April Energy Through the Elements.

Welcome to April! I meant to put this out by the end of March, but I’ve been extremely busy! The Readings begin with the Water Element, then Fire, Air, and Earth. You can read for your Moon and Ascendant as well as Read all 3 Oracle messages within your element. You may also want to go a bit deeper and find out about your Vedic Sun, Moon, and Rising. Though your Western Sun sign does not change for all, it changes for most. I have personally come to find that my Vedic Moon is much more relatable than any of them. Vedic Astrology goes much deeper than Western ever could.

Water Element (Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio)

As I was shuffling the deck I got the feeling that you are still going through a specific issue. The same issue in which you felt you wanted to be heard. You want this issue to move on so that YOU can move on. I flipped the middle card and Judgment is there, along with 4 of Swords and Death. Your overall energy is Knight of Swords. Validation! For some of you, it may have felt as though you had shackles placed upon you. You couldn’t break free due to some sense of obligation, responsibility, or even accountability. The issue has been in a “holding” stage. Nothing has been moving forward. For a lot of you, it hasn’t been able to move forward due to other obstacles. I’m seeing you as though you’ve been in a state of mental turbulence… it’s almost as though you’ve been placed in a metaphorical time out to sort through your own thoughts on the matter. A small portion of you have been physically/emotionally healing from a sickness.  Death in this position is showing you not being able to move on. There are loose ends, a lack of closure or you need to “go back” to a specific place, a specific person, have something re-evaluated. It could be the issue itself that needs to be reconsidered.  The Knight Of Swords if a person is an Air Sign (Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra), but I feel for most of you it is the energy of this card that is most important. This Knight brings in the quickest change of all the knights (in my opinion). This Knight has the energy of Fighting, the energy of going off on another individual without thinking about the consequences. I peeked behind him and saw the Tower. A shocking incident, revelation, and explosion. It could be the emotions of the individual that triggered this knight, the issue itself that has the person flipping out. Some of you may shock someone with what you have to say or what you do and it causes them to become instantly on the defensive.  There is Impatience and Impulsiveness happening here. Your cards add to 4/2/4=10/1. The Knight is also a 2, bringing this to 4/2/4/2=12/3. 12 is the holding pattern you’ve been in, whereas the 3 is the growth you’ve been going through spiritually. 2 is the decisions being made, towards creating a balance in your situation (4). 10 calls in change. 1 is your new beginning.

Pisces: Buffalo.  The Buffalo derives from the Earth Element. Your situation could involve a Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo. I see you sitting in silence sometimes taking deep breaths. You have to take time to be alone in order to sort out and work through your emotions and thoughts. You need to take deep breaths so that you won’t argue and fight. It’s almost as though you find yourself biting your tongue often. The lightning bolts behind the buffalo correlate with the problems that you’re facing. Buffalo’s message is about seeing challenges, hardship, or a bump in the road as an opportunity. The Buffalo does not fear death, illness, or misfortune. You are asked to trust that the situation will work out in the end. Keywords: Grounded yet Heavenly, Practical yet spiritual.

Cancer: Cosmic Egg. The Cosmic Egg derives from Spirit. I love this card as it pictures a Snake protecting its egg. Snakes are about Transformation in your life. You are protected at this time during a transition in your own life. You may also be protecting yourself in some way during this time. There may be a secret you are keeping close to your chest in order to get what you want. The number 3 could be important to you. It could be 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, or even 3 years. The message of the Cosmic Egg speaks about the unfolding of cosmic consciousness. This is the last card in the deck. This is your finale for the specific situation that you’ve been working through or waiting on. You have been through a period in your life where you may have felt alone, felt as though you’d “never get there”, as though any effort you have made has fallen upon deaf ears. This specific part of your journey has been a lesson, and it has helped to make you stronger. Keywords: Completion, Harmony, The Infinite within the finite.

Otter. The Otter derives from the Water Element. Your situation could involve another Water Sign. At first glance, it seems as though this Otter is either “Under a microscope” or being watched through a telescope or binoculars. This tells me that some of you have been under scrutiny. Being watched very closely in case you “mess up” or someone is attempting to find out information about you. You may feel as though you stand out like a sore thumb amongst the crowd. As though you don’t fit in. The message of the otter speaks about imagining your life without the presence of doubt, worry, or skepticism. Otters are playful like a child. They remind me of the Fool energy. Remind yourself of what it was like to see everything from the view of a child. Everything was new, with no prior experience, with no fear to be had. You were in a phase of discovery, and your curiousness ruled more than fear. Keywords: Unobstructed Joy, Playfulness, Contentment.

Fire Element (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)

As I began shuffling the cards the song, “Don’t you want me” by human league came into my head. Cutting the Deck I caught the 5 of cups. The 5 of cups is speaking about regrets and focusing only on what went wrong. That is changing as you will begin to be able to move on. Flipping the middle card of the 3, I see the 8 of cups. Which again, is about moving on. Validation! 🙂 All 3 of your cards here are CUPS…. You’ve been completely stuck within the emotional realm. Your cards are: 4 of Cups/ 8 of Cups/ 7 of Cups. Overall energy is 2 of Pentacles. Some of you may feel as though you haven’t been accepted by another/others in your life. Possibly thrown to the side like you don’t matter. You’ve been slowly working through this pain. Focusing on what certain people or a person in your life haven’t been showing you or doing for you. You may feel as though you haven’t been given the same treatment as others. This has caused you to not look at /care about the nice things someone else has done for you or the good connections that you DO have in your life. For some of you, this is in regards to a specific relationship in your life that has or will end. I’m seeing you picking up the pieces of your life/situation, and heading towards positivity. I’m seeing that you went through a period of extremely low energy. Possibly depression. Any attention given to you at this time was met with apathy. You were unmoved most of the time. You couldn’t see the good in what they (Friends, Family, a New person) were presented to you. You’ve been hurt very badly. When you do begin to move on you will see and be open to the many options that you have before you. I feel as though you will have SO many options that it can be confusing to pick just one. In other words, if your situation involved a friend, you will have many offers to hang out with new people. If it involved a romantic relationship, you will have more than one person who wants to date you. I don’t think this relates to a Job, but if yours does, then you will have a few job offers coming up for you. These people DO see what you’re worth and want to build with you. You will no longer be taken for granted. The overall energy of the 2 of pentacles speaks about juggling a couple options in your life. This is also a decision-making process. Your cards add to 19/10=1 and 2. It’s time to begin again.

Aries: Dragonfly. The Dragonfly derives from the Air Element. Aquarius Gemini and Libra. The dragonfly waits patiently. It looks as though it is trying to protect something, or it has its eyes on a certain situation or someone specific. It rests upon the color blue which tells me that your emotions are involved. You don’t know whether to say something or to keep silent. You just watch and wait for your moment, if it ever arrives. The message of the dragonfly is a symbol of the mind. It speaks about how your mind is moving, shifting, and changing continually through this process. You are asked to consider whether your perception is correct or if it’s a false narrative causing more of an issue. Sometimes our emotions can cloud our judgment, so it’s best to take a moment before speaking. It is within the calm mind that the light of wisdom can shine through. Keywords: master of light, illusion, and the mind.

Leo: Stingray. The Stingray derives from the water element. Your situation could involve a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio. My eyes were instantly guided to the Chakras on the Stingray. A small portion of you could be learning this system at this time. I believe you are asked to balance them. You can balance them with meditation and calming music. You need to take time to get away from your situation and/or others in order to bring about this balance. This is not you being selfish, this is you attempting to bring yourself up and out of this heaviness in order to be the best version of yourself. This is when you will take back your own power and be of better service to others. YOU need to put yourself first in order to do this. The message of the Stingray represents a pivotal point in personal growth. This is the moment when you must decide between the old (easy, comfortable, and familiar), and the new (challenging. Uncomfortable. and unfamiliar). Pressure from family and friends makes the decision even more complicated. No matter what choice is made now, it’s inevitable that this dilemma will surface again and again until you do what needs to be done. Keywords: developing confidence, sense of self, or “Spine”. Put your foot down.

Sagittarius: Frog. The Frog derives from the Water element. Your situation could involve a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio. This frog is unwavering, with its eyes wide open. As raindrops pour upon them. It is reminiscent of feeling numb. It is raining and yet you don’t seek shelter. You allow it to keep pouring over you causing you to become drenched. This is also about your emotions. They have become SO heavy that you’ve become blind and stuck. Your eyes are wide open, certainly, but can you see through the torrential rain of emotion? I feel like some of you are punishing yourself over what has transpired. You may not even realize that you’re doing this. The Message of the Frog is about practicing self-care. “The frog spends its first months of life entirely within this healing element, and then emerges to rest on land. Frogs tend to become overworked and undernourished, so it’s vital that such sensitive creatures practice self-care. This card serves as a reminder that water helps us cleanse, forgive, and release. Time to dive in. Frogs aren’t meant to carry a heavy load.” Keywords: Clearing, Cleansing, Healing.

Air Element (Aquarius, Gemini & Libra)

As I was tuning in while shuffling there was this powerful and direct energy hitting me. Then I visualized a person standing strong against adversity. It’s as though you’re a brick wall.. nothing and No one can take you down. You will stand there as things are thrown at you. You will not back down. AS I cut the deck I spotted the 7 of Wands… which is about standing strong through challenges brought on by others. Flipping the middle card I see the 5 of Cups. Then you have two people. The Queen of Swords (which could be you) and the Queen of Wands. Both are At odds with each other. The Queen of Wands astrologically is a Fire Sign (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius). For a small portion of you, they will have one of these signs in their chart but for most of you, their character will act like this Queen. Normally, this individual could be passionate, inspiring, and protective but for some reason, they show up as Manipulative, possibly angry, energetically draining, and selfish. I’ll just go full-on and say they are being a bitch or a vindictive a-hole. This is causing you to become completely closed off to them, critical of them, bitter at them and you could even turn to be cruel towards them. But hey, I’m not judging. It’s obvious that they did something wrong to you. Which is the 5 of Cups in the middle. There are regrets, guilty feelings, and the inability to move on from what has occurred. I feel as though most of what was done was by the other person. You want to completely cut them out of your life. Overall energy is yet ANOTHER person showing up- Queen of Pentacles. Now, you have 3 Queens. This Queen is astrologically an Earth Sign (Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo). I feel as though this is the overall energy like it is supposed to be and not a person… though this could be an Earth sign Mediator for some of you. The one in between that helps the two of you work out your issues and solve the problem amicably. There were definitely sneaking things happening behind the scenes. For some of you, I feel as though you have been stolen from or even cheated on. YOU could even be the person in the middle of two people who are at odds. You have to help the one who has been wronged to work through the issue with the other, no matter the outcome, in order for them to move from this state of tension and animosity. Your cards add to 5/3/3=11. 11 is Justice, and like Justice, like the Judge who sits in their chair to hear both sides of the party, you must take your emotions out of the equation in order to find the answer. Justice is also about getting what one deserves, for good or bad. Karma.

Aquarius: Hawk. The hawk derives from the air element. This hawk is seen as flying over the issue. Being able to see all perspectives. Behind them is this powerful and fiery energy that is guiding them. This makes me think of the Aries New Moon we just had. Mars is ruled by Aries and it’s the warrior planet. They seem to be very free and determined. I see this hawk as though it is quieting people or a person around them. either so they can hear what is being said, or so that they can remain incognito. The message of the Hawk states “the hawk watches our every move. This keen-eyed bird has the ability to see every little detail as well as the bigger picture. When this card appears, fate has its eyes on you, and the winds are shifting. It is said that the hawk carries news upon its wings and is sent from divinity itself to deliver it. The message should not be taken lightly… though it may seem small or insignificant, it will eventually redirect your course. Keywords:  watchful, all-seeing, messenger of divinity.

Gemini: Butterfly. The butterflies derive from the air element. My eyes are guided to the colors of the wings. We have Blue (Water) and Orange (Fire). Transforming through your actions. Emotional rollercoaster. You are no longer in a cocoon as your wings have been freed. I believe this message I am getting is telling me that a lot of you were in a position where you felt stuck, but you have gotten yourself out of that. You are still dealing with a bit of turmoil and aftermath. It feels as though your emotions are more dominant than the actions you’re taking. In other words, it’s your emotions at times that can stop your progress. If something isn’t going your way or going smoothly you can get so upset that you want to give up. The good news is that most of you haven’t and won’t give up. The message of the Butterfly comes during a period of transition. This state’s that air is the element of the heart, this change usually involves relationships or whatever you love. If you love your job, perhaps your career is in a state of transition. Since transition is accompanied by some amount of discomfort, be extra patient and kind during this time. Let solid friends and activities support you like a ” cocoon ” committing to one daily routine done at the same place and time will do wonders for lifting your spirit . For example,  If you like to meditate, then meditate at 7pm every night. Or meditate at 7 pm every Tuesday. The structure is key. Keywords: Undergoing great change and transformation.

Libra: Lizard. The Lizard derives from the Earth Element. There’s that Queen of Pentacles! Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo. The lizard likes to mold themselves to their environment. They like to remain private and anonymous. Without seeing the symbolism in the card right now my eyes went to the fact that I am reading for Libra, how the queen of pentacles was the card of the mediator, justice in the reading. What are libra’s known best for? Seeing things from all perspectives, being the peacemaker amongst their friends and family. Analyzing everything before giving their opinion. You are definitely the lizard. You wish to immerse yourself in the situation. To feel each side, to know each side. You seek liberty and justice for all. I felt that as I was seeing the color merge from yellow to red. Yellow is enlightenment, though the negative side of it speaks of betrayal. Enlightenment through the betrayal. Now, the Lizard asks, “What’s next??”, as it taps its foot. The Message of the Lizard speaks about having Sixth Sense. It is an expert in the realm of sensory perception. The lizard hears what is yet to be spoken, and sees what is yet to manifest. You are asked to take a step back during this time and regroup. Keywords: Instinctual, Sensitive to the subtle, Dreamer.

Earth Element (Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo)

As I was shuffling I kept hearing, “Be Gone!!”. Then I heard, “Wish you well.” Which led to me the song, “Not enough” by Our Lady Peace. Cutting the deck I spotted the 6 of Cups. This card is about childhood memories (Old memories that don’t have to be about childhood), and people from the past or those we have known for a very long time. Someone could have come back into your life from the past, pushing you to feel as though you no longer want them in your life or you don’t need them there. Flipping the middle card, I see the Page of Pentacles. This is a Message coming to you. Astrologically this page is your element. So, It could be you sending this message to another. The page is facing the 6 of Pentacles. The other card behind the page is the Hanged Man. Your overall energy is the Ace of Wands. The Hanged Man is the main energy here. It is a period of nothing happening. A complete and total standstill in your situation. Things are just left there to simmer. As the issue simmers you may have felt as though there was nothing you could do. At times, you have felt the situation was hopeless. You have either become the martyr or felt like one. You had to make sacrifices that you otherwise wouldn’t have. I feel like a lot of you had to look beyond yourself and think about others involved. A selfless act. The Hanged Man phase is coming to an end. You have spent all of this time evaluating your circumstances and possibly the people involved. It hasn’t been easy, but you’re able to better understand the solution you’ve been seeking. Through trial and error, it has come down to this. You’re staring at the 6 of pentacles, so that tells me you’re trying to be fair in this situation, but you don’t want to give more than what you get back. You don’t want to put a lot of effort into someone or something that throws you crumbs. The 6 of Pentacles is a charitable card. This is the minor related to the Major Justice. Who deserves what? What is fair? What is right? I feel like some of you are willing to give another a second chance. To see if things will change for the better this time. Because Pentacles do relate to career and money most of the time, I will also say that this is about a career for some of you. You will be given a job offer or a promotion in your chosen field. You could have been waiting for this for a long time. Watching your boss pass you up time and time again, giving the rewards to others. There is an acceptance letter when it comes to loans or documents as well. Keep your eyes peeled. 😉 Your cards add to…. Page is a 1, and the Ace is a 1… You have two beginnings here. One is Solid that you can build upon, and the other comes in quite quickly. It’s exciting!! 6 & 3. 19/10/1. There are two paths you can take. One is what you think is right and the other is what you feel is right. You always should choose what you feel is right.

Capricorn: Rabbit. The Rabbit derives from the Earth Element. Every time I see this rabbit I think about being on alert. Being READY for what comes. It’s possible that some of you have been gridding your teeth and putting tension on your jaw. There’s this energy of being on edge. Stress is taking its toll. Even though this rabbit appears to be still, so that they go unnoticed, I am sensing restless energy. You may have been shaking your leg more than normal lately, tapping your fingers, and not being able to keep still for very long. You want whatever it is to just HAPPEN already!!! I can’t stress that enough. Looking at the Rabbit’s ears… you’re awaiting news… word of something. The Rabbit’s message is to Be careful what you manifest. When you talk or think about something specific repeatedly make sure it is positive. This tells me what you have been thinking about most is coming about soon enough. Try not to think the worst of an issue. You have been shaping your own destiny. Keywords: Afraid of everything, Overwhelmed, Frozen.

Taurus: Elk. The elk derives from the Earth Element. Broaden your horizons. There’s an immense amount of power surrounding this elk. I’m seeing him as looking toward the future. Rising above all and any difficulty. It’s as though you’re being pulled out of a vortex. At some point, this vortex will seem so far away, as you look back on that time, content in knowing that you’re protected from ever being trapped within its grasp. The message of the elk provides underlying support and stability through life’s many changes.  You will establish yourself and know your core values.  You have and will become known and respected for acting in ways that uphold these values. Be mindful of your ego, as it will become inflated at times. Your father could play some kind of role in your situation.  Keywords: Stable, Resilient, Headstrong, the Father.

Virgo: Bear. The Bear derives from the Earth Element.  Whenever I see the bear it reminds me of great protection.  It has motherly energy. Your own mother or mother figure could have your back at this time. My eyes are being guided to the coloring near the bear’s chest which speaks about issues or sadness that you have endured. With the Sun powerfully shining above this tells me that you either are or will be coming out of this period. It may just take some time for you to notice. You’re in this merging period. Things may seem a bit calmer than usual before it gets better. It appears that you’re keeping most if not all of your feelings to yourself. The message of the Bear represents you being on the cusp of a new direction and personal transformation. Spring is the time that your situation changes for the better. Keywords: waking from Spiritual Slumber, Beginning  Anew.

May you all have a wonderful April!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell