put in. They are quick to blow it off as though it’s nothing. This within itself is extremely frustrating. Now, I am noticing that the red coloring of your cloth that drapes around your shoulder is faded in comparison to the rest. For some of you I am hearing, “I can’t win for losing,” (You can’t win because things keep going wrong). For some of you this situation needs to be dropped, only because it seems like no matter what you do to try and “revive” this it will exhaust you to the point of nothingness. As in, you did it for nothing. And maybe you worry about this as well. Why keep up a good fight if it just gets you nowhere? These are your own thoughts. But for now, you choose to stand strong and not change. You definitely want to keep whatever this is. This could be a relationship for some of you.

What is blocking your desires and goals- Page of Pentacle reversed. This also gives me the energy of “not allowing.” Resistance. This page upright is about new beginnings, of a new interest, a new business, a relationship, a new project, a new job. But upside down it becomes blocked or delayed. It’s about looking away from a new opportunity or not seeing this new opportunity of change. I could already tell with the 7 that it was you blocking your own desires. Pentacles is of your element. A page is the youngest. Some of you may be reverting back to childlike behavior. Which goes along with the wheel in reverse. It may not even be behavior, could be something from childhood that you have held on to for a long time. It needs to be released. This also has the energy of insecurity. Which tells me that you don’t want to make changes due to the possibility that you will be left “floating around” and not knowing where to land. In other words, you strive for a stable and secure life. This is in every aspect of the way. As the Earth element, you’re known for stabilizing your foundations, environment, home life, finances… you’re main focus is on Support. So, if you’re left just floating around you are out of your element and it causes much strife internally to you. This is very understandable that you don’t want to make these changes due to that possibility. You don’t know where it will lead and you want to be certain and assured that everything will work out. You want to be certain that there will be no losses. You don’t want to worry about how your bills will get paid, whether or not you’ll find a new partner. You don’t want to lose money. You don’t want to rid your life whatever stability that you’ve gotten used to. For some of you, especially Virgo’s, it’s not healthy where you’re at right now. Try not to be overwhelmed or afraid to make these changes. Try not to push away or fight new opportunities or suggestions that are given. Try to face whatever this new beginning is and be more accepting and open. Keep in mind that most changes require for you to become acclimated in the beginning. This is where you can create a plan and set things in motion. You guys are excellent when it comes to building a foundation. Create your own personal Web on paper or your computer, with a starting off point, and work your way from there. You can even do one of these before you accept this new challenge. It may help for you to feel more secure with the changes. If you’re offered to learn a new job or skill accept it. Try not to make a decision until you’ve actually tried something new. Meaning, try not to state “I don’t like that!” if you’ve never actually tried it first.

What do you need to do to overcome the obstacles…. Queen of Cups reversed. This is Astrologically a Water sign (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio)… it could be an individual in your life in connection to your situation. If you’re rising or moon is a water sign, then this is you. Personality— Usually, this individual is very loving, giving, caring, compassionate. This person knows just what to do to make you feel completely comfortable and at ease. However, this individual is reversed. So all of that goes to shit, pretty much. For a better lack of words. 😉 That’s obvious because you’ve been battling for position, you’re feeling insecure or uncertain about change, So the ease that you could be feeling is not there whatsoever. You don’t feel comfortable. You don’t feel loved. You don’t feel as though you’re being reciprocated. You are asked to tap into your intuition at this time. What is it saying to you about what must be done? Don’t listen to you mind right now when you “ask” this question. You’ve been listening to your mind. What are the inklings that you’ve been getting but have pushed away because you did not want to make a decision for change? That’s what you’re being asked to listen to at this time. You have to face what you’ve put off. This is honestly the message for all signs right now. There’s still a lot of people (including myself – I’m not an earth sign) who are still working through issues that they haven’t faced. It’s a lot of work to face your shadow. We all know this, we all speak about it, we all may laugh about it at times, but it must be worked through. By not working through things you’re left to be confused, undecided and at times emotionally disturbed. There is this Smothering energy surrounding you. You’re being consumed at this time. And when your thoughts move toward your specific issue, or when other’s begin to speak about it to you, it becomes way too much to bear. You don’t want to think about it. Sometimes, you may wish to flip a switch and make it much easier. You want to fast forward through the beginning of a decision to get a glimpse of what life would be like after making that choice. But you can’t. I actually offer pathway readings that tell you what happens when it comes to various choices. Not to throw in a marketing plug. 😉 Just putting that out there. Try not to put the situation on hold or to the side any longer. Listen to your inner voice and take action. You want to be in control of your life— Now is the time to prove it.

What you can do within yourself in order to Achieve your goal– 7 of Pentacles. PLAN baby, PLAN!! I stated that with the Web creation. Give yourself a decent and reliable timeline. Know that this new beginning of yours will take time to see results. This is like your own garden. You must plant the seed first. Which is the Page in reverse that you’re turning away from. Face the page, plan your beginning, plant your seed and watch it grow. You’re attempting to achieve a long term goal. Just like, for instance, when you want to lose weight, it takes time and loads of effort on your part to get to that point. It begins with switching the way that you eat, watching your calories, getting rid of the unhealthy snacks, and working out. It also deals with your own mindset. That must be changed as well. I’ve been watching “My 600lb life” and I feel so bad for them. Food is THE HARDEST addiction out there. With other addictions you just abstain from it, which is hard enough. But with food, you need to eat in order to survive so you can’t abstain from food, you have to change how you eat. I haven’t touched alcohol in over 6 years and I can’t even imagine if I still had to drink things with a bit of alcohol in them. I definitely would have relapsed!!!! I equate alcoholism to being like a vampire. We smell it and our mouth waters. Well, mine doesn’t anymore. That was horrible experiencing that phenomenon. But I also had to change my mindset and become as productive as I was drinking. I digress… This goes for anything you guys personally need to change and achieve. Maybe it’s saving money, maybe it’s taking a new course, beginning a business, starting a new career, trying to figure out just what it is that inspires you. Don’t expect immediate results. Knowing that it can take a while– 7 months… doesn’t make you feel very secure and I understand that is an issue for you. During this transition is when your own mindset will change, you will come to know a new belief system that helps you tremendously in the future. You will see results from whatever this is in 2020. That’s only if you begin in the next month or two. By making a plan, you will already have a solid foundation to work from instead of feeling lost in the abyss.

What you can learn from others is The World!!! This is one of the BEST cards in the Tarot. It exudes complete and total success, an ending to one phase of life, the ultimate celebration. This tells me that many others have gone through what you are and have been at the pint of being uncertain for change. They didn’t know where it would lead them. But where it led them was so liberating, so free, and very successful in their endeavors. You WILL be rewarded for your hard work. I’m seeing some of you pursuing a dream when it comes to your career, being noticed by influential people. If you’re attempting to lose weight, I see you showing off your body- less clothed than most lol and why not??? Right? You worked damn hard to get that body!! If you’re trying to cut out costs and to save, you will have saved a substantial amount of money. I’m hearing, “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.” So it’s going back to where you’re refusing to face something or stating how something isn’t right for you, you don’t like it, “It’s not for me.”. Try not to put the breaks on this, Because this is showing that you will get what you want.

Your projected outcome- Queen Pentacles Reversed…. Booooo!!! This message won’t be for all of you. But this to me states that you won’t make changes. At least not for now. I’m going to pull another with this card. 4 pentacles reversed… Good…. That tells me you will release the strong hold you have on whatever this is. This 4 in the upright is about someone not willing to budge, which is where you may find yourself now. Reversed, you’re opening up to the possibilities, though I get the feeling some of you will be forced… and knowing the earth element– you do not like being forced to do anything!! You want to be in control, not someone else. Having your own sense of control creates the security you love to feel. Let’s go back to the Queen– This Queen is you. You can be either male or female. It doesn’t matter with the court cards. Upright, she takes care of everything that needs to be done. Her home life is solid and stable, all the bills are paid on time if not before they are due, The financial books are in order, the checkbook is balanced, if she owns a business everything is going well, it’s organized and extremely productive, she’s at the top of her game in every aspect in her life. She even presents herself physically as a well put together individual. Hair is done, nails are done. She is also the mother (or father) that keeps on top of every one else’s schedule. But in the reverse, you become disorganized, easily irritated or frustrated, you begin missing money– it gets lost somehow, you may be overspending, forgetting to balance your checkbook, paperwork goes missing, you miss or are late to meetings and appointments, everything builds and builds, but not in the way you want it to, it builds up so much that becomes extremely overwhelming and hard to deal with. It makes you want to take a vacation away from it. What will happen when you come back? You will be met with a ton of tasks to confront and organize. I feel like this is what your situation will become if you don’t stop resisting the change. You could already be at this particular place as we speak. This has the energy also of just wanting to give up and walk away. This can cause an imbalance with your mind, body and soul– showing itself into your environment. Start listening to your gut and stop analyzing — I feel as though analyzing your situation from every angle just drives you further and further away from change. Your overall energy is the Ace of Wands in reverse…. Yet another delay… I don’t think you’ve been inspired enough! That’s the problem. You need to find what reignites passion in your life.

Your personal Sigil for September is- Wishes Come True!!! Rapid achievement of your dreams and wishes!! This is the message in the World card as well. Thinking about the timeline I gave of 7 months… seems far off, but I was also thinking about 7 years… so 7 months in comparison to 7 years would be Rapid. But if you keep putting off this change, it will take a lot longer than 7 months.

Your Oracle message from the BlackMoon is: Water (Sensing)/ South Node (Life’s Debts) — I’m getting a few things from this right off the bat. With the Water card, I already spoke about listening to your intuition. Life’s debts, could be literal for some of you, as in financial debt currently… you may be there already, or on your way. You may fear you’re on your way to debt. How do you prevent this? And how to get out of it (if this is the case)? You could be “in debt” with your situation metaphorically. I’m hearing, “It’s crunch time!”… which tells me that the situation is or will become dire. Your South Node deals with habits and patterns that have been there since childhood. As I was saying With the page. I was also hearing Bad habits. These habits are affecting you currently in your situation. They don’t appear to be helping your case. It could be a habit of how you handled chaos, or a deteriorating issue. Maybe you flee instead of face it, or maybe you don’t know when to let go. You could be one that gets overly emotional instead of having a mature conversation when things get out of hand. Whatever your “bad habit” is, this is the time that you need to get serious about changing it. It’s preventing you from forward movement in life, it’s preventing you from living your best life. “The South Node represents a Karmic point in our charts where certain matters must be discharged or cast off in order to develop and move on toward greater things,” Well, I was seeing that each of you are after all going through a reset. This south Node is the place where you’re challenged and growth occurs through some kind of pain. These debt’s make your life circumstances harder than they need to be. I believe not only is it Karmic but it will become harder the more you resist, yes. It will do that on purpose to get you to change whether you like it or not. Evaluate certain areas in your life in accordance to your specific situation. Only then will you realize there is no longer any connection and that it is time to move on. “Be assured you will have a stronger foundation for your next venture.”

It’s time to leave your comfort zone! You’re at a major turning point in your life.
Have a Wonderful September!!!
Blessed Be to You and Yours!
RJ Worrell

You’re in for A Ride, Fire Signs! Aries, Leo & Sagittarius- September 2019

Greetings, Fire Signs! This reading is for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius from the energy of the New Moon in Virgo going into September 2019! Water Signs have already been posted.

You guys are walking away from a state of dissatisfaction. Though this could be a relationship that you’re walking away from for some of you, I’m seeing that for both Leo and Sagittarius, you are wanting to make changes to your career. Sagittarius wants to break free from their current career or to level up, switch titles, gain a raise or promotion. You’re tired of the way things have been. It has a stagnant/Dormant feeling to this. Sagittarius is going to rebelliously go after what they want. You feel like you’ve been “good” long enough and that you should be compensated, as you watch others leveling up while you’ve been stuck where you are. Leo, you’re focused on your finances and how you make money. Specifically, how you can make even more money. There are changes to your career path as well and I see you creating new goals to achieve. You will be gifted very inspiring ideas on how to can do this. So pay attention to any downloads you receive, as well as your gut instinct. I’m seeing recognition coming to you for your work, as well as potential new clients (If you are independent or own your own business). Aries is all about setting new intentions when it comes to your daily routine. You have felt out of balance internally, and that is because your mindset and your health has been up and down. At times, you have felt scattered. You are looking to take on a new project or possibly a new career. I’m seeing positive changes when it comes to your environment after you reorganize your work/sacred space. You will begin to structure your days in such a way that you may add in meditating or yoga before your day begins. This will become extremely helpful for your mind, body and soul to strike a balance. You will be able to gain much clarity and become more productive.

How you project yourself to the world/ truth of your relationships- Emperor reversed… I saw this card after I cut the deck and here it shows up again. This individual is out of balance, that is why they are reversed. I stated this already with Aries… and the Emperor is astrologically an Aries card… but this goes for all of you. This has the energy of being out of control. Not in control… keep in mind, this may not be about you, this could be someone in your own environment. Either within your workplace or family. Back to you, for now…. They could see you as someone who doesn’t have their “shit” together. Someone who dominates in an aggressive way… in an overly masculine type of way– if you’re female, you come off as very intimidating at times. Unapproachable. Defensive. Easy to provoke. They may see you as someone who wants tings their way only. AS someone who isn’t very open to options or idea’s. I’m hearing, “Throwing down the gauntlet.” So yes, they may see you as someone who is ready to fight a battle or throw out challenge’s. It seems almost exhausting!! The energy of what this individual is going through. It feels like a never ending battle. Who knows, for some of you an issue has been going on for too long and this is where it brought you to. You may be tired of doing things someone else’s way, or sick of being treated disrespectfully. So in turn– other’s may feel as though you’re disrespecting them. What do they expect when you’re just trying to take control of your life and set boundaries, and they repeatedly or someone has repeatedly overstepped those boundaries, or tried to dictate your life. So with this, You’re actually attempting to take your life back, or a certain aspect of it. For a lot of you this deals with your career and how you make money. For other’s this is more of an internal issue, where you may have been your own worst enemy. You seek to discipline yourself and to structure your day. So far what you’ve tried to achieve has fallen short of expectations, but you’ll get there. For other’s this individual is either in your environment, or the person you’ve been dealing with. They don’t want to compromise, they are overbearing and trying to control everything. They appear to be bullying you. But honestly all this person is achieveing is absolute disgust from you and not the respect they are aiming for. (This could be a father or father figure for some of you)

What is blocking your desires and goals- 4 of Pentacles… The Emperor is a 4 as well, and before I pulled this card I knew it was in relation to this. So, if it’s another individual- say this is the Emperor in your life, They block you by not being willing to compromise, They don’t want to share anything or to be generous to you. They are very greedy. I’m getting that if it is a boss, and you’ve been waiting for a raise or a promotion, then this is definitely what you’ve been dealing with. You’ve done a lot for them and the company itself, it’s not like they can’t give you a raise. They are just very greedy with their funds. This has stagnant energy as well…. This could have been going on for 4 years. Selfish, very selfish. “It’s mine! Not yours!”. I’m seeing some of you having an issue when it comes to opening up. You have an immense amount of skills and abilities and you have been hoarding them and keeping them to yourself. You could be afraid of opening up and sharing your gifts. You could be afraid of losing control of your own schedule or freedom even. The main feeling that derives from this 4 is out of fear of losing something of value to you. But there is no energy coming in or out. If you’re holding back afraid of reaching out then this energy can build so much that it consumes you into your own state of disgust. Some of you may not even sense where this is coming from, you may not realize that you’re doing it to yourself. This is stunted growth. Being squeezed into a small space. Confinement.

The advice for you speaks about painful situations or communication that is hard to have. For some of you this involves a separation from either a person or a career. It could be from anything really, depending upon what is that you are wanting to walk away from. With it being reversed you have been trying to work through this at this time. Though I see attempts to hide painful news for some of you. This could actually be what you’re keeping to yourself in the 4 of pentacles, if it personally resonates. I’m seeing you having to manage your stress and trying to take care of your body in some way. Others have been repressing emotions when it comes to another person. It has gotten to the point where you don’t want to think about them, so you will refuse to speak about them. If you do think about them the pain is too much to bear. You may be thinking about taking a course, going to therapy or researching how to control negative thoughts through mood management techniques. The advice is to face whatever it is in order to work through this. When it comes to the number 3, it means that you’re growing in a massive way internally. Try not to stunt your growth because you’ll become wiser and much stronger through acceptance.

What you can do within yourself is to be honest with yourself as well as with others. You must take inventory on the past and where you’re at presently. This is a Wake up call. I’m seeing some of you having to metaphorically knock on some doors to your subconscious. There are pieces to your own puzzle that must be figured out  so; that you can put the issue where it belongs in the past in order to free yourself and regain the confidence and courage that you fire signs are famous for! This is also about having an epiphany, but you cannot force one of those, it just happens. With that said, some of you will be able to work through issues when that happens for you… which should be this month. An internal evaluation period is imperative. Look at what you’ve done in the past, what other’s have done to you, the various scenario’s that you had found yourself in and how you dealt with it. Most likely, you are repeating a lesson from the past and this time you’re going to make the decision to regain consciousness. It’s as though you’ve been sleeping the past 10-20 years. Are you really going to put up with what you face now in the external world? Or will you choose to repeat patterns that got you nowhere? Maybe, what you can do this time is to learn from what didn’t work and change. I know this reading appears to be going all over the place, but I can’t shut out when I’m receiving downloads. Just take whatever information speaks to you and leave the rest. The same goes with Judgment… Take what is still a part of you and leave the rest behind. It something doesn’t truly speak to your soul, you don’t need it. If you’re miserable in a relationship, a career, your town, with parts of yourself… only you have the power to change that. Though I know that change is scary for some people. You must look well beyond that. I don’t normally suggest looking years ahead, even though that is required for setting certain goals, if we must make the change to get out of a negative pattern, try thinking about where you will be a year from now… Most likely you will be happier. If you don’t make the change your life will be almost exactly how it is now, and you’ll be going over the same dialogue that you’re having now in your head. It is as though you hit the pause button though you’re still getting up every morning, drinking coffee, going to work, eating dinner…. You get my point. You don’t feel fully alive. A little exercise for you to do would be to think about where you’re at right now with what you’re going through and think to the past when you were in the same position or having the same inner dialogue (seems to be the phrase lately). Allow your emotions to come over you as you replay the tape. If you do this exercise enough, you will notice a tiny light that you must follow that will guide you out of this place. You won’t notice it with your eyes of course, you must do this exercise with your eyes closed. If you’re advanced, then you won’t need to close your eyes to see what I am referring to.

What you can learn from others- Wheel of fortune reversed— This is when things really get out of control and your luck turns for the worse. You know how bad things always seem to come in 3’s? That’s what happens when the wheel decides to go backwards, or in this case reversed. It’s as though we must hit the rewind button, which is what we are told to do for ourselves in Judgment. Please, don’t stop this growth from taking place. I’m getting now that if you don’t face it, you may be forced to. Decisions will be made for you. You yourself will feel as though you don’t have control anymore.

Your Projected outcome is the Knight of Wands— This Knight is very fast change happening. This Knight being a Wands is astrologically a Fire sign. So for most of you this is you taking charge of your situation. This is when the epiphany comes, when your confidence and courage has come back, after you’ve had that inner dialogue, This is when inspiration hits. It’s time to show other’s just what you’re made of! This energy has intense excitement all over it. With this card I am also seeing that for a bit of you, this individual is coming into your life quickly. They may be the ones who inspire you, cheer you on, tell you about their own success story or what they’ve done when they were in your same exact position. This is speaking about you becoming victorious with what you’ll be achieving in September and that is backed up by your own personal Sigil which states- “Achievement! This is recognition or achieving your goals.” I conducted an energy read about two weeks ago and this came up in that reading as well. So, it was definitely speaking to Fire Signs.

Your overall energy speaks about gaining wisdom and “coming back out into the world” to speak about what you’ve learned or to show it. It’s as though you’ll be coming out of deep sleep. “I didn’t see it before but I do now.” You’ll be able to see things clearly that are going on around you. See people for who they truly are– under the surface. See solutions to the issues that have plagued you for a long time. Wow, this started out one way and now it’s been telling me about a lot of you going through a deep soul searching phase. I’m hearing the song “Lose Yourself”, By Eminem for you guys. 😀 I’ll post it below.

Your Oracle Message from the Black Moon – Taurus/ Mercury…. With these two cards I’m hearing, “Mind over Matter.” — The use of willpower to overcome problems. “You are about to grow something from which there will be beauty and abundance.” Sometimes, it’s hard to convince yourself of changes that need to be made. Pushing thoughts away as though the burden is too much to bear. I’m feeling ultimate struggle when I look at the Taurus card…. Keywords being “I Have”…. You have been struggling very hard with yourself and/or with the current conditions and situation. The card of Mercury shows symbols of the past- which I spoke about going back to the past with the judgment card. Mercury is asking you to change direction and to be spontaneous and flexible (This is the Knight of Wands energy). If you’re not flexible then you will get the energy of the wheel of fortune being in reversed. It’s like you’re trying to fight against the current. Release attachments. The more you resist the faster you will be propelled whether you like it or not. This phase involves observation, reasoning, taking things apart and putting them back together in your own order. You may witness your emotions going back and forth, especially as matters develop quickly through September.

Hold on Fire Signs!! You’re in for a ride!

Have an Amazing September!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

Something’s Gotta Give- Cancer, Pisces & Scorpio – September 2019

Cancer, Pisces & Scorpio!! Here your reading for the New Moon In Virgo/ September 2019!

You guys have the opportunity to create something of value coming into September. For the Sign of Cancer and Scorpio, this deals with breaking free from boredom and connecting with new people, either in your community or online. You want to make new connections. You may not have found where or how you can accomplish this yet, But you will. With Pisces, you have this desire to communicate in an open and honest way with the most important people in your life- romantic connections, friendships, family and co-workers. Some of you could meet a new person during this time that has the ability to grow into something solid and stable in the future. You all wish to break free from this stagnant energy you’ve been feeling, mostly in connection with dissatisfaction on an inner level. You want the excitement to come back or for something to stir up change and that “something” is YOU. It’s up to you to reset your current state. I’m seeing some of you (cancer and Scorpio) joining groups, taking a class, going to meetups to meet others with the same passions or hobbies, and this will create new friends, possibly new romantic connections, as well as business opportunities. Pisces wants to bring new ideas to the table. You have held a lot back when it comes to communication and now you feel compelled to speak your mind. There is a delay for all of you at this time, but don’t worry as that will be shifting quite soon, if it has not yet. You’re all attempting to gain back a sense of balance.

Yes! You guys completely want to connect, as seen here with the 2 of cups. You long for a deeper connection with those around you or towards a specific individual. You want to be able to communicate openly and to have this free flowing energy of give and take. Sharing ideas, sharing hobbies, being on the same page. You want to be accepted and received in the most generous type of way. The 2 of Cups is known as being a Soulmate card, so you’re definitely looking forward to meeting this individual. Some of you may have felt lost and alone, as you watched others being together in a way that you could only hope for. You wondered where your deeper connection was, and I kid you not that if this is the case for you, you will find this person in one of the groups you join, a class you take, or in whatever way you’re personally considering getting back out into the world to meet new people. With this Ace in Reverse, the individual is also waiting to connect and feels the same way as you do. You will find each other. If you’re a Pisces, you most likely already know this person, as the energy of this New Moon In Virgo, personally speaks about new beginnings in Important relationships that have already been formed. You may seek to reignite passion in your current relationship or connections. Or you may wish to connect again with a specific individual to share your thoughts and feelings, or even what has been going on in your life. You’re all presenting yourselves as open and willing.  I’m seeing the energy of a person who is unsure about how or when to approach another. There is a slight nervous energy here. I feel like there are hidden issues that must be discussed. I’m hearing, “I’ve always wanted to tell you that…”. I’m seeing some of you meeting others through friends. You could be joining a class or a group that friends already belong to or want to join as well, they most likely will be the ones who suggest which one to join. There is cooperation when it comes to meeting others.

You may fear that the outcome won’t be what you’d want it to be. You may fear that you won’t meet anyone you can connect with on a deeper level, or that you won’t be received well. You’re afraid of getting your hopes up for nothing. So this holds you back in a type pf repression that seems to grow and grow, causing you to feel sad or to carry low energy. You don’t want to risk feeling disappointed. And who can blame you??? You already feel this way subconsciously, you don’t want to add more of that negative energy onto your psyche. You know that it will take work on your part to create this new phase and to set the right energies in motion. But maybe you’re unsure of how to go about this. Going back to the 2 of Cups, friends can be very helpful at this time when it comes to suggestions. Some of you may be the introverted type, and so in a way going out to meet new people is overwhelming or scary and this also holds you in place. You may be worried that you won’t meet the “perfect” compliment to who your soul is. That you will be surrounded by loud and obnoxious people. So, why bother? Right? Just do it!! You don’t have to speak to everyone you see. You can sit there and analyze who you want to approach if anyone catches your eye. Or, maybe an online group would be the best way to go. But I do feel as though what you’re trying to achieve requires you to do something you wouldn’t normally do. And if you are introverted and you already belong to multiple online groups, you may need to put some fire under your heels to get you out and about. This could be the change of energy you’ve been longing for. Try not to stress to much about what could go wrong or what might not happen when you make this change and reach out. This goes for all of you.

Advice for overcoming the obstacles- I think I already told you this. 😀 5 of Pentacles is about Support. Needing support. Feeling left out. Feeling ignored. Feeling as though no one can help you. That you must do it all on your own. I’ve stated that friends can be helpful. So let’s see what else I get here… I feel as though, for a lot of you, you will have someone who is strong and resilient, who helps to lead and guide you in the right direction. When this person goes through their own rough periods they are the type of individual who can still help others. That’s how strong they are. They don’t allow their own issues to shut others out. They are more than willing to help in anyway that they possibly can. They have a ton of life experience. This could also be a person who knows about specific groups or classes that can help you. They could a person who has the ability to help you get noticed and seen. This person has a type of Spiritual VIP card that gets you involved just because of who they are and who they know. They have all of the information that you need to get started. But it will be up to you to take action. To make that phone call, to join that class, to make a meeting. All they can do is give you the address, the phone number, the website, the Suggestion of which direction to look in. Some of you are being guided by an unseen force, your main guide. Or the specific guide that is in charge of this task in your life. Sometimes we have guides for short periods of time that help to guide us during transition’s. Then they move onto another soul. This individual in the card that represents you looks battered and tired. Requiring crutches to hold themselves up. You won’t feel this way for very long once you merge into this new beginning. There is a major reset coming. 

What you can do within yourself at this time… 3 of Pentacles… COOPERATE! In this card you will notice two people speaking to each other about plans for the future. As one works behind them. Normally, when I am reading about career, this indicates that an interview will be taking place, or that the two hiring employees are discussing an individual they want for the position. You are required to have this dialogue within yourself at this time. Weigh the pros and cons about suggestions that are made to you. Go for what feels right. Make the effort of trying new things, or trying out a specific new way of coming together with others. You must figure out what will bring you the best possible results from any action taken.

What you can  learn from others that have been where you’re at… 10 Swords OOOFF!!! This tells me that those who have been in your shoes before hit rock bottom from not making the needed changes in their life. Remember when I showed you how you’re feeling battered? It could get worse. When we feel out of balance and we do nothing to fix the issue, it drags us down to the ground. One can go into a depression. Feeling numb. Maybe even feeling as though they don’t exist any longer so why bother? A one man pity party. You do not want things to get to this point!! You have a lot to offer and deserve what you’re seeking out. Don’t allow yourself any negative self talk when you do have that inner dialogue happening. You’re working your way out of a type of tunnel. You’re working your way towards the light. You don’t want to dig deeper. You don’t want to put yourself in quicksand either. Try not to throw away suggestions given to you. Try not to hold onto what you’ve been doing (especially if you’re introverted). Change can be very scary for many people. But you need this change so very badly in so many ways. Speak your mind, don’t stand in your own way and go after what you desire. Its up to you to get yourself out of this rut.

Your Projected Outcome- Devil. This is about being held back from an addictive mindset or mentality. Being stuck to bad habits. Needing to free yourself from this repressive state. When I was cutting the deck I saw the 8 of Pentacles in reverse which told me about not putting in enough effort to achieve a goal. On the bottom as your overall I see Temperance in reverse which speaks about being out of balance in your life. This causes you to feel the way you’ve been feeling. This also doesn’t help you when  you’re trying to break yourself free of these bad habits. You are the one holding yourself chained to them. Most of you know you’re self sabotaging, some of you either have a hard time admitting to this, wanting to face it or even fearing the steps you will have to take in order to put yourself on the right track. It’s a lot of work, yes, definitely with the 8 of Pentacles. But in the end you will feel so much better once you take those steps. You have the ability to break free in September. Do what needs to be done. Try to be more open and disciplined with yourself.

Your Power Sigil is : Faery Magick- Respectfully work with the Faeries and elementals to achieve your goals. In other words, Work with what or who you can in order to achieve your goals. Just make sure you take action and don’t remain in this rut.

Your Oracle card from Black Moon is: 8th House- Endings and Beginnings. Yes, I was being told you’re in a transitory phase. “This is where it all goes dark and becomes mysterious.” The 8th house is about going internal…. Deeply internal. So this is where you’ll receive your inner dialogue. The overall energy behind this inspiring you is Capricorn… Maybe your support comes from a Capricorn or an earth sign, but that’s for only a small portion of you, as the message lies within this card– “It is time to focus on your objectives and not let up!” No more walking away, both physically, or mentally.. You must do the work to change this situation for the better. No more pushing ideas or thoughts out of your mind because you don’t want to face them. No more thinking about the bad habits that you may have and doing nothing to correct them. You have to take the time to evaluate your situation, and put in the effort. Use your time wisely!! This card states that,” you are about to meet all the right people who will back you and your goals. Some may be greater in status than you (this is for those looking to make business connections), but they will show you the ropes or support you in some substantial way.” Look at what you’re facing like an unwanted issue in your life that you must take hold of. When it comes to addictive mentality, you must see the issue as a type of bully. How long will you put up with their antics before you knock them out?? In this case, you must word it to your own personal situation. You know that what holds you back is not doing you a favor… it’s causing you internal harm. Take control of it.  Some of you may feel as though your situation is DIRE…. You may be to the point where it’s a matter of life or death. This could be physically– especially for someone who may have to face substance abuse addiction. This is also for your mental health, emotional health and spiritual health. Somethings gotta give! Before you get to the point of no return. Think of this time as your Second chance. Only you can gift yourself one of these.

May you Have a Wonderful September and the courage to change the things you can, with the wisdom to know the difference. 😉

Blessed Be to You and Yours!!

RJ Worrell

Weekly Energy through Channeling and Tarot

🌙 Continuation of Energy….

Whoever has been continually taking from you- your emotions draining, your mental state waning, your time, your energy, your finances, they’ve been taking, taking, taking for so long… you’ll put an end to it. 

For some of you, this person is one who likes to be in control. Wants to make all of the decisions. Wants others to live by their own rules or their own way. They may make a fuss when you try to do things your own way. I’m getting from this 10 of swords card that you have absolutely had enough! Some of you may get out of this in a cheeky kind of way. A way in which you’re not completely hiding that you are going to do as you want but you won’t fully show what you’re doing.

For some of you, there is a complete ending to a family tie, or you will walk away from a group of people that you have been involved with. This could be a group of friends, a networking group, a group that you belong to on social media, you may have even ran this group and now you don’t want to run it anymore (You’ll pass over the reigns to someone else).

I’m seeing some of you going to an individual for advice on how to get out of a sticky situation, and they are telling you that you need to be very careful about the steps that you take. Planning everything in a strategic way. Maybe so you possibly won’t have any consequences. I’m also seeing running away for some of you, possibly hiding your identity.

With the Hierophant we have change happening this week, also with the 10 we have an ending, and with the seven we have personal challenges. You will become like the queen of wands, personal growth when it comes to courage, and with what you do may inspire many to do the same. On the other hand, those that don’t have the courage to change may disagree with what you do.

There is a Change in the dynamics of a family, relationship or group. What once looked good on the surface will be revealed for what it truly is secrets-come to light what has been held back will be stated in a matter of fact kind of way. 

Situate a new state of being.

The message that I posted last week is on going at this time as well. Energy does not change so quickly, but may merge into another.

Blessed Be to You and Yours! 🖤

♾ RJ

Time to be Reborn, Air Element! Aquarius, Gemini & Libra. August 2019

Your reading is dominated by Pentacles/ Earth Element. SO for you in august, your finances and stability will be the main focus. This is also about career for some of you as well as establishing security and maybe even a type of new routine. You have 3 Major Arcana- Fool, Devil & the Wheel of Fortune. Two 8’s and Two 2’s. 16/4… Breaking down and rebuilding. You have a Court Pair- King and Queen of Pentacles. Your personal situation could involve an Earth Sign (Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo). When you have a court pair it speaks about a power couple, as well as a couple that is involved through marriage. This reading seems to mimic last month, taking into consideration that this reading is dominated by pentacles, which are the slowest moving energy/ element… Pentacles can take months if not years. So you may have already been in this process for a while. But it’s not something that completes quickly. That would be more so Swords/Air or Wands/Fire. Stating that… Pentacles are very solid and stable. If that’s what you’re looking for or desire, then be happy in knowing that you’re achieving it. 

Now, onto your reading…

Where you are in your life- I was hearing “Start from Zero”…. Some of you are beginning again in life. You could be beginning again when it comes to career, since that is one of the main focuses. You could be beginning again with your finances and physical lifestyle. AS in, moving somewhere and having to rebuild the environment… purchasing furniture, getting to know the community, making new friends, getting to know the area. Some of you are spontaneously taking off somewhere unknown, as in having this desire to see where you end up. Feeling into where you belong. You may have a Fire sign placement in your chart as they relate to the Fool for august as well. I feel like some of you, even though this is a new energy, could be going back to something. Going back to a place where you grew up, going back to something you tried to accomplish before, only this time with new eyes, a new perspective, having no expectations for how things will turn out. You’re pretty much going with the flow. But you are definitely changing how you perceive things, how you’re going about your daily life. So this also ties into establishing a new routine in your day to day. This could be a mundane as taking a route that you’ve never taken before. You’re fearless about this new endeavor or undertaking. You’re ready and wiling to open up to a completely new experience. For a small portion of you, you’re opening up to a new relationship, or the possibility to a new connection. You may have been closed off before. As you’ve been working on opening up your heart chakra, you feel like the time has come to see what and who is out there. Once again, with no expectations.

 I see this Devil when I think about the truth of your relationships, that some of you were stuck on someone for a long time, or you were stuck in a relationship that you couldn’t get out of. You could have been stuck on a certain situation or something. Unable to move froward or away from it to focus on something new. If we look at this from a Career point of view, you felt obligated and stuck where you were at. Some of you could be choosing to quit your job. If this is the case, you worried for too long how you would pay your bills and if you would even find a new job, this held you in place for too long. You no longer can take the stress, the anxiety, so what happens is, one day it just clicks that no matter what happens you must leave where you’re at for your own sanity. Basically, whatever is happening in your particular world, you refuse to be trapped by circumstances, you refuse to be held by someone else’s desires or your own mind trap that keeps telling you that you can’t walk away. A switch will be flipped. A light turned on. Other’s have seen you as someone who has been trapped, some of you have been abused– either by your partner or by people in your work/school environment. Maybe even bullied. This has been going on for a very long time. Then there are a select few of you that have been seen as being addicted to someone or something, or having an addiction issue. I’m seeing you as someone who felt repressed in your situation and it wasn’t healthy for you whatsoever. So I am very proud that you will release yourself from whatever this is. The Devil is a Very HARD obstacle to overcome, and you are showing as the Fool… This is a whole new existence for you. Breaking free from the chains. Overcoming a negative cycle.

What is blocking you, other people. Isn’t that mostly always the case? For some of you it could literally be 4-5 other people who are constantly putting in their two cents on you, your life, your lifestyle, your desires. They may think that you “live in a cloud” and that you are lost. They may say things like “You’re crazy!” Now, this isn’t naturally about constant put downs, it’s more so about meddling, sticking their nose in your business, being annoying, definitely throwing obstacles in your path… you get ahead a bit, you feel good about it, then here one of them comes with something to say, or wanting you to put your attention to them or something they want you to do. Interruptions. There could be fierce competition for some of you. Especially in a workplace. Especially when it comes to something that you’re aiming for or trying to achieve. You may have to compete with others when it comes to gaining a new position or gaining the attention of another. This doesn’t necessarily anger you. You may even at first laugh about it, but they keep doing whatever this is and now it’s becoming frustrating. You will not give up.

You are asked to nurture yourself or to nurture what you’re building. TO put more effort into the groundwork of your situation. You’re building a new life or a type of new life in a certain sector in your life. This new area has the energy of becoming very successful, comfortable, Bringing complete satisfaction to your life. Aside form that, if you’re one who is becoming involved in a new relationship, you may be asked to nurture the other person, but not in the way where you’re reciting poetry to them, playing music for them, wooing them with communication about your future, or scaring them by coming on too strong… this is a process… it’s going to take dedication and determination over a period of time to attain it or attain them. You are asked to come off as an individual who has their life together, who is reliable and trusting, who has ambitions and goals. Whoever, you’re trying to form a connection with or for those attempting to get the attention or be chosen by a company for example, need to show these things as well. This is the time to be serious, but also in a soft way. Rough edges needs to fall away. Any combative energy that you have held onto needs to be released before getting to this place.

When we take a look at the internal you, we see that there is this type of flip flopping going on. I feel like this is brought on by your physical existence With what is going on around you.. Your emotions fluctuate.. Your thoughts may be conflicted. Unsure of where to put your attention to, what task to tackle first. Try to remain calm whenever and wherever you can. No matter how slow your situation moves, you are going to “roll with the punches” of what comes your way.

I’m hearing “Practice makes perfect”. The biggest thing right now for a lot of you is to practice grounding yourself. That’s also a major message when it comes to having so many pentacle cards. Each time you practice meditation, or any type of grounding work, it will become a habit in your life and it will help to keep you focused and productive on a daily basis. It will also help to lessen the burden of any issues that you may come in contact with. If you keep “at it” then it will become an embedded piece of your daily day and help for things to run much more smoothly. Those that already have a daily routine are surrounded by the energy of pure lightness… they have this sense of freeing up time because they are able to dedicate to what it most important until completion. There will be no more procrastination.

Your projected outcome shows you becoming someone who is extremely grounded. You went from the Fool (which is like a baby), worked through specific issues and ending up becoming a King. You have the King of Pentacles as your projected outcome for the month of August. This King sits on a throne of Abundance. He is very influential to the ones around him. Knowing this, you could end up being very influential to those around you. He is also someone that is extremely trusting, reliable, secure and Stable, he lives every day in a structured way. Getting up at 5am, working out for an hour, taking a shower, having breakfast, replying to clients, meditating, putting in several productive hours on what he is achieving, eating lunch, maybe playing racket ball, getting back to work, puts in more productive hours… this is how he lives every day. He mixes work with downtime, but he does it in such a way that keeps him going all day long. Because of this mixture it becomes very helpful with how he feels and thinks. The energy runs through him like infinity. It keeps the blood pumping strong, it keeps him spiritually fit, as well as physically fit, it keeps his mind working, learning, it keeps his emotions in check.

This King could also be someone that becomes helpful to you by the end of the month. They could be astrologically an Earth sign (Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo). This individual will exhibit the personality that I have already described. They are normally a Business owner, A C.E.O., A Manager, A Partner at a company. They are the Boss of their domains and within their careers. They have the ability to help you but only if what you have to offer proves beneficial in the long run. They won’t invest in someone unless they know that the individual is as reliable as they are. This could be why it is imperative that for some of you to meditate in order to gain a sense of stability in your own life. Even if you choose not to meditate, you are required to do whatever it takes to become more grounded. I feel like some of you have already been working on this.

Because I normally don’t like to end a reading with a Court Card… I felt guided to pull several more after this king… You received the 8 of Cups in reverse… which connects to what I was saying about going backwards and starting from zero. With the 8 of cups in reverse, we want to move away from this state of dissatisfaction but for some reason we cannot. It is like reconnecting with yourself. There is something stuck somewhere within you. For other’s there is something they must work on again that they may have left in the past. Then we have the page of cups in reverse. This is an emotional state that is out of balance. Hard to motivate. SO once again, this is about becoming productive… it’s very hard to get over this hurdle the longer that you are stuck here. The last card is the Knight of Pentacles… SO finally… You are able to with your own type of routine begin to get out of this hump. You will dedicate your time and attention to fixing your flaws. Working your way up to this King Status. Or at least gaining the attention of this King. Showing that you are strong minded and hard working.

Spirit animal

Aquarius – owl/lizard– Both of these spirit animals tap into psychic gifts. The Lizard has this 6th sense about them; hearing what is yet to be spoken and seeing what is yet to manifest. You may experience your energy becoming quite low around others through August. At times you may need to close yourself off from the world to get to your inner core and regain energy. Becoming the Owl will prove helpful in this situation as you pay more attention to your inner nudging’s when you must retreat, or even if you should be around certain individuals. You will just “know” exactly what to do when the time is right.

Gemini- tarantula/ octopus— both have 8 legs… and with these powerful legs they can consume as well as protect. With the main focus on the Octopus, you may be lacking in direction at this time. They could also be issues when it comes to maintaining and/or setting healthy boundaries with others. There is this energy of other’s either sticking their nose in your business or oversharing information. You are asked to be patient and firm with this person. Becoming like the Tarantula takes you to a crossroad in your life. This is where you must make a decision. You may be prioritizing your life or certain aspects of it. You may have a bad habit or routine that you must let go of. Refocusing your attention on what matters most will be helpful for you when it comes to choosing wisely.

Libra- crow/whale– Both Whales and Crows have an extensive memory. They can travel long distances and remember how to get back. These memories are imperative when it comes to finding home or what was once home. The whale speaks about the desire to delve deeper … researching ancient wisdom… finding the answers in order to overcome certain challenges. Every experience that you have been through, has made you become stronger. You have gotten to a point where you’ve learned so much that you have this amazing depth within you. What you have learned in the past will be very beneficial in a current situation that you find yourself in. Becoming like the crow will cause you to be watchful about what is going on around you. Observant. You will be able to combine the past, present and the future all at one time. Taking what you’ve learned, living this way in the present, in order to balance out your life for a better future to occur.

Runes: Raido

Communication, Agreement, Reconciliation, A Journey

This rune is about the communication, the mood of something that has two sides, two elements, and about a different reunion. This is about asking yourself- what is the right action.

warns against tricks and deceit. One’s life can take many twists and turns, and different directions. Life’s journey is represented by this rune. It tells you how your decisions can change your path. It also symbolizes the need to change oneself through a journey of self-awareness. You may have been stuck in stagnation, leading to a lack of change.

Oracle- Water Element & Pluto :Transformation

Pluto governs Renewal and Rebirth. It brings to the surface the things that have been hidden or are felt deep inside. This connects to the Water Element of Sensing. Water connects to our emotions and our intuition. Some things that are hidden could be painful to think about and/or confront… as well as possibly embarrassing. But these issues must be confronted, dealt with, and worked through. Pluto also speaks about the Unexpected. It is in connection with the Tower in the Tarot. What was once on a faulty foundation will crumble down to be rebuilt again. You are being given a clean slate in your life. What you choose to do with it and how you choose to react is up to you.

What comes next will be rejuvenating and healing! It’s time to be reborn.

Have a Wonderful August!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

Earth Element (Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo) August 2019

I’m seeing you either being hurt by someone, stuck in the middle maybe for others, There is painful discussions taking place here. For some of you it could be a situation in which you are either getting a divorce or breaking up. Keep in mind that I am reading for all three Earth signs, so this definitely won’t pertain to everybody. Some of you may find out that your spouse or partner has been cheating. This situation is mostly about what went wrong in a connection, possible arguing, trying to work through the issue, and attempting to gain answers as well as stability. It is as though things have been turned upside down. If you’re not in a romantic relationship, this could deal with a friend or two… a group of people you have connected with. Someone is getting hurt and feeling left out. 3rd person interference. Some of you may be the interference.

Looking at your cards the dominant number is 8. The Number for the 8th month! You received the 8 of cups, the 8 of pentacles and Strength, which is an 8.

You want to currently walk away from what is going on. The way that things have been going have been very dissatisfying. You are someone who works very hard to achieve what you want. You are seen as someone who puts in a shit tom of effort and time to either your career as well as your relationships. You’re not a quitter. You will work and work until what you are doing is perfected. The problem is that you may be so detail oriented that nothing ever seems to be perfect, this becomes like a never ending cycle of frustration. You have your Ups and your downs. On one end of the spectrum, you have your good moments where you can feel very proud of what you’ve done, but then your own scrutiny takes over and says “You could do a hell of  a lot better than that!!” and so you go backwards, to attempt a redo. As you criticize yourself others see you as someone who has come a long way and each time you come back you level up… you don’t fully see this. You’re so focused on your work, your goals, putting effort working on your relationships, that you don’t see what others see. They see you as someone they can rely on and trust. They see you as someone that can achieve anything. Very productive.

Trigger warning… I apologize… it’s a channeled message that came through… It may not pertain to all of you. Maybe this is someone you know instead.

I’m hearing “Power Hoarder” and I’m not sure what that is exactly. Now, people might not see you as that… but it could be what the guides are telling me some of you are. This could be someone who wants to do everything within their career, kind of like a know it all, but more so a do it all. “I do it ALL” Like taking bits and pieces of what others can do and making it part of your own. Does that make sense? You could be someone who likes to be the one in charge in your relationship or connections. The one in charge of a group. I had to look up this phrase because I have never heard of it before… so what it says is… and don’t shoot the messenger… “Power Hoarding is a similar dynamic and involves inflating one’s value or diminishing the value of others. Examples are: Sabotaging the performance results of other employees or other people. Giving assignments that are impossible to carry out successfully. Withholding credit or taking credit for others’ performance, work, research or ideas.” SO I was kind of on the level of what I thought it was. You know if you’re doing this. The universe sees you doing it. The Guides obviously see you’re doing it since they gave me that phrase. Lol Give credit where it’s due. You’re being observed by the unseen and they are tallying up your karmic debt as we speak. Even if you don’t believe in Karma, you will be exposed at one point. If this is going on in a relationship… one of you wants to be in charge at all times, maybe putting the other down periodically… this must be what the Emperor in Reverse is about. I saw that as I cut the deck. Moving along…

I’m seeing a Revelation of secrets. Revealing information. Here it is! Possibly blocking out your own intuition. Not listening to your own gut instinct. I’m hearing “This isn’t right.” So some of you may feel that in your own situation what is happening to you or what you are doing isn’t fair. There may be some guilt attached to it. Try not to be swayed by other’s opinions, by what other’s are doing, Try not to be swept up in another person’s drama so that you can stay focused on what you are currently doing and/or trying to achieve. There are some who appear to be caught up on the surface of an issue, or another person. Only seeing things on the outside. Only focusing on appearances. You are asked go into depth. Meaning, you need to get to the heart of the matter, to get to the core of the issue. Not all is as it appears to be. Go deeper. For an example, you may admire someone for whatever reason. To you they appear to be very confident, direct, intelligent, but deep inside they actually lack confidence at times, have fears, They are human after all.

What you are asked to do in order to overcome obstacles is to Change the dynamics if in a relationship, changing roles. Reassessing and altering the way you relate to each other. You could allow a relationship to change direction, or to alter the way that you relate to other people, or reassessing your role in regards to how you connect with another as well as restructuring the foundation from which it was initially built. The main message here is to be willing to work together, being open to change and allowing it happen rather than trying to maintain an old pattern, but not forcing anything. IN this way… by choosing to allow the flow, you’re still in control, you’ve made the choice, que sera sera. Honestly, what’s meant for you will come anyway. Believe in YOURSELF. Believe in your own power. But you also are asked to be as strong as you possibly can be during this time— I feel like you’re going through a major transition. Be strong in your resolve when it comes to tackling problems in order to work through them in the best way possible. Some believe that resolve is solely an intellectual process that it resides only in the mind. While it’s true that without the mind, resolve could not be activated, the real power of resolve is located much deeper than the mind. It resides in the intuition, in the heart, in the spirit and in every cell of our being.

Initially, when conducting your reading, and this has never happened before… I completely jumped over this question…. Looking at your blockage answers why… because it states — don’t be swayed by other’s opinions or by what they are doing. SO I guess you are not supposed to learn from the outside world… however, I pulled a card anyway… just to see what it says for you… Death came out. This instantly said to me “Nothing!! You’re not meant to learn by other’s at this time.” The overall energy for this particular card is the 6 of Pentacles in Reverse, which is about unfairness happening. The card behind the 6 of Pentacles is 10 of Swords– adds to 16/ the Tower… Unexpected event, breaking down of a false foundation that has been built over time, something that awakens you to the truth.. The 10 of swords is Yet another card speaking about the END, this is like a stop sign. 10 of Swords occurs when someone has been betrayed, when someone has been hurt SO BADLY by another or a situation that has led them to a feeling of a bottomless pit. Death and 6 of pentacles in reverse add to 19/ When I was cutting the deck for this pull I saw the Sun in reverse which is the number 19. Now I’m thinking about the movie “The Princess Bride” when they talk about the Pit of Despair– the secret dungeon where a torture device awaits it’s next victim. What a strange message. The tower is also an ending. Definitely a stop sign for this question. You are not to look to other’s or look at other’s experiences in this particular matter. You need to go internal, like the High priestess states. You need to find your own answers. To do your own work. No comparisons.

Your projected outcome for August deals with Straight and direct communication will take place. The King of Swords is astrologically an Air Sign (Aquarius, Gemini or Libra) — the personality of this person is Intelligent, a very strong communicator, They may appear to be cut off from their emotions, but they definitely are not inside… they just choose not to show it. Younger Air personality will have their ups and downs… at times showing off too much of their emotions and then cutting them off. Also, Younger Air personality can speak excessively about anything that comes to their minds. A king is the most mature energy in the Air Element… SO he/she has learned how to focus only on the details and not to become emotionally involved. The Magician is about Communication as well.. You also received within the oracle the cards- Gemini, that comes with the phrase “I Think”. As well as the card of Messages in the 3rd house. I will get to those after this. This individual, if they aren’t you, may quite possibly be specifically a Gemini that you need to have this conversation with. This King and the Magician add to 5…. The Hierophant. 5 is the number of challenges being brought on by other’s. 5 is also about Freedom and change 😉 It’s not all negative. But this is what you need to clarify and speak about…. Changes that need to be made, or a change that is taking place in your life. This could be with a Family member, a specific individual in a group (be it at a Church, a Synagogue, a gang even lol I’m speaking to a lot of people) A person who is in charge in some way, or in charge of something specific. This person could have a designated title. But I feel as though you really need to speak to them to lay down some guidelines. There is this sense of Unease about this. Some of you may want to leave this group or community of people, but you may feel as though you can’t just up and leave. I want you to know that, yes, you may be dealing with a strong power, but you as well are surrounded by this power with 3 8’s in your reading. You may have been practicing what you are going to verbalize to this person. Trying to get everything in order before hand. This King could also be a lawyer for some of you. King of Swords for me is a Lawyer, a Surgeon, a Judge, an Analyst. I’m just putting that out there. You will be conversing about a New beginning in your life.

Spirit animal that each sign will embody for August:

Capricorn- owl/ deer- When I look at these cards, the First thing that comes to me is that both of them are “paying attention”. The deer has this natural instinct to be on alert at all times, as it knows it is being hunted. Survival of the Fittest. The deer remains as grounded as possible so that nothing can throw them off balance, or dictate the course of their life. Trying to remain as gentle and compassionate as possible. You will embody the Owl, both are intuitive, when making decisions, so you will tap more into your own intuition in August.

Taurus- swan/ oyster- Both these cards are from the element of Water. The Oyster hides in it’s shell, as well as conceals a treasure within. ON the outside they may seem like nothing special, until they open up. AS you embody the Swan in August, I feel as though you will show what you’ve hidden, or you will reveal something about yourself or a situation that no one ever knew. The Swan is very elegant, Beautiful and Powerful. An inner voice is waiting to be heard, an inner vision is likely to be revealed.

Virgo- cosmic egg/ spider– Whenever I see a Spider, the symbolism tells me about weaving a type of web. Spiders also trap and cocoon sustenance for later. Some of you may be literally hoarding things at this time for later use. It could be anything. It could be Money, food, objects, documentations… whatever it is you feel a great natural desire to do this. Some of you are hiding these things. Looking at the snake on the cosmic egg, this snake also has it’s body wrapped around this egg. Attempting to cocoon it as well. Claiming it. You’re trying to get to the point where you feel content. Content in knowing you have it. You may feel lost without it. You are being guided by your Crown Chakra. You aim to feel secure and fulfilled in August.


Tiwaz: This is about Binding oaths. Binding commitments, contracts, whatever you have binded yourself to or are thinking about. A promise that is made under the right conditions and for honorable reasons, should, and indeed must, be kept. Marriage vows are a case in point.  its appearance denotes a bond that, once made, cannot be broken. This what some are you are trying to get out of. And it’s not simple. Some of you can’t get out of it at this time if ever depending upon what it is. Tiwaz is considered to be a aggressive masculine rune, showing that passions will run quite high because two strong-minded people will be involved. There is a danger of jealousy that is present for some of you. Other’s may have to sacrifice some thing major in their life for someone or something else. There is an energy here of Selfishness, dishonorable actions and turning one’s back on responsibilities. Be on the alert for that.

Oracle- Gemini (I think)- 3rd house (messages)

Gemini’s are of a dual nature. SO they may either have opposing Thoughts verses feelings., Be caught up between two people, two options, two paths. Normally, you’re already on one path, or with one of the people/options, but then you must consider something new. What to do, what to do? There seems to also be a type of “mirroring” aspect. Are you what you truly see in the mirror? Or are you mirroring someone else, or doing what you think other’s want of you? Are you paying attention to the details in your life? We already had two cards indicative of communication- The king of Swords and the Magician. Gemini is the card of communication. It is asking you to probe your own mind, to investigate your own thoughts, so again here we have not looking at or turning to other’s for a solution. What you communicate needs to be precise… and this is why some of you have been in preparation mode for this upcoming meeting or discussion. Falling into the 3rd house of Messages as your overall… You are informed that words hold great power. This reading is all clearly about WHAT you are trying to or going to communicate. It’s everywhere! Power itself is here with the 8’s. It will be the time to get your point across. Articulating concepts and thoughts into words… There is a need for some of you to uncover what you can and then to relay the messages. Some of you will be speaking your way into and out of situations. You wield the power to create your new Destiny through your words.

What a Heavy reading that was!!

Have a Wonderful August!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell