Soul Coaching

Hello Wicked Souls,

I am honored to have you reach out to me when it comes to your personal Soul Discovery. I have spent my entire life questioning the deeper aspects of myself and being able to pinpoint where certain fears have derived from and what has been going on with myself. I didn’t come from a family who could support and help to guide me. I have been through unexplainable experience after experience in my life trying to understand the why’s and the how’s. I have lived through a dark night of the soul experience on multiple occasions with no one to reach out to. I find it to be extremely important for others to have someone of whom can help them put the pieces together.

I take a laid back approach. You can eat during our sessions and just relax, As though we are two old friends hanging out. You can even be in your Pajamas if you so choose with no judgement from me. 😉 My sessions are all about helping your internal self. Your external holds no bearings on these sessions and how they go. I’ve always been one to look inside of the person and not focus so much on their appearance. I conduct my sessions in the way that makes you the most comfortable…. Via Whatsapp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Zoom or Google Hangout. These sessions will be made via appointment. When it comes to video sessions they are conducted During the daytime hours in between 10am-1pm. Messenger sessions are more open and can be made from 10am-1pm or 5pm-10pm. Each Session lasts 1 hour.

The first session is what I refer to as our Pinpointing session, This is where I will get to know you and feel your energy. During this session I will begin to formulate a personal plan for you. For most of my clients, I will not only pinpoint your fears, but I will also take you on a journey to meet your guides, to see what part of your life they are helping you with. Meeting your guides is normally conducted on the 3rd-4th session. But can be a lot sooner depending upon where you are on your personal development. Journeys are the most frustrating part of the process. At first, you may feel like the hour session was pointless (I speak from personal experience), It honestly feels like you’re the one doing all of the work while I am just sitting there. The Journey’s DO REQUIRE video sessions, as trying to attempt these on messenger aren’t best. I will be your Guide through these and help you when needed. During the Journey’s you will need to make sure you are in a quiet space and will not be interrupted. These are along the lines of Meditation and hypnotherapy.

We will figure out what gifts you have and how to work with them. If there is a particular divination tool that you’re meant to work with or feel guided to, I will teach you on that specific tool. We will help to remove the blockages that you have in any area of your life.

This message is to give you an example of what you could expect. Each Soul is different and requires sessions more tailored to YOU.

If you’re interested or have any questions feel free to reach out on the Contacts Tab. In the Subject Line – Soul Coaching.

I look forward to hearing from and helping you!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell