October Fire Element (Aries- Leo- Sagittarius)

Greetings, Wicked Souls! Sorry, I’ve been M.I.A., as I’ve been in intense study and then I became sick after 3 years of not even a sniffle! I surmise the study played a role in that one! It’s all for a very good purpose! Here is the October Reading for the Fire Element. Please be patient as I conduct the others next. Hopefully, I can get them all out this week. As always, make sure to read your Rising and Moon.

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All Signs since the New Moon in Libra on September 28th, have been gathering the courage to Make a New Important step in their lives.  You are faced with giving up old behaviors/ bad habits and things in order to find the courage to make this next life step. This will open up energy for new opportunities to present themselves. If you have already allowed yourself to let go, you may be experiencing these opportunities right now. There is a “Driving force” that is felt behind the scenes. This has actually been happening for everyone all through 2019. It feels as though there is a story unfolding.

Transits Per Sign:

  • Aries: Choices, balance, and weighing your options in connections and relationships. Since the New moon and throughout October, you will have to be on the look out for enemies coming out of hiding. Some of them you may already know. This is the time that they will attempt to communicate with you, spread rumors or announce their presence (If you don’t know about them.) Not to worry though, as you will have the upper hand in the situation as long as you remain calm and refuse to lower yourself to their level. Stand your ground. On the Plus side, this is a time within your current relationships where you will compromise and attempt to fix whatever isn’t working. New relationships can be formed during this time, both professionally as well as romantically (if you’re single).¬† Within your career, there will be someone of influence who could come into your life at this time to either form a business partnership, promote you or/and your work, as well as help you start a new business venture. You may even find yourself attracted to this individual as they will appear to be “the other side of you, The missing link.” You may find yourself attracted to an individual who lives their life as your shadow self. What you have kept hidden, they reveal to the world– as so you’ll feel complete. If you’re in a relationship where things aren’t going well and you can’t seem to come to an agreement, you may feel inclined to look elsewhere and possibly have an affair. This can also be where enemies may arise out of the blue. There may be issues especially with Female’s or Feminine individuals (Water and Earth Signs). For those that don’t know those Astrological signs are- Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. Whatever the outcome, make sure that you come out of it with dignity and respect.
  • Leo: You will feel like communicating your emotions and thoughts to the closest people (or a specific individual) in your life in October. Whatever you’ve held back out of that Lion’s pride of yours is COMING OUT!! ūüôā You’re usually a very confident individual, so it’s not as though you didn’t have the courage to begin with, you just needed to work through a plan in your mind or to sense when the time was right. Now is that time! The individual you speak to may have a bit of a shock, surprise, by what you reveal, but you can finally allow that piece of the puzzle to be placed in order to move on. You may notice that your words become like magic, as you speak people do what is asked of them or respond to you in such a way, it seems too easy. You will turn on the charm and hypnotize them. For people that you’ve had issues with, your presence alone will dominate and intimidate that they will be hushed into silence. You have the ability to create very strong emotional bonds at this time. People from your childhood or your past will come around during this time, as well as you connecting with them to rehash the past and possibly meet up.¬† A magnificent exchange of ideas with others will be prominent and set the course for your future.
  • Sagittarius: You aim to form harmonious friendships at this time and will play the “peace maker”. You may be involved in mediating between two friends this month to settle an argument. You will also make a new friend that shares the same interest as you. They me even be unusual or different from the types of people you normally would surround yourself with. If you are to meet a romantic partner that feels like a good match, you may want to wait it out before committing or dedicating your eyes only on them. This is a very sociable time for you, as you’ll be invited to many events and surrounded by different groups of friends. Even a few you may not have seen in a while. Turning to Social networks or networking within itself will prove to be highly beneficial when it comes to support and getting your ideas out there.

Collective Fire Element Intuitive Tarot:

You’ve been sticking up for yourself all the while putting your foot down. You know what you want and what you don’t want. You may not know all of the details for how things will pan out, but one thing that is for certain is your feelings on the matter. If someone tries to throw their opinions and beliefs upon you, you feel inclined to stick to your own. There may be occurrences where things done in the past are brought up at this time (they may be embarrassing or shameful things– secrets you didn’t want out or have long wanted to forget) Most of the time, you feel as though you don’t have to justify the why of your decision or belief, but other times it is as though you can’t get out of explaining your side to the story. In a sense, you’ve already “won”, and there may be certain individuals that don’t agree or like that you’ve “won” in some way, shape or form. You worked very hard to get to where you’re at. Being in your position takes a lot of energy out of you, but you’ll continue to stick up for yourself for as long as possible before you allow them to bring you back down. You remain under pressure. Make sure to have a game plan, as I’m also seeing many demands being placed upon you.

I’m seeing your energy as Balanced and Compromising. You appear to others as a very stable individual. And this may be why, they want to knock you down. They have their own personal issues that they are not facing and think that by placing them upon you or focusing on you, they can forget their own faults or put the negative attention onto you instead. Some of you appear to “Have it all” to this other person and it nags at them. You are fully focused on your Home life (The people you live with) or on you career/hobby (what inspires you). I feel as though this individual is jealous for some reason. Afraid of losing you completely. Wanting you to pay more attention to them or to give them some of your time. The energy is as though your happily in your home and don’t realize that this individual is watching you, seething, wanting to get “inside”. They may want to know what’s going on in your life and/or to be included, but you don’t want to or you absolutely refuse to include them. Some of you may not even realize that there is this person who longs to be involved in your life. Some of you may be moving to a new home and even possibly a new territory altogether, be it moving to a different state or country.

You have the Queen of Swords as a Blockage. This could be an individual for a lot of you. Astrologically, this person is an Air Sign (Aquarius, Gemini or Libra).  The Personality of this individual sticks straight to the facts. Determines an outcome through use of logic instead of emotions. They could be divorced, or have been through this specific scenario themselves that they can be of great advice as well as rational support for you. It may be that it is this individual who has the upper hand in your specific situation. Maybe it’s your mother or mother in law. When it comes to you, You need to become like this Queen and stand up for your rights more so than ever. Try not to allow your emotions to cloud your judgment or spiral your emotions out of control when confronting another individual. Remain Calm and Just.

You are being asked to communicate your truth. This goes along with the Queen of Swords. If you are required to give a “yes” or “no” answer, then do so. You do not need to give a bunch a details along with your answer if you don’t want to. At times, depending upon your situation, you may want to hold back from details as they could be held against you later. This Ace gifts you a new opportunity– Verbally and Mentally. Allow yourself to become excited about this new phase in your life. Take the opportunity coming to you. Allow yourself to become inspired. Go back to when you were younger and look at your life from a fresh perspective. What was it that you really wanted to do, who did you want to become? I’m seeing you daydreaming about all of the possibilities– go back to that place. You can bring one of those dreams to your reality. It is required to plan your next steps. If you fear losing and allow it to stop you, then you’ll never know what could be. Forward movement WILL bring you success. I’m seeing you releasing all of the excess weight and baggage that you have carried around. You will also release what/whom holds you back.

Spirit Animal October Per Sign:

Aries: Firefly/Starfish- This combination says to me, “Remain Grounded as you go after your dreams.” The Firefly is about a moment of Inspiration or an awakening that quickly fades. The Starfish speaks about a dream that you may have put to the side to please someone else. It’s time to go after that dream the moment you feel inspired to do so.

Leo: Owl/ Mouse- This combination is Ironic‚Ķ One is the prey; the other is the hunter. Your overall energy is the Mouse (Prey), but because of that you are to become the Owl (Hunter). It’s time to turn the tables on someone else or your situation as a whole. You can pretend you don‚Äôt notice them or that you don’t seem to care what someone else may be doing to try to ruin your reputation. Surprise them with what you know.

Sagittarius: Golden egg/ Zebra- Some of you may hear from an old lover or friend, when it comes to this Golden egg. This is the birthing process of what’s to come. Listen closely to what they have to say. But also make sure to ask them a question that has remained heavy in your mind and heart. Clear the air. The Zebra is someone who is eccentric; with contagious energy. You may be about to travel when it comes to this other person, or they will be traveling to you. This has a very intriguing feel to it. You may not be able to resist the offer to meet up.

Power Sigils for October:

Aries- Healing- True healing of the mind, body and soul. Insight- Opens the third eye… so, Aries, will be able to heal once they are given insight into a situation.

Leo: Successful Career- A happy working environment, Pay raise & Promotion. Spirit- Heavenly assistance from your Guides.

Sagittarius: Protection- Strong protective magic for the family and the home. Perseverance- The Motivation to keep going despite the odds.

Collective Black Moon Oracle Message: Saturn Return- Age/ 5th House‚Ķ The Sign of Leo has a home in the 5th House. This is also the house of Entertainment, Love and Pleasure. Adding a Saturn Return to this‚Ķ. The first thing that comes to mind is something from your past that is revisiting dealing with amusement‚Ķ so it is something or someone that brought these to your life. This is something you loved to do that brought you pleasure. I am seeing this with the Tarot already. With Saturn placed in this house— this will be more of a lesson. You have been redefining who you are and restructuring your life and/or sense of self. You will begin showing this new form to others. They may be taken back by the new you, good or bad. If you have children, they present heavy burdens at this time. You may experience an emotionally intense encounter with another that will become positive spiritual growth. Anything created during this month through hard work will produce the desired results.

We are given a Saturn return 3, sometimes 4 times (if you live beyond 100) in our lives. Each are pivotal turning points. The first one comes to us in between 27-30 years old. If you want to pinpoint the exact age you will be when this occurs personally for you, then run a chart over on Astro.com. If you’re older than 30, think back to what occurred at this time in your life. What were you doing as a career, who did you meet at that time in your life, what possible life changing offers were made to you? Did you turn away from anything? It’s also possible that this is when a Twin Flame is met. So, if you’re under 27, and you wonder when it will happen‚Ķ just look to this time frame. For those of you that are in between 27-30 and 58-60 (This is when your Second Saturn Return occurs), this is a major point in your life where you can change how you’re living or what you’re doing, if you don’t like how things are currently going. If you shy away from it on your first return, you will be giving another opportunity on your second, but after that, if you still choose not to change anything then your life will pretty much become crystallized into what you have chosen. That’s not to say that you cannot decide for your own self to change an aspect of your life but it won’t be as prominent. If you took the opportunity in between 27-30, then you will continue to build upon it as your second return comes about.

On a wider scale, since most of you reading this won’t be in between these age brackets, You can look at this as Something or someone coming back to meet up again, to see how far you’ve come, share memories, life experiences, catch up. A lot of you will see much progress being made when it comes to Romance, Children and creative projects that you will begin.

Halloween Oracle: Skull of Light- Illumination.

“We can stay in the dark

Exist only in the midnight hours

But shining the torch

The victory is ours.”

“Taking the time to know Thyself and to seek understanding of our more destructive or shadow natures can lead to huge happiness and less anxiety. It is time to open yourself fully to the clarity of illumination. Allow yourself to be seen, to see and act upon what is shown to you. The time has passed for hiding, for pretending and for swallowing our discomfort by accepting the status quo when it really doesn’t suit us.”

Do not delay this next phase in your life out of fear.

Have a Wonderful October!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

Stop Selling Your Soul (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius- August 2019)

Tarot of Dreams- Success comes in the end.

You’ve been “selling your soul” up until now. Your Main issues surround your family, the family home, childhood, the past or memories. You will deal with these issues head on instead of allowing them to fester any longer. It has been energy draining and soul sucking enough. You must free yourself. Yes, there’s been something long term going on that has caused periods of disappointment, regret and grief. I believe the regret would come more so from allowing whatever this is to continue for so long. Holding your tongue is not an option anymore. Or preventing yourself from BECOMING much more is coming to an end.

To other people it will seem like you’re walking away from a fire. You are coming into this new moon as the Tower. There are some of you that may start drama or chaos around you within your immediate enviornment that will spiral outward onto extended family members or friends, colleagues. . It’s not that you want to start this own fire of yours, I mean, a small portion of you might,  But it’s really because You have either had an epiphany or you’re fed up with the way that you’ve been living or treated by others. You’re sick of the situation as a whole. You will see everything and everyone for what it truly is. And it is causing you to either explode or voice your opinions on the matter once and for all before finally walking away. It may not even be you that explodes with anger in this situation, it may be certain people around you that don’t like what you have to say. Your own sense of explosion could be just allowing your thoughts and feelings to come forth instead of holding them in. Thoughts and emotions that have been building up over time causing a volcanic like eruption. For those that detest drama, this has been one of the hardest things to keep to yourself and experience. Though you’ve been growing through this in a very tremdously way!! Becoming stronger as a human being, as a Soul as you find out and begin to stick to your own belief system. You don’t want to cause a rift but the whole time you kept it to yourself, you felt sick. Either with physical ailments, or negative thoughts. Also showing up as periods of low self worth. There is definitely a breakthrough coming to you guys in August. This could be aided through the power of The New Moon in Leo which gives you intense courage to break through barriers. Whatever has been unhealthy within your life is about to “meet it’s maker.”

You are ready for something entirely new! You will be fearless in your pursuit. Other’s may try to warn you or scold your choice, but you won’t allow them entry into your own bubble of beginning. I’m seeing you going about your business as eyes are in Awe of you. “What is she/he doing?? What will they do next?? Have they thought this through?!?” For those reading about a Fire sign in their life you need to know that YES‚Ķ most of them have thought this through for the past several months, if not years. These Fire Signs have dug DEEPLY into themselves and the situation, looking at it from every angle, pondering, stressing out, possibly encountering moments of sadness, moments of discouragement, moments of trepidation‚Ķ but the feeling that drives them the most in this situation that they will face— What drives YOU Fire signs the most‚Ķ is FREEDOM. Plain and simple. The glimpse you are or will be given at what life could be like or what life will feel like once this is conquered and put to rest is such a powerful release that brings instant joy. A massive weight slips off your shoulders. That’s the energy that I’m feeling. It’s like after battle, you release and drop your armor.

I’m seeing that what is or has been preventing this change is the fact that you have had to be the one to juggle multiple tasks, multiple projects, multiple personalities even (I’m not speaking about having a disorder, though some of you could have one– No shame in that!) What I mean is putting on a fa√ßade for people. Or dulling your own light, your own abilities, your own strengths, whatever truly makes you YOU, you may not have been showing it off 100 percent. You may have shown yourself as doing well and happy, meanwhile you weren’t. Telling other’s that everything is Great when it’s truly not.  Some of you have been very caught up in the day to day life, as though you don’t have time for yourself or can catch a breather. There are things that may have been more important to tend to that took up your time, as well as your own energy. Low energy leads to not being able to focus on what you truly want. It’s very frustrating when you stop and think about it. Then you can end up getting angry at the ones who you feel take up the most energy and time from you.

Your advice‚Ķ. Is to Try to have a positive outlook and celebrate what  you’ve accomplished so far. Keep focusing on the good things. Trust in who you are. Trust in the process and the what you move forward with. Live in the now, be present and mindful of the now. This is about a new start, new energy on the level of values. A move to a fresh outlook, more free, more liberating and – a bit more selfish, in the sense of having the confidence to trust what you value and cherish.

To me, this is about individuality, about a healthy ego, inner vision and faith in the future. So, have confidence that you have accomplished much already, even if it doesn’t seem that way, and that your inner vision can bring some concrete, positive structure in and around your life. This can also get reflected in building a home, a new family – home is the most basic structure. You need to put yourself  first to be who you are and trust in yourselves. Then you can build as much as you want.

How you can help yourself at this time is to let go of what you are juggling‚Ķ be it physically or mentally. Get rid of the excess baggage that you’ve been carrying. The negative cycles of the never ending mind. The attachment to the way you’ve been living, leave the actual person you’ve been involved with‚Ķ for most of you this has become very codependent. Them mostly relying on you for many things that they should be doing themselves. You want me to call and make you a doctors appointment??? You don’t have fingers of your own?? Lol

What you need and truly desire is One on one connections where you meet on the same energy level, understand each other completely and even telepathically‚Ķ just one person is all you need to feel at peace. You don’t need every single person to understand you or to complete you. You don’t need all those acquaintances or 1,000 friends on Facebook. Ask yourself, Are they really friends after all? Why keep them there? Are they supportive? If so, keep them, if not.. Delete them. If it’s a PAGE or a business or if you’re a celebrity, then yes‚Ķ but when it comes to personal business‚Ķ. Delete the unnecessary, if you choose to.

For your outcome in August, I am seeing SUCCESS you can be quite proud of!! Admiration from others. Some of you will get a shit ton of attention from this. One thing that is for certain is that many people will be talking about you. But you will only care about this huge hurdle that you have overcome to get to this place. When you feel like you’re on cloud 9‚Ķ. You’re there for quite a while until someone comes along trying to pop your bubble. There is always someone to “bring you down to earth”.. Hopefully, in the best possible way. Just like there is like and dark, there are ups and downs‚Ķ it’s the only way for life to stay balanced and for you to keep growing. When we are off kilter, we learn‚Ķ we when become balanced, we’re at peace. It’s stuff like this that causes you to appreciate these moments even more so‚Ķ it’s that rush, that FEELING you get inside that will refuse any negativity- be it person or event— to destroy this amazing moment for you.

Spirit Animal that you will exhibit during this time…

Aries: Hawk / Lion (both carry this respectful presense– Top Dog energy) You have been as strong as possible for a very long time in your life. Practicing as much tolerance as possible. Trying to remain grounded. You are about to become a Hawk. This time, instead of hanging on the ground you are about to embark upon a flight to see the bigger picture. You also are metaphorically TAKING OFF in life, leveling up,

Leo: Panther / Vulture (both are territorial)– The Vulture is needed for purification of you and your enviornment. It helps to bring things back into balance. It represents taking care of the dirty work that must be done. Cleaning up a mess that was made in your situation. While this is all taking place in your world you will embody the Panther for August. The Panther represents ridding yourself of the unnecessary. Of Purging. If your situation has been stagnating, you will experience a type of universal interruption in order for your life to restructure itself on a solid foundation.

Sag: Owl/ Gazelle (Both are in a “waiting and watching” mode — Going by instincts.) Your intuitive nudges become heightened at this time. There will be a circumstance that beings you beneficial help. This is either from someone you know and trust or from an offer that has the ability to bring more success into your life. As the Gazelle, You’ve been testing the waters to gain more awareness on what it is that you should bring about. As you embody the power of the Owl, in August, You will make decisions based upon your intuitive hunches.


In the past‚Ķ.. You felt like you had no support. It was  a time when you were feeling isolated and lonely. Perhaps you have (or will) separate yourself from others to “pull yourself together”, and reflect on your life. There were obstacles, and someone or more likely a group may have been interfering with your business ‚Ķ meddling. I’m seeing you waiting it out, then seeking legal advice, then fighting. It may not be in that exact order for all of you. You may even choose to do only one or two of those depending upon your specific situation. I’m seeing Selfishness, most likely from others, that has  played a HUGE role to this problem of yours.

MANNAZ is the rune of assistance and teamwork. You can expect to receive some sort of help and cooperation now. Could be  in the form of good advice. now is a very good time to implement any plans. It speaks of constructive activity with the assistance of many people.  be on the lookout for a new acquaintance, one that will enlarge your outlook and contacts. For a small portion of you, This rune may indicate magical ability ‚Ķmay also mean trouble with women, as always, look to the placement in the spread and the surrounding runes. Women conducting black magic.

You are also surrounded by the rune of completion, this  represents a time in your life when all  loose strings are tied and you are free to move in a new direction .a successful conclusion to the problem at hand. This is also rune of relief. A time of no anxiety.  a milestone in your life, very possibly the realization of a dream.  the birth of a child,  it’s a new job. , the milestone is a new love affair. Sometimes this rune brings news of a stranger coming into your life. This rune shows the ending of an old phase of your life and the beginning of more exciting phase. Positive energies and feelings of deliverance are indicated.

Oracle: Water Element- Sensing 40/ Sun spirit 1—

This speaks about utilizing your intuition during this time in your life. Allowing yourself to feel into others and their wants. Opening up — when you’ve been closed off. Sharing bits of yourself. With the Sun Spirit, you guys feel right at home, Especially, Aries. Aries is the First sign in the Zodiac. All of you will embody such a independent state of being during this time with boosted confidence and courage to take on and tackle what needs to be done in order to achieve the success that you desire.

I hope you have a Wonderful August!

Blessed Be to you and Yours!

RJ Worrell

May 2019 / Fire Elemental Reading

Welcome to May, Fire Signs! ūüôā Be Sure to read your Rising and Moon signs when they are posted. Below I have read on your element collectively as well as individually!

Fire signs are transforming in May. Most likely around this Full Moon in Scorpio on the 18th. The energy will catapult you! A type of Debt is being paid off. For some of you that have been going through hard experiences, your reward is coming in. So, don’t push away any type of offering, meeting, suggestion (most of these will seem as though they are nothing or aren’t worth your time, but you’ll be surprised.) It could be the starting point of something much larger than you could ever imagine. You don’t have to instantly get excited, Jump at the chance or make a decision quickly. You just need to remain open and neutral‚Ķ see where it goes.

Many of you will be challenged through an ending of some kind in order to move on to better circumstances. It’s all pretty much Karmic Debts. Say you’ve been in a relationship or a job (specific career) for a very long time and now you will be released from it in some way. It could be in a unpredictable way as well. Especially, with Lillith transiting Pisces for a year (began on May 3rd 2019). Be prepared to leave your comfort zone and definitely try not to “wing it”.¬† You’re either going to be the alchemist or the student of you situation. You may Sit back and observe or see how you can change your circumstances. If you remain the student‚Ķ someone else will come in as the teacher. It’s best to take control and to figure out the best way to navigate through your ordeal to gain the best outcome.


A R I E S:¬† When the deck was cut the 6 of cups was revealed. Definitely working on past issues, old happy memories coming about as well, past life karma. Currently, the Star as we come into the month of May. Carrying over the Justice from April. Last months general theme is the Knight of Pentacles. This month’s general theme is queen of cups. Some of you could be dealing with an over emotional, manipulative loved one. Could be a water sign. They can be smothering. Vindictive. Passive aggressive. There is this energy of unfairness happening that you’re bringing forth from last month‚Ķ or the past. Keeping in mind that some of this could derive from childhood, past lives or younger years. This individual could be acting out like a bratty child. Someone deranged. Your advice is to take control, don’t allow someone else to dictate to you, put your foot down, direct the situation in a positive manner with respect, but don’t allow them to disrespect you in return. Set the course. Plan ahead. Delegate when needed. Outcome is the 2 of cups. This person is not going to like what you’re doing. There will be miscommunication, a disagreement, not being able to compromise. Now, I see why they will throw a bit of a tantrum and try to deliver guilt trips. You’re done hanging back, you’re done feeling sick, you’re done thinking through your situation and you’re done healing‚Ķ. You’re ready to take what you’ve learned with great strength and move forward. Mantra for the month‚Ķ You¬† may feel like you’re juggling a lot this month‚Ķ even if it’s your emotions that are on a bit of a roller coaster. Try not to get overwhelmed. Take breaks so that you won’t get drained or become exhausted. Prioritize what you need to do first, then go from there. Allowing someone else to help where they can will be beneficial. You will be able to manage and handle all that is happening as long as you stay present and relax. Your extra insight for May comes from your own Soul. You have had this discussion before, of this lesson that would come about in your life, how it would all go down and what you would have to do and learn from this process. What does your gut say? You may have trouble controlling your own emotions when it comes to this other person. To get counsel or therapy will be helpful at this time to keep you calm and on your path.


S A G I T T A R I U S: When the deck was cut the Ace of Cups revealed itself telling me that you’re at a new beginning in your life, filled with hope. For some of you this may be delayed. I’m seeing you receiving a huge “A ha” moment. AS though looking back on your life and your various experiences has brought forth a new revelation to your current situation. I’m seeing that you’ve been stressing out or stuck in a bit of a mind trap that seemed NEVER ENDING. The energy I’m seeing is of Clouds being dispersed. Confusion being cleared. Clarity has arrived. Carrying over Strength ‚Ķ you’ve been through some very hard and trying times, have persevered and remained as strong as possible. Holding back a lot of what you wanted to say or actions you wanted to take. And if you did say them or take them they were straight forward and full of courage. Very mature. Trying to take the higher road. King of Wands is this month’s general theme‚Ķ he is looking at the past like “Fuck that! I’m most important!” You are what I call “angry strong”‚Ķ You refuse to go backwards. Enough is enough Change needs to take place. Your Mantra‚Ķ “this isn’t over‚Ķ you haven’t won.” You have been making sacrifices for far too long. It’s like you’re noticing that you’ve been stuck in a dysfunctional situation or relationship. Or you were stuck in one in the past and you’re now seeing that for all it is‚Ķ seeing the bigger picture. May have felt or seemed cultish to you. For a lot of you this deals with a family situation. For others this is something else that you had to play a part in for a long time and follow the rules that were laid out for you. I’m seeing that for a lot of you by the end of May (Timing is different for everyone) you will still feel stuck in this. You want to get out SO BADLY‚Ķ and honestly, you can get out, you may not see how yet, or feel that you can. You will be very tempted to go behind the backs of others or do what you want in the meantime without them knowing‚Ķ I see you doing tricky tactics, but it’s not like you’re trying to hurt the person, you just can’t openly do what you want at this time.


L E O: When the deck was cut the Wheel of fortune revealed itself telling me that karmic destiny plays a massive role in your situation. I am noticing many changes within your cards. If you were a reader I would just rattle the card titles off to you and you would be like “holy shit.” I have you currently walking away from a situation. This is a situation that has held you in place for a very long time. You have felt as though there was nothing that you could possibly do to change it. You just had to hang there and observe it from every angle. You couldn’t make a move. You either decided to hold yourself there or the situation did. But now, you’re able to move on towards something much more gratifying. You hope that it will be anyway. Seeing this king of Wands here as your hovering energy, you want to take direct action about something in particular. You feel quite confident in your ability to get what you want. You have this burning desire to charge forth, but you hold yourself back because you know that the situation could become chaotic if you allowed yourself to do what you fantasize about. You will take the much slower approach, step by step, laying down the foundations towards your goal. Looking at the oracle card that I pulled of extra insight, it is titled Provoker‚Ķ and I kind of laughed to myself‚Ķ because I saw this with the King of Wands‚Ķ Some of you want to provoke another for whatever reason. Maybe they have what you want. Maybe you feel they don’t deserve it. I feel as though just your presence could be intimidating in this situation. I’m not saying that YOU’RE intimidating on a daily basis (though some of you could be), I’m saying that within this situation, you could be intimidating to the one you have your eye on or the one that you’re thinking about confronting‚Ķ there we go‚Ķ that’s the other word I was looking for. You will be thinking about your happily ever after in May‚Ķ this is your main goal and focus. You want everything you’ve ever asked for when it comes to a loving family. You want everything to go well and for all to get along. You want to make this happen so you’re about to journey and find it. Some of you may have to leave an individual or a current location behind. Others will have to leave behind a certain way that you’ve been living for a long time‚Ķ especially, if you’ve been single. It will be time to share your life with another. You’re advised to take the time needed in order to repair your thoughts and emotions‚Ķ some of you have to re[air your health. Taking this much needed time will help to gain the courage to move forward. Your outcome shows you needing to make a decision‚Ķ. One that you may have ignored and put off‚Ķ it’s scary for some of you. But it must be done. Overall, is Death‚Ķ. Yes, that wonderful transformation I was speaking about in the collective above. Your life is about to change in a massive way! And it is for the better. Your Mantra for the month validates as you’re told to “go Fish!” It’s a gamble, sure‚Ķ. But one worth taking.

Hope you have an Amazing month of May!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

Daily Card / Current Energy

Keep in mind that the New Moon in Aries is quickly approaching on April 5th! New Moon Reading is being posted next week! Could be over the weekend as I‚Äôm almost finished. ūüėČ

I pulled the card titled ‚ÄúKeeping Up‚ÄĚ from the Alice Wonderland Oracle by Lucy Cavendish.

“THE LESSONS OF YOUR LIFE are taking place at a fast rate Рfar too swiftly for you to process them! It seems you are only just keeping up with all the changes coming to you! You must work very hard to make any discernible progress, for now. You have been trying and trying to get ahead, and yet you always seem to be in the very same place. This could be in almost any aspect of life Рyour finances, relationships, career or success. At this point in time, the answer is to work even harder.

You will not have to do this much work, with this much effort, perhaps ever again. But the only way out of your current situation is to accelerate, get intense and push for the breakthrough that is Just ahead of you. You will need to devote more time than you would wish, and sacrifices will need to be made. However, if you do this, you will push through the resistance and EXPLODE into the next stage of your life.

Put all your effort into surging ahead and watch as you begin to move, in the tiniest of ways, ahead of where you have been. Once you take that lead, stay focused on where you are going and you will begin to leave the place you find yourself in now. When you push through, others will recognize the incredible dedication you have to your own life. This will inspire them to push forward with their own dreams, too. One thing is for sure, the intensity of your approach brooks no resistance. Your movement and energy will drive away all stagnation. Now go!

DIVINATION: A time of very hard work. Getting ahead. Determination and resolve to push through into the next stage. To improve your status and be rewarded. Moving quickly, with strength and stamina. A great deal to process and integrate.

(Where you could be stuck) :
Sluggish approaches will not be rewarded. Feeling it is impossible to change the way things are. Feeling entrapped by the effort required to change your current circumstances.‚ÄĚ

Blessed Be to You and Yours!
RJ Worrell