Air Element (Aquarius, Gemini & Libra) Full Moon in Sagittarius Reading.

When the Moon goes into Sagittarius, get ready to hit your mark! Sagittarius is fire, fire brings in passion and Inspiration, as well as a creative vision. Our courage is boosted to go after what we want. Your main focus will revolve around what gives your life meaning. You will be honest and not afraid to speak the truth. You may fight against any type of restrictions that has been holding you back. Restrictions that haven’t allowed you to be completely who you want to be. You will break free from specific dogmatic situations and/or beliefs.

Within our lives we have been through of process of “doing something over and over”, that doesn’t seem to get us anywhere. You may have had big plans or specific endeavors that haven’t gone anywhere. Aiming for a specific target or having a goal where nothing seems to come of these plans or work that you have put into making them happen. For some, this could be because it was just talk, instead of action. If you look upon your life’s experiences as a lesson, this will help you to move onto the next stage. But, if you keep with this specific path of doing the same thing over and over again, then you will be met with having to prove yourself in such a way that you absolutely cannot. Either way, you need to change what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. This reminds me of the Tower in the Tarot. Abrupt and unexpected change in order to rid yourself of a false exterior or a foundation that isn’t truly built on solid ground. Masks coming off. Seeing the Big Picture. This is the energy of RAW and REAL. Honest communication is still happening at this time up until around the end of June.

I’m seeing that collaboration at this time is HUGE. A meeting of the minds to come together in order to get out of this energy of the cycle of insanity. Fresh blood and new ideas are taking place. Old ways of doing things will be replaced by updated methods. The union that comes together has the potential to birth such a change that will produce massive results. You will finally be able to get off the never ending spinning wheel that you find yourself on.

You may find the cards I have used in your reading in the Video Down below. Plus, there is a special channeled message not transcribed at the end.

onto Air Element…

AIR: I’m seeing you being able to release a lot of anxiety that you’ve been dealing with or holding onto. There is something or someone who has consumed your waking moments. You’re at the end of a phase as well as experiencing a massively cathartic lesson. You are coming through a transition in life where you are required to let things END. This could be an ending to a relationship or tie to another. Some of you will be releasing the actual death of a loved one. This is an ending to a tie to a specific place. This is a phase that may seem a bit sad to you. But even if it is sad, you know that this needs to happen because the situation or the relationship with the individual is over. There’s nothing more you can do.

I’m seeing you surrounded with the energy of empowerment. I’m seeing a lot of you letting go of the old ways. You’re eyes are on the prize. A lot of you are focused on gaining financially. You want to make sure that you feel completely secure when it comes to your monetary situation. You may have a plan in place that you are working towards. Main energy here is of stabilizing yourself, your position, your place. You’re very serious about this or soon will be! You aim to feel good, to be surrounded in abundance, and to feel well taken care of.

” old habits die hard” I’m hearing as I flip the Tower card. You may need to completely change in the way that you think, or you may have to change a HUGE aspect of your life. This is defintely a life changing experience that you Air signs are focused on. Breaking down the barriers, or the walls. Rebuilding your life. Some of you are making or planning major Moves literally. This can also be metaphorically. You could be breaking down your own personal barriers, barriers you’ve held up in order to protect yourself or others, barriers that have held you back from being who you truly are. You’re going to break through this obstacle. Some of you in a dramatic kind of way. You’re transforming yourself and your life.

I’m seeing that you may need to admit to certain things that you have kept secret. You will reach out to and have the support of your friends or those that you feel can help to guide you. You’re not left completely without resources. If you have no where to turn or no one to turn to, then do some research. I’m sure you will find a solution that you never knew existed. You may be short on cash, or not have enough funds. There’s help out there. You can help yourself by being able to move to a much better state of mind in order to understand and see this new clarity.

With the Oracle cards from the Secret pocket Oracle I am getting that you may feel pressured by deadlines, The deadline could be by the next full moon for some of you, and that you’ll be branching out on your own in some way. I’m seeing you moving away, yet again… physically, this will help you both emotionally and mentally. It could be just a vacation on or near the water for some of you. When you doubt yourself or you think that there’s no way, just look at all the people that have been in your shoes who have proven that they can achieve Happiness and Success. All will be OK. Better than OK, actually. You will feel SO much better!! I’m feeling this great energy of FREEDOM. Have a goal set for a specific timeline, possibly by the Next Full Moon. Then you need to take action and Seek your freedom.

I pulled the rune of Gebo for you guys, but because I don’t like repetition since I pulled this for Fire signs, I pulled a second one as well. You may have Fire as your Rising or Moon, and vice versa. Gebo speaks about sacrifices and cutting through barriers, as well as exchanging power with one another. You also got the rune of Inguz…

This rune allows us to spread our energy out far and wide. It is a protective rune mainly for the protection of our homes. To use Inguz effectively we must learn to build up our powers over time and then release the power all at once.

Have a Wonderful Full Moon!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell