May Energy Through the Elements

Welcome to May, Wicked Ones! The Readings begin with the Earth Element, then Air, Water, and Fire. You can read for your Moon and Ascendant as well as Read all 3 Oracle messages within your element. You may also want to go a bit deeper and find out about your Vedic Sun, Moon, and Rising.

Earth Element (Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo)

As I was shuffling your cards tuning into your energy for May the song “We Will Rock You.” came into my head. So this tells me that a lot of you are going to Excel this month. It’s like you’re building up speed and momentum. You are a powerhouse!! No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, you’ll do so with flying colors. When I cut the deck I spotted the Moon. This tells me that your emotions have been on overdrive through whatever situation you’re dealing with. You’ve been trying to tap into your intuition and listen to your gut as you aim to make a decision. It could have been confusing and you may have noticed your decisions bouncing back and forth, as in you think you’ve made up your mind, and then it changes, or the situation changes. Your cards are Page of Cups/ 7 of Pentacles/Page of Pentacles. Overall: 3 of Wands. The Page of Cups is an emotionally immature type of energy. It’s the card of temper tantrums, Crushes, and Far fetching dreams. But it is also an emotional message either received or sent. You could have said or done something childish, or received a message in the same manner. For some of you, this hasn’t even happened yet. Page of Cups astrologically are Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio), they can also be Children/ Tweens. If you have a child or a tween, even if they are not a water sign, they could be acting out saying things they don’t mean. The 7 of Pentacles speaks of a long process. The Page of Cups seems like a small hurdle to overcome as you’re looking towards the Page of Pentacles. The Page of Pentacles is Productive, still in its “Infancy” but comes with more of a mature energy. You’ve been working on a project, idea, or solution. You’ve been taking many things into consideration. You may have even tried various different things in the process to see what could work to get what you want. This Page of Pentacles is the OFFER you’ve been looking for. It’s the message of opportunity. Page of Pentacles Astrologically is within your own element. This is what will help you in moving forward toward that much-deserved success. The overall of 3 of Wands is speaking about the waiting period being almost over. I feel like a lot of you already put forth the effort, you have made a decision or taken some kind of action. Results come this month for many of you! Your cards add to 12/3. 12 relates to the Hanged Man, which is the process of being at a standstill while you’re left to think very carefully when you move forward. 3 is the Empress… this is about complete expansion in your life.

Capricorn: Bee. The Bee derives from the Air Element. You could have an Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra involved in your situation. The Bee flies around looking for the perfect spot to harvest honey. This could be you searching for the perfect opportunity, the perfect home, the perfect partner… whatever it could mean for you. It’s of great importance at this time. You no longer want to live your life in the way you have been. You know that there is more out there for you. For some of you, you’re looking for the perfect TIME to do or say something. There’s never the “perfect” time. When we wait for that, we could end up waiting forever. Life continues without you or not. There is a lot of energy surrounding you at this time. It could be energy itself compelling you forward or even preventing you for a moment so that you don’t get hurt. The energy could be people and situations that seem pretty chaotic. It’s like you’re on pause watching the world happen around you. The message of the Bee speaks about working steadily and thoughtfully until the final task is complete. It’s about being sensitive and aware of what is going on around you. If you need a break make sure to take a mini-vacation. The keywords are Earnest, Hardworking, and Democratic.

Taurus: Elephant. The Elephant derives from the Fire Element. You could have an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius involved in some way. This elephant has a heart of gold and works very hard for those they love. I’m noticing that one of the tusks is broken and yet the elephant carries on with fire resting in its trunk. This tells me that you’ve been through hell and back and you still move forward with purpose. You have intense feelings, passion, and drive. It shows you as coming out of a period of darkness. This could be low energy, depression, state of confusion. I’m hearing a brief period of insanity for some of you. You may have absolutely LOST IT on someone or Completely walked out of a job/relationship. The Message of the Elephant contains immense wisdom and brings with it Good Fortune. The Elephant is the destroyer of obstacles. Any state where you’ve been stuck is about to come undone. The Elephant can also create the obstacles themselves in order to steer you in the right direction. Trust in the process. The Keywords are Unstoppable, Auspicious, and Wise.

Virgo: Horse. The Horse derives from your own Element. I see this horse as though they are standing out in the open, minding their own business and they instantly become alert to someone coming up to them. It doesn’t necessarily cause them to become nervous and defensive, they are more so powerful and proud. They have this air about them. They being YOU. You can take what you dish out. The crescent on their forehead tells me about a timeline you have. You could have in mind a certain time period in which you want to achieve your goal or a certain timeline you have given to another to complete a task. Could be an ultimatum you have given someone. You won’t back down. We just had a crescent moon on May 2nd, I am seeing another timeline around May 15-16th. The Message of the Horse provides you with momentum. There is reliability and supportiveness in this horse that “you can ride on its back toward any goal” no matter how difficult things may seem. The Horse represents the most masterful form of Earth Energy in this oracle. The Horse’s personality is fully awakened, fully alive, and cannot be defeated. Exactly!! The Keywords are Momentum, Freedom, Expansive Energy, and Force.

Air Element (Aquarius, Gemini & Libra)

As I began shuffling tuning into your energy I heard the song,” Is There Something I Should Know” by Duran Duran. When I cut the deck I spotted the 2 of Cups. This tells me this is going to be a Relationship reading. I haven’t heard this song in a very long time, but I decided to wait until I complete the reading to listen to the words. I don’t like anything influencing what I’m getting. Your Cards are 9 of Pentacles/ The Magician/ 6 of Cups. Immediately, I am seeing someone from the past either coming back or they cannot let go of your connection. Unfinished business. The Magician is the Major in this reading providing the most power. Major Arcana are lessons that one must go through whether they like it or not. You cannot change the course of a major. There are two ways to read a Magician and I am getting that there’s a bit of manipulation happening here. I turn over the deck to finally look at the overall… 7 of Swords. There we go! 7 of Swords indicates sneaky behavior going on. I’m seeing you like this 9 of Pentacles. You have worked very hard to get to this point in life where you can feel content (even though some of you are not involved in a loving relationship– this is the only thing normally missing). You’re comfortable in your own environment. You look to others or this specific individual as though you have it all. Some of them want a piece of what you have. Others just want you, plain and simple. They want to be back in your life and most likely with you. There are major regrets about this situation. But because the Magician and the 7 of Swords are there, they are not worthy of you. They will basically say and try ANYTHING they can to get your attention or to win you back. OR to Get what they want from you. I look down at the 9 of pentacles and see you tilt your head as you say “Are they serious?!?”. There is no way in hell they are getting a damn thing!! I don’t blame you! Looking at the magician it’s as though they want you to pay attention to one thing as they do something else. Distraction. Kind of like what is going on in the world right now. Everyone is being distracted from something major taking place. They will appear to Ride in unannounced on their “horse” to claim you or to claim what they are after. You’re smarter than they are! You got their number. You know exactly what they are up to and your mission is not to fall for their bullshit. Your cards add to 15/16/7/6/… You have the Devil energy- Obsessive behavior, manipulation, possible blackmail. 16 is the Tower, so that is something happening unexpectedly, or someone unexpectedly coming into your life out of the left field. 7 is challenges brought on by another that will affect your soul growth. In other words, you will become stronger when you overcome. 6 is the Lovers. Choose wisely.

Aquarius: Raccoon. The Raccoon derives from the Earth element. You could have a Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo involved in your situation. “Hiding the eyes”. Your individual could wear sunglasses a lot. Or you could be doing this. You could be speaking with someone that can’t keep eye contact or look directly at you when you’re communicating. There is a situation happening here where secrets are being kept. There’s not enough information, yet you feel as though they have something to hide. You’re told to listen to your intuition. The message of the Raccoon speaks about skillfulness. The shadow points to an unresolved issue. The Raccoon is also the artist in the deck. It speaks about self-image, and how one can use a stage name or wear a “mask”. You could be dealing with an artist in your situation…. For others, you’re dealing with a Con artist. The keywords are Talented, Shadowy, and In Hiding.

Gemini: Crocodile. The Crocodile derives from the Water element. You could have a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio involved in your situation. The Crocodile waits patiently in the water. They wait for their next prey to come. “Green with Envy”. This could be a person who is Jealous of you for some reason. For some of you, they are jealous of your money or material things. Looking at the Crocodile’s teeth I get the sense that they want to appear threatening, and honestly, they don’t have your best interest at heart, BUT, they aren’t as strong as they would like you to think. It’s their low self-esteem and diminished ego that causes them to be this way. Not your problem! I also feel as though you’re waiting and analyzing someone or a situation. You seem to have a lot going on. There are a few people showing up in this energy and your energy itself is a bit tense…. On edge. The Message of the Crocodile warns that it’s not the time to make decisions, take action, or to discuss a certain issue with someone. You are to observe (some of you are doing this already) and conserve your own energy for the time being. You want your next move to be powerful and wise. The Keywords are: Resting, Submerging, Collecting Energy, Cooling off.

Libra: Mouse. The Mouse derives from the Earth Element. You could have a Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo involved in your situation. Disco. Disco lights, Strobe lights. Random message. You could have met someone at a club or you’re going to one soon… Be careful. Main message- I’m seeing you are unaware of what is going on behind your back. You’re attempting to choose between different options that are present in your life. You’re nervous about making the wrong choice. This can hold you in place and prevent forward movement. You aren’t wrong for feeling this way, and you shouldn’t rush into anything. Feel your way completely through. The message of the Mouse centers around Details. It speaks about fixing, preparing, organizing, and scrutinizing. This warns about limiting yourself out of fear, and because of the fear, you may try to control every aspect. You are told to step back, take this time to observe but don’t stay there. The Keywords are Detail-Oriented, Small-Minded, Nit-Picky, and Nervous.

Water Element (Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio)

As I was Shuffling the song, “You Don’t Own me” Came to my mind. Cutting the deck I spotted Strength. This tells me that you need to stand in your power when it comes to another or this situation. You need to put your foot down. You may have already. This could be a relationship or a Job reading. Actually, anywhere within your life that someone or a situation has made you feel as though you were a pawn in their game, to be used or abused whether you liked it or not. They have tried to make you feel as though there was nothing you could do. Your cards are 9 of Swords/6 of Pentacles/ King of Cups. Your overall energy is 4 of Cups. This King of Cups is most likely you, as the King is a Water sign. This 9 of Swords is telling me that most of you are or will be coming out of a period where you have been dragged through the mud and completely stressed out. I’m feeling very exhausted. Some of you have gone through periods of insomnia. The overall shows a bout of depression that you are coming from. You haven’t wanted to do much, you haven’t wanted to socialize or do the things that you normally love to do with your time. This is what the stress of this situation has been doing to you. Basically, pulling you further down. The energy is heavy and weighted so much. It seems like I’m suffocating. I feel like this can happen to water signs often more so than others, as your element is Water… it can feel like you’re drowning when you get sad or when things seem to be going wrong in your life. Also, when your power is taken from you it can cause you to feel like a kid again with no control. As an adult, this is the last thing you want to feel. I’m seeing injustice in your situation. You may have been giving more in your situation than you were giving back, paid unfairly if your situation is about a job, and treated as though you’re a pariah by others. This King tells me that you’re about to take back your control. You’re about to set things right. Either way, you will win in this situation. You’re not going to be manipulative about it, you will be fair with how you win. Props to you!! This will make you much more of a stronger and mature individual. You will end up becoming more respected. Sure, you may have some people still think negatively about you, but that’s their own issue and you don’t need them anyway. Your cards add to: 15/6/19/1/5… (Devil, Lovers, Sun, Magician, Hierophant, Numerology) We have feeling trapped and stuck, A major decision to be made, Open communication and things coming to light, A new beginning after going through a challenge that felt cultish/oppressive.

Pisces: Eagle. Fly Eagle Fly! The Eagle derives from the Air Element. Your situation could involve an Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra. I see this in two different ways. I see you as being this sun and the attacker is trying to bring you down. I also see you like the Eagle getting ready to pounce on another or the situation itself. I’m hearing “Take No Prisoners!!”. It’s a phrase that means you won’t stop until things go your way. Though with the phrase one is aggressive, and I don’t see most of you being this way. It’s like a battle of the wits. Both sides are willing to fight, it’s just how you both go about this that is different. I’m now hearing “strength in reserve”. That tells me during the time you felt down and out you have been building up energy just for this moment. At that point, the other (person or situation) is losing momentum because they have been draining their energy this whole time. It’s time for a battle of the Wits, and you’ll be the more intelligent one. The message of the Eagle speaks about being both physically and spiritually strong. Your downtime energized you and through the challenges that you faced you have grown spiritually, This states that when the eagle appears you’ll soon be thrown into the karmic fire for the sake of your transformation. Most of you have already been “Thrown” into this fire.  The eagle pushes you to be your best self. “Grasp the sun in your talons and hold on for the ride. You are stronger than you think.” The Keywords are: All-pervading Power, Truth Seeker, Transforms karma.

Cancer: Moth. The Mother derives from the Air Element. You could have an Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra involved in your situation. If you read Pisces, as I suggest to read all cards within your element, the Eagle transforms your life just like the moth does. When I see a dark moth I know I will hear of death within a couple weeks. A white moth tells me about a new beginning coming. So, you’re in the middle of a transition in your life. The Moth in this oracle is green and yellow. An artist’s choice, but also telling. Green is about finances, the physical, the material, and Yellow calls for wisdom, happiness, and energy. Though Yellow can also foretell sickness and cowardice. I don’t see the second meaning going into your future. It was your past along with the 4 Cups/9 Swords. I’m seeing you struggle and strive to come up out of a dark hole. Once you get there, you spread your wings with great force and expose your strength. The Meaning of the Moth warns about being attracted to easy solutions or anything new. As in the grass is greener. This only leads to unfinished projects, disappointment, or burnout. The situation you face is complex, just like life. You are told to see things through. The keywords are: Impulsive, Hasty, and Wishful.

Scorpio: Camel. The Camel derives from the Fire Element. You could have a Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius involved in your situation. My eyes were guided to the camel’s neck. I’m seeing your situation and emotions being like a roller coaster that never ends. It’s as though you’ve been stuck on the same ride for a while. It may be frustrating at times, but I see you either being accepting of the process or just acting like you are. You hide your feelings within. I’m not saying that you’re completely alright with what is going on, but You know that acting out would be pointless most of the time. It’s almost like a Hanged Man energy. Where you’re stuck until you can see the situation from a different perspective. Some of you are also “putting your neck out” for another, if not for yourself. This means that you risk angering others by what you say or do. There is also this protective energy. I feel as though you want to protect someone involved in your situation. The message of the camel is about being able to handle any situation that comes your way. You handle challenges with ease. You go internal when things get rough as this helps to keep you calm. The Camel represents the ultimate form of bringing opposites together. The Keywords are: Resourceful, Independent, and Knows One’s Self.

Fire Element (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)

As I was shuffling your cards while tuning in I heard, “Bring me a break!” which in turn could be Give me a break! This tells me that you desperately need a vacation or something to give in your situation. Cutting the deck I spotted Death. This validates that you’re done dealing with your issue and want change to happen. This also tells me that a situation has been going on too long well past its expiration point/date. Your cards are Page of Swords/King of Pentacles/ 3 of Pentacles. Your Overall energy is 7 of Wands. You can get very tired in the 7 of Wands position. 7 brings to you a challenging situation in which you feel as though you have to defend yourself constantly to others. You keep putting your foot down, but are they listening?? It may seem as though they aren’t because you’re living in this state with barely any rest or refuge. Two people show up here…. The Page could be an Air sign (Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra). The Page shows a situation in which there is spying going on. There are definite issues with miscommunication, half-truths being told, omissions, tricks being played upon you, or doing things to throw you off your game. It’s very childish energy…. Almost bratty. Then there is this King who could be a Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo. This is someone who is normally productive, protective, and in control of their environment, but they have become a bit of a tyrant. They’ve lost control of themselves and will stop at nothing to get their way in order to achieve their goal. With this 3 of Pentacles, A lot of you are in the middle of two people like this. For some of you, it could be your child and your spouse, or your spouse and someone else. It is like you have to play the mediator of the situation to get them to come together and work things out.  This is what you need a break from. You’re tired of all the bullshit and the drama. You’re also tired of defending yourself, your opinions, and your thoughts on the matter. For some of you, this could be a situation at your workplace, as Pentacles represent finances and careers mostly. So, you could have a childish co-worker and a Boss that doesn’t listen to you. It’s like your own personal circus when you go to work. Either way, if you go to therapy this is the main thing that you’ve been discussing. This is what you need a break from and at times you dabble in the fantasy of just leaving it all behind. Do yourself a favor and GO take a vacation away. Even if it’s only for a weekend. If you don’t you may just SNAP. Your cards add to 8/7…. Perseverance through the challenges leaves you to become stronger and to stand in your power.

Aries: Black Egg. The Black Egg derives from Spirit. This egg has a mysterious air about it. A bright white light radiates around it, followed by intuitive purple. You are either being shut out of what is happening in the life/lives of those you interact with (Family, Friends, co-workers), or you’re the target of a surprise (this could be good or bad). The “surprise” itself is what you could be left out of. Looking at the texture of the egg reminds me of snakeskin. You could be on the verge of finding out what is going on. Snakes are transformative, but they can also be Sneaky situations/sneaky people. This isn’t all as bad as it seems. You could hold the key to a mystery in your life, and you’re about to open up. The Message of the Black Egg speaks about Truth. There will be no more confusion, excuses, small talk, noise, or lies. In the past, you may have said things that others wanted to hear, partook in gossip or repeated stories in order to justify behavior. Now is the time for honesty, either your truth or another’s to be revealed to you. The Keywords are: Speaking from an Authentic Voice, The Truth.

Leo: Earthworm. The Earthworm derives from the Earth Element. You could have a Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo involved in your situation. I’m seeing a question mark in this worm. You’re trying to figure something out. There’s information that you are looking for. You could be doing this in various ways…. From openly asking another to searching online. “Twisted up in knots”. Either the situation is perplexing and/or causing you to feel as though you’re stuck. In your external life (everything going on around you) things seem black and white. Two-sided. There’s no in-between. No room for error. You could feel forced to choose a side. Internally, You’re pretty much open to following your own path. You may want to communicate your opinions and to bring ideas forward. The message of the Earthworm is about newness. You’re working to establish confidence within yourself. There are people around that have more experience. This causes you to feel a bit intimidated when it comes to sharing your experience. Remember that a “beginner’s mind” offers the most valuable insight. The Keywords are Shy, Hesitant, Reluctant, and To Share Inner Vision.

Sagittarius: Dolphin. The Dolphin derives from the Water Element. You could have a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio involved in your situation. The energy of this card is so light, freeing, and playful. It reminds me of playing out in the sun on a Tropical island. Some of you could be vacationing in a place like this soon, or have recently. You could be dreaming about it. I’m hearing Bachata music. Pina Coladas…. Yes, A lot of you are daydreaming about getting away. The dolphin carries a “Come play with me” energy. You’re feeling pulled to go have fun. The message of the Dolphin is that a profound blessing is on its way. It could be in the form of a person who seems very playful and can help you forget issues going on in your life. This will help to heal you. The keywords are: Innately Intelligent, Healer, Light, and Blessings.

Hope You all have a Wonderful May!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

March Energy Through the Elements. 3/2/2022

Welcome to March my Dear Friends! I hope you have all been well over the past several weeks. Below you will find the readings by element for the Month of March. Make sure to read to Your Sun, Ascendant, and Moon. Also, you may want to read all 3 Animal Spirit Cards within your personal Element. Even though I pull for one Sign directly, all 3 can carry a bigger message that comes through. The readings begin with the Element of Fire, Air, Water, then Earth.

Element of Fire. (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius)

When I began to shuffle the cards I heard the song “Return to Innocence” by Enigma. Your cards are 8 of Pentacles/ Justice/ World. Your overall energy is The Wheel of Fortune. Cutting the deck I saw the Queen of Cups. There is an injustice that has been done in your life. I’m seeing that for most of your this deals with your work environment, or with your work in general (if you work for yourself, own your own business, are an independent artist or Spiritual Coach.. Ect). For others this isn’t about work but more about whatever you’ve been working hard on for a while. This could be your education, saving/making money, or working on yourself. Pentacles are a physical suit, so if you’ve been working on yourself, then most likely it is about your appearance. You have either been taken advantage of, used, stolen from (your ideas/visions/creative commons), or you’re being overly critical of your own flaws. There is a sense of victimization going on here. I am seeing that you’re on the precipice of change in regards to this issue. There is a lot of anxiety, stress, and overthinking that has taken hold of your life. I am seeing that the Problems will be worked through and a solution will come. All of the efforts that you have put forth will not be all for nothing. For those of you focused on your physical appearance, you are seen as naked and celebrating as shown in the world card. You may think to yourself that there is no way in hell, but, all this means is that you will either accept yourself 100% and say, “this is me, take it or leave it” or you’ll finally have something fixed that has been bothering you. You’ll be able to release any negativity that has consumed your life. One chapter of this phase is ending on a good note 😉 It’s time to get ready for your new chapter. The cards add to 4 and 5. So this is the stabilization of what you’ve gone through when it has come to a disruptive change in your life.

Aries: Unicorn. The Unicorn derives from Spirit. Here we see a mystical creature that appears to be sad. You can’t miss the horn sticking out of their head, but that is what makes them so special and different. Rain falls down all around them, as a full moon full of color rests behind them. Our next full moon arrives on March 18th, 2022 in the sign of Virgo, but based on the coloring of the moon, we have a “Pink Moon” coming on April 16th, 2022 in the sign of Libra. I do feel the April Moon is better for the timing of this event based upon the Pink color and the fact that it’s in the sign of Libra which coincides with the Justice card. 8 of Pentacles is Virgo, so for some of you this event will occur around March 18th and the solution will arrive around April 16th. It may be that the event has taken place, you will then try to rectify the situation around March 18th, but it will not be complete until April 16th. The Unicorn wakes us up and allows us to explore the answers to our deepest questions. You will have the courage to speak out and to take action. Keywords: Reconnecting to Higher Wisdom or Divinity.

Leo: Swan. The Swan derives from the Water Element. You may have a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio involved in your issue. Which is also the Queen of Cups I saw when cutting the deck. This Queen was in the Negative. The Queen of Cups in the negative causes them to become manipulative, sneaky, vindictive, and sometimes violent. There is a mirroring happening here. Naturally so, when a Swan swims on the water a projection of their image will be shown. For a small portion of you, this individual has become like “single white female”, it’s a movie for those that don’t know, about a roommate who basically tries to become like the main character taking over her life and everyone in it. This individual does not have to be a water sign, they can just act like the characteristics mentioned. You have a stalker on your hands. A jealous person wants what you have and will stop at nothing to take over. Sorry, I can’t put it lightly. That was my intuition kicking in, the Swan actually carries a beautiful message… It speaks about writing, creating, and reflecting. When the Swan comes your soul is calling for attention. You are asked to spend some time with yourself in order to hear the inner message for your next creative idea. Keywords: Effortless Creativity, Sensitive Mystic, Elegant Power.

Sagittarius: Shark. The Shark derives from the Water Element. Repeating the above, you may have a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio involved in your issue. And, because the Queen of Cups was in the negative when cutting the cards they are seen as vicious. I say Vicious for you because Sharks may be serene but can become quite vicious when feeding. I am seeing an individual in your life as though they stand by watching your every move. They are the ones that you see when you turn around staring at you or will keep eye contact when you are speaking to them, but they don’t say much in response.  Some of them may be very quiet individuals. They may have a desire to take things from you behind your back. At some point, they may surprise you when they become defensive and attack out of the blue. The message of the Shark states that there is something big that needs to be exposed. It’s lurking in the depths and creating tension. Elephant in the room, anyone?? Don’t be hesitant to be honest and to say what you want. Keywords are Directness, Exposure, Revealing true nature, and desire. With that last keyword, it could be that someone is being fake and is about to reveal who they truly are/or were all along.

Element of Air (Aquarius, Gemini & Libra)

As I was shuffling heard “Green”… then my mind went to Green Day and I heard the song “American Idiot”…. It’s in the lyrics. Green is Money (Prosperity), The Season of Spring, Nature, Health, Growth, beginning a new chapter. The Song basically speaks about not paying attention to what is said in the news and to stop allowing social media to dictate your life. Your cards are Queen of Wands/ 5 of Swords/ High Priestess. Your overall energy is Judgment. As I cut the deck I spotted the Page of Pentacles. The Page speaks of a new beginning when it comes to something that can become permanent over a period of time. This Page is a message concerning a new job, money, educational opportunity, or partnership. Because this is a pentacle suit, the partnership is more than likely a business or friendship more than romantic. That’s not to say that it can’t be romance for a small portion of you. The Queen of Wands (If an individual other than yourself) is a Fire Sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius). The characteristics of this individual are confident, passionate, artistic, and risky. Looking at the message in all 3 cards I am seeing as though there is an affair taking place that is being kept a secret. But that’s just an off-the-cuff message that isn’t for most of you. I am seeing three people involved here. One of them is you. There is someone (and it could be this fire sign) who is in the midst of causing chaos. They seem angry about something (or even you) that has taken place. There are secrets being held and kept. Sneakiness going on behind the scenes. Someone is having a hard time letting go of the past and things that are no longer relevant. The sneakiness could be them watching you. If you live with them, they could be looking through your things when you’re not at home. They appear to be trying to get someone to side with them. For most of you, you know the person who is caught in the middle. They want to gang up on you, but they don’t want to do it alone. They don’t have the confidence or the courage that you may have to do it alone. I’m seeing the other individual not wanting to become a part of what is going on. They are smart enough to know they would just be a pawn and they personally don’t have anything against you. I’m seeing you looking at this person who is trying to cause chaos as though they have no power over you, and they don’t… not ONE f’ing bit! It’s as though you’re giving them “3 strikes and they’re out”. If they mess with you one more time you will show them the door or just eliminate them from your life. Your cards add to 7/10. This speaks about a challenge brought to your life and how it will become the changing factor when it comes to this other person. I feel as though most of you will give this individual the boot. “Screw you and the horse you rode in on!” 😉

Aquarius: Peacock. The Peacock derives from the Air Element. So the Peacock is most likely you. The feathers on the top of its head are like antennas. Satellite frequency. You’re hearing things said that you’re not meant to be hearing. There is either someone speaking about you and they don’t know your close enough to hear them, or you’re being told about these things from someone else. I feel like a small portion of you are actually tapping this person. Especially, if you live with them. Recording them. You could be putting “feelers” out to this person to see how they react or how they will respond. If you’re doing that you are trying to decide what they have up their sleeve or figure out the next action you will take with them (the person speaking about you). The peacock comes when you’re attempting to digest messages you’re receiving. IT states to not harbor resentment, conflict, or past pain. But, if the individual who is speaking badly about you is toxic I wouldn’t blame you. Keywords: Compassion, Assimilator of Anything.

Gemini: Bat. The Bat derives from the Air Element. Bats only come out at night as a sense of protection. They appear to be tiny until they stretch out their wings. So, with this, I am getting that normally you don’t appear to be threatening to anyone until they do something to wrong you. You can go from Zero to 100. No one knows who they are messing with. The wings are seen here with the color red which indicates your power and bravery against all odds. I’m hearing, “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will If I have to.” You’re a very good person at heart and you don’t wish ill upon many, but you’re not going to just sit there and take whatever it is being thrown your way. Going back to protection, most of you will feel as though you have to protect yourself, but for some of you you’re being protective of someone else. The Moon behind the bat could indicate timing for the Full Moon coming on March 18th, 2022. So, this event could take place around that time. The message of the bat speaks about the end of a chapter in your life and the closing of the door. The bat encourages you to move on with no regrets. Keywords: Darkness, Letting GO, Death leading to rebirth.

Libra: Oyster. The Oyster derives from the Water Element. There could be a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio involved in your situation. If not, the water element is compassionate, loving, intuitive, as well as emotional. The Oyster hides in their shell. There are beams of light shooting out all around their shell. Hiding their essence. I feel as though they just want to break free and are about to at any given moment. They are working on it and are about ready to release themselves. I feel like some of you have been in the process of trying to physically move homes. For others, I’m seeing you revealing your true selves. The message of the oyster speaks about taking your inner gifts for granted and not revealing them. You could be shy or doubtful and want to protect your deepest desires. This card tells you that it’s time to show the world your secret. Keywords: Patient, secret-keeper, Hiding inner treasures.

Element of Water. (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)

As I was shuffling I heard the phrase, ” Deem me most important and all will be fine.” I feel as though with this you want someone to show that you’re important to them or else. Almost as though it’s an ultimatum for some of you. I then heard the song “Breathe in” by Frou Frou.  As I cut the deck I spotted the Knight of Wands. Your cards are 7 Cups/ Ace Cups/ The Wheel of Fortune, with the overall energy of King of Cups. There has been a tremendous amount of confusion in your situation. When it has come to you and another I’m seeing miscommunication and lack of connection. Some of you haven’t spoken to this individual in a long time. Others have either not seen eye to eye with the other individual in question, or you have had a fallen out with each other and possibly broke up over whatever happened. The situation has caused a tremendous amount of stress and mental/emotional exhaustion. There has been a lot of “What ifs” and you just didn’t know what to do, Or if there was anything you COULD do for that matter. Maybe, you’ve tried so many things to get your relationship to work but nothing seemed to stick. For those with the individual not currently in your life, I am seeing an offer of renewal. For those involved, I am seeing hope coming to your stagnant situation. The issue at hand needs to be resolved with compassion and care, instead of brute force. Though I do see for some of you that you may need to utilize tough love when it comes to your partnership. There is a new beginning happening here, a new beginning in love. The wheel changes everything and gets the ball rolling. If you’re a single person and not involved in a relationship this tells me that someone new is entering into your life. With the phrase that came to me, you could be on a dating app, trying to find the one. It’s possible that someone has caught your eye, but you’re unsure if you’re the one they will choose overall…. This tells me that you will be the chosen one. The Knight of Wands is quick-moving energy that brings passion. Passion is not always a romantic passion, but a passion for change. Something you want and you want it right away. The King of Cups is stable and mature energy. Stability and Maturity are what you desire from a partner. Your cards add to 7/1. This speaks about the challenges you go through in order to bring this new chapter into your life.

Pisces: Camel. The Camel derives from the Earth Element. You could have a Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo involved in your situation. Earth signs strive for security on the Physical level. They are Solid, Stable, Hardworking, Serious, and generally care about their financial portfolio over all else. You could be placing importance on these characteristics yourself. This is what you desire from your partner. Or, if you’re single what you’re looking for in another. The camel appears to be intent on a goal. On the outside, it seems as though there is nothing wrong, but there is a bit of emotional turmoil hidden beneath the surface. You are uncertain and possibly disgusted by your issue. Rain falls down around the camel signaling the dilemma you face. The waxing crescent moon behind them signals a New Moon. We have a New Moon in your sign Tomorrow- March 2nd, 2022, and ends on March 10th, 2022.  The next waxing crescent will be around April 2, 2022. This is your possible time period. The message of the Camel speaks about being resilient no matter what the circumstances are. It also speaks about bringing opposites into balance. This could be you and another coming to an agreement. This could also be (for an EXTREMELY small portion of you) a Twin Reunion. I emphasize the term “Extremely” because The TF dynamic has gotten out of hand and many don’t realize that only 3% of the population on earth knows theirs in the physical. Everyone thinks they are with theirs or have met theirs. I’m sorry to be the bubble burster. But this is just not the case. I have plans to write on the dynamic as soon as the unseen tells me it’s time. Keywords: Resourceful, Independent, Know’s One Self.

Cancer: Phoenix. The Phoenix derives from Spirit. I see this as you being at a low point. You’re coming from a low point, that is. There’s a lot of heavy energy holding you down and it’s almost as though It is sucking the life right out of you. I’m seeing you struggling to break free at times. This tells me you’re on your way out of this energy and bursting forth into freedom. If you ever heard the phrase “The Phoenix rises from the ashes”, this is it. Each Wing can represent a person. Here, we have you facing another. There is tension between the two of you. But I am seeing as though you are working together and feeding off of the other to get out of “this mess”. Cooperation and collaboration are happening. The Phoenix comes with the message of transformation from your past. After long-term suffering, you’re taking a stand, not with rage, but with clarity. Keywords: Freedom from Suffering & Past Karma, Reincarnation.

Scorpio: Nightingale. The Nightingale derives from the Air Element. You could have an Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra involved in your situation. The characteristics of Air contain Analysis, Overthinking which could lead to mental exertion, Communication, “Two sides to every story”, Seeking a balance between opposites. Here we have a nightingale standing on top of a Full moon screaming (I heard a phrase from a song- Screaming infidelities by Dashboard confessional… it’s not for everyone). This bird wants to be heard. You want to know if you matter to another, “Don’t I matter???”. You’re wondering what you did wrong. Questions and conversations can shed some light. The message of the Nightingale speaks about communication in order to heal your wounds. You can even do this through song lyrics and poetry. If you feel that you cannot speak to the person that caused pain (If they have blocked you or told you to no longer contact them) you can write it down for yourself then burn it to release the pain. Keywords: Fearless Voice, Speech, Communication, or Song.

Element of Earth. ( Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo.)

As I was shuffling I heard the song, “Hold Me Now” by the Thompson Twins. As I cut the Deck I spotted the Knight of Cups. Your Cards are King of Wands/ Queen of Swords/ 9 of Pentacles. Your overall Energy is Queen of Wands. You have a lot of people and energies showing up in your reading!! The first thought is separation and/or divorce for some of you. But that definitely is not the message for all. The Knight of Cups can be a Water sign but carries the message of a slow emotional change, as well as the beginning of a romance. The King of Wands is a Fire sign and is the “partner” to the Queen of Wands. The Queen of Swords is an Air Sign. This Air sign “takes no shit!!” and the fact that they are in the negative just makes it worse. The King of Wands is also in the negative. Here, we have two people in complete and total disarray. They are fighting and while one of them is looking directly at the other, the other is totally ignoring what is being said. They are being defiant, while the other is being stubbornly forceful. This is a bad cycle to be in. Differences are much harder to work out this way. Normally, The Queen of Swords can give clarity and direct answers to the most puzzling questions, but she is shut down. The King of Wands is very creative with ideas that flow through them, but in the negative, they become rigid and stuck on their way being the only way. Hitting a Brick wall is how I see this scenario. For those that may be going through a separation or divorce, you’re attempting to divide your assets. Who gets what in other words. Neither one of you agree. It seems as though this King really wants something that the Queen refuses to agree on. If you have another person involved in this scenario they just may be the driving force behind the King’s actions. Know that this person only cares about themselves and basically gave the King an ultimatum on what to get in order to be with them. This is so horrible. The third person is the type of person that does not belong here on earth in my opinion. Priorities are completely messed up. That’s neither here nor there because most of you aren’t dealing with that in your situation. If you’re dealing with an issue on your own, This Queen is known to be someone such as a Lawyer/Judge or even a surgeon. So, you could be having issues when it comes to legality. Your reading ends on a good note with the 9 of Pentacles. This is someone who is very content with all that they have. They are surrounded by comfort and financial security. Contentment and satisfaction surround this 9. Your cards add to 9/7/10/1. The 7 speaks of the challenges one must go through on their own (9) Being on your own in this issue is the 9, which gives you time for introspection. 10 is the end of a cycle and there with the 1, you have your new beginning.

Capricorn: Golden Egg. The Golden Egg derives from Spirit. Here you will see something so very precious that it must be kept in a secure spot. This is not only like a special box with velvet lining but could also be a safe. Whether an object or a person you long to keep it protected. This is also a symbol of patience. How long it takes for the gestational process to occur. The message of the Golden Egg speaks about meditation and the practice of Yoga. About how helpful both of these things can be during times of Tribulation. It is connected to the fourth Chakra, called Anahata; which is the home of the self and the soul. Whatever question rests heavily on the heart, be open to what you receive during meditation.

Taurus: Firefly. The Firefly derives from Air. There could be an Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra involved in your situation. The Air Element is very communicative and mentally driven. So, you could also be stuck within your own thoughts and wanting or needing to speak about them. How such a tiny bug can emit so much light… the smallest thought that you may not have considered could be the solution. You may feel as though it’s impossible to stand out amongst the crowd, but know that you’re seen. You have so many ideas that need to be shared. The message of the Firefly indicates a moment of inspiration or awakening that quickly fades. Don’t wait too long to move forward. The time is now. Keywords: Inspired and Fantastic, Yet Fleeting.

Virgo: Wolf. The Wolf derives from Earth. Sometimes when you walk into a room people stop what they are doing or take a deep breath. They don’t know what they can expect from you. The ones that do know how you are wait to hear what you have to say next. Some of you cause people to feel like they walk on eggshells. You have this powerful energy without doing a thing. Just your eyes sometimes can communicate messages to others. The wolf sits there with no fear. The wolf is not someone to mess with. The Message within this card speaks about the wolf’s mission to uphold the well-being and longevity of the pack. Your energy is expressed through activism, mentorship, humanitarian efforts, or teaching. Where the wolf may fail is when you assume that another person should do things as you see fit. You are asked to practice tolerance to balance out any agitation that you may feel due to another. Keywords: Guardian of Family & Tribe, Activism, Ritual.

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

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RJ Worrell

What is Coming in 2022, And Where We’ve Been.

First of all, let me apologize for being MIA since December of 2019. I hadn’t planned such action or lack thereof. I am normally guided by the unseen when it comes to the actions that I take, and I don’t always understand why until much later on. I had been working consistently at what I do for years. My hiatuses never lasted for longer than a month tops. So, it’s just as a surprise to me as it is for those that follow me. It’s not very good for business or social media platforms. I am what I am. I just am.  Now, let’s go back in time before moving forward, shall we?

2020/ Judgment

Nearing the end of 2019 there sat ominous energy that I couldn’t pinpoint. It would drive me crazy at times wondering what it was and where it was coming from. Sometimes, the energy I feel could be from another individual or it becomes global. Many times, I keep what I feel to myself due to the conditioning I had growing up. I couldn’t rely on others to tell me the truth, and I would rather not put myself out there to wallow in mystery. I went away on vacation for a few weeks like I do every Christmas and New Year. The whole time I am there it kept picking away at my energy and nagging at every ounce of my being. Needless to say that by the end of the vacation I felt like I needed another all to myself. Now, normally everyone feels that way… but this was something a bit different. I felt as though I had to lock myself away for a while to ponder over what this nagging energy could possibly be!!

Let me take you to the fact of something that some of you know at this point in time, but for those that don’t… We have been in the same transit as we were when WWII, The Great Depression, and The Spanish flu happened. Let that sink in. I knew this was coming since I also study Astrology (both Western and Vedic). Uranus (The Great Awakening), the planet of revolution moved into Taurus on May 18, 2018, and will stay there until April 26, 2026.

2020 was Judgment Year with the shadow of the Emperor (20/4). I watched while many were put into the spotlight for their wrongdoings in their past (Judgment).  It wasn’t a surprise to me that the virus didn’t end in June 2020, as the President at the time stated it may. I told many that ‘No, it would not,’, and to not get their hopes up, as the Spanish flu lasted for about 2 years time. I wasn’t stating that the virus would last two years, but that is more of the timeline we are looking at no matter what anyone says. The Virus is all about Money. I can’t tell you where or how because I do not follow politics. It was/is also about Power (Emperor). Keep in mind that I began writing this in the summer and was stopped by the energies that surround me.  I give the timeline of March/April 2022 for some of the situations to calm down, but this is never going away.

Emperor with the Minor Lessons: 4 of Swords, 4 of Cups, 4 of Wands, and 4 of Pentacles. One of Reprieve, Mental/Physical Sickness, Rest, and Isolation. Second of Apathy and Emotional Sickness. Third of Stability, A Homecoming, A Partial Celebration. Last of Greed, Material Constipation, A Refusal. The Emperor is shown here keeping two sides at bay, but holding the force controlling it all.

With 2020, also being a FOUR year… we began seeing new structures being put into action. Number Four is about building foundations that are secured into the future. The Emperor is a leader who sets down rules but can break them personally at any time. Though, one would hope that their “leader” wouldn’t do such a thing. It’s best to be respected than feared; to Lead with integrity.

Around October of 2020, a friend of mine who knows that I will conduct readings on presidential elections without watching them asked me who I thought would win. I hadn’t conducted my normal ritual of reading but said to her, “It’s Trump, but something is very wrong and I don’t know what.” As the months unfolded we all see what happened. Though some still think it was all a rouse. I’m not going to debate this as I get my information in a way that isn’t physically seen to be proven. Not to mention it’s basically pointless to debate certain topics. Do know that whoever is there is meant to be there for whatever Universal purpose at the time. Even if it’s a messed up situation as to how they got there. I can sit here and go back and forth on this issue, but with who is there now, it makes more sense to me that 2021 is a FIVE year.

Hierophant with the Minor Lessons: The 5 of Swords, The 5 of Wands, the 5 of Cups, and the 5 of Pentacles. One of Hostility and winning at all costs. Second of Tedious Spats and Battles. Who is better than Whom, Who knows more than whom. Third of Depression, the Morning after, the Hangover, focused most of what has been lost, Regret, Mourning. (I’m not surprised if there were many sober who relapsed during 2020). Last of Great spiritual need, Material need, Much has been hoarded.

Five is normally known as an exciting number concerning change, but I personally never liked the number. I love change, don’t get me wrong. I am constantly transforming throughout the year, which can be a bit tiresome and irritating as my path is a continuous flow of changing routes. Everyone transforms throughout their lives. Some transform slower than others. It’s not a competition. Everyone has their own way of being. This isn’t the Olympics. I transform TOO much. It’s in my personal chart whether I like it or not. So, I’m very aware of what FIVE is about. FIVE is reorganization and adaptation. Think of all of the changes that have taken place this year. It’s almost as though life, as we have been living it, flipped all at once instead of gradually. Some people went along with the changes while others rioting argued and fought against the changes.

Now, I will take you to the Hierophant… which is number 5 in the Tarot. I have such disdain for this card going back 20 years. I swear I dislike this card the most out of the 78. It does have a few good points to it such as spiritual wisdom, but I believe this was completely flipped in this situation. The main idea of this card speaks about “conformity to social standards, or a deference to the established social moral order”. And that is exactly what has been going on this year. You either choose to go with the flow and do what is “expected” or you revolt against it. Those that revolt are punished. Even by their own loved ones. The Hierophant is beautiful, isn’t he? You’re not allowed to have a voice with him. How dare you go against the tides! I stay quiet… I’m more of an observer. I pick my battles wisely, and I don’t budge with my own decisions. I don’t have the desire to speak about them openly. I do what I feel is right, and what I am compelled to do by the unseen. It does get me in trouble sometimes, but it is within sticky situations that we learn our most important and soul-growing lessons best. The main reason we keep coming back. To perfect our own souls. Focus on your own backyard… you have your own journey. Try not to judge others as they have their own path.

The Lovers with the Minor Lessons: The 6 of Wands, The 6 of Cups, The 6 of Swords, and The 6 of Pentacles. Choose your Path Wisely. Go With your Emotions and What You Feel is Right or Listen to Your Mind and Worry What Others May Think. One is of Pure Victory and Success, A Success that is RIghtfully Yours. The second is of Childhood, Seeing Old Friends and Family Members, Rehashing the Past, A Coming Together of Past Loves, Possible Twin Flame Reunion. The third is of Physical Travel, Travel Over Water, Travel Over Seas, but Most Importantly, it is of Moving Away from Hazardous Thoughts and Conditions in one’s life. Last is of Charity, Support, Giving to Those in Need, Volunteer Work– Who truly needs it the most and who does not.

So, where are we heading in 2022?…. It’s a SIX year. The main keywords to take note of are Balance, Support, Healing, Compassion, and Equality. I know a lot of you will eyeball that last term as one of the major revolts has to do with it. It all sounds lovely, but there is always the flip side. Greed. Light can’t exist without dark and vice versa. I believe in a way 2022 will be a bit of a break for us. But that doesn’t come without a cost. It is just giving us a rest prior to SEVEN and EIGHT. Seven is a challenging number, just like Five is. Seven Grows your soul more than any other number!! Many will grow a backbone in 2023. Five preps the seven, you see. Five is like boot camp. Six is the break. Seven is the battle. 2023 gives us both 7 and 5.

The Chariot with the Minor Lessons: The 7 of Cups, The 7 of Wands, The 7 of Swords, and the 7 of Pentacles. The first is of Confusion; given there are various options to choose from. Which one will lead you in the best direction in the future? Again, you are asked to choose wisely. (use your intuition). The Second is of Holding down the fort and standing your ground against adversity, People will try to push you off, but will you let them? (Stand Strong). The third is Manipulation Tactics. Doing what needs to be done in order to get what you want. Last is of the fruits of your labor. 7 months to 7 years. When is the right time to harvest the seeds you have planted? What seeds could have been planted Globally? The Chariot pushes forth against all odds; hoisting the light and the dark, attempting to get them to cooperate until the finish line.

If you have prepped well and utilized your time wisely this year, you’ll be ready for it. If not, make sure to do so in the coming months.

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

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Water Element – June 2019

Welcome to June, Water Signs! This is for Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio! I cannot believe we are already halfway through 2019! Where have I been?  Where have you been? What has transpired in your life so far?? It’s insane that half of the year has flown by so quickly!! This year is a time for creative activity, for progressive planning and for decisive action. What have you been creating, planning and what actions have you taken thus far? The influence of what you begin this year takes you through the next 8! I have conducted a collective read and then went individually into each sign.

I’m seeing the collective opening up in June. There is this energy of holding on tightly to something that you don’t want to let go of. But this quick and transformative change comes dashing in to rearrange the environment surrounding you. Some of you may have a visitor coming to you- A mother Figure. Other’s will begin to open up to the possibilities of creation. There is travel and movement to distant places. If you have been refusing to budge know that what transpires puts you right on target with where you need to be on this specific path. There is a major goal to have harmony within your home and when it comes to friendships.

C A N C E R: The number 6 dominates your reading telling me that you’re aiming to create a sense of peace and comfort within your life. You have Two Major Arcana speaking about taking matters into your own hands to get what you feel you deserve.

You will have a conversation about information that you have learned, either through speaking with another person or finding this out for yourself. I feel as though most of you had to wait to have this communication come through in order to feel more confident and secure about what message you wanted to relay and get across. You definitely are trying to gain a sense of stability at this time. Aiming to “get ahead of the game”. Most of you will be feeling good at the moment, but yet you desire more. You’re not quite there yet…. Where you want to fully be. Some of you may have to prove yourself in some way to be able to advance in prosperity. Try not to be too fixated when it comes to your views and be open to new ideas and situations. Stop resisting and let go of any fears that you may have.

There is financial gain and recognition surrounding you in June. You’re looking forward to coming out on top and being declared the winner or at the very least feeling like one. You must continue to work as hard as possible at this time to achieve what you desire. The only way out of your current situation is to continue forward and to devote more time and dedication than you would really like. It won’t be this way forever. This is just what I am seeing that you have to do for now. Don’t give up or else you may have to start from the beginning again. You don’t want to lose all of the effort that you have put in so far. Try not to feel entrapped by this situation. Instead, utilize this time to see this as an opportunity to gain more strength within yourself. You will end up inspiring others, who will admire your dedication. You will receive what you’ve put into this. So definitely don’t give up!!

P I S C E S: The Number 5 dominates your reading. This speaks about Changes. There are Challenges brought on by other people and you’re trying to gain freedom from oppressive situations. I am seeing one Major Arcana that tells the story of how it is your turn to create your set of rules and traditions to live and abide by.

I feel as though you want to connect to someone but you feel held back. You want to communicate and come together in agreement. This could be an individual that you already know who you haven’t spoken to in a while. For other’s this is about meeting someone new. But, I’m seeing a “falling out” occurring when it comes to a group of friends. I believe you had a message similar to this for the month of May. This energy is carrying over into June. You will want to reconcile your differences, or at the very least not end things in a negative manner. You don’t want to cause hurt feelings or to have any type of enemy. I’m seeing that you refused to even think about or consider this situation and/or individual… as though you put it off to the side and decided just to ignore it and focus on other things. I’m seeing this imagery as though any time your mind wanted to drift to this other person, you would fill any type of silence with excessively speaking about just anything and everything that came to mind. As though you were trying to dominate through use of words, instead of welcoming any type of intuitive download or thought about them to creep into your thoughts. It’s almost as though thinking about them was some type of torture. There was Guilt, there was regret, there was a feeling of betrayal… too many nights spent overthinking this situation.

I feel as though there is one specific individual out of the group who you didn’t realize was being sneaky and telling lies, and spreading rumors. But you sure as hell found out, or will if you haven’t yet. This is a pretty nasty person. Two faced. I feel as though they are envious of you… envious of what you have. Jealous of your power. I’m seeing mind games being played upon you by this individual. Them trying to amuse themselves by provoking you. There is tension and a sense of restriction. You won’t stand for this anymore. You’re about to do what you must do in order to take back control and regain something or someone you once lost due to this person. You’re going to focus completely on how to organize a specific plan. (for some of you I’m hearing “A plan of attack.”) I’m seeing sacrifices and compromises being made. A whole new Beginning and a fresh start waits for you in June, Pisces!

S C O R P I O: You guys have 3 numbers – 3, 5 and 7 dominating your reading. This is Growth through external and internal challenges being presented to you. It is the External challenges that will test your internal self. External challenges are brought to you by other people and outside situations where you feel as though you don’t have any control over the matter. You also have 4 Major Arcane telling the story that you must take lead in your situation, that you have the power to work through these obstacles, to heal, to compromise, to gain peace to this situation, through observation of the various scenarios that you need to impliment in order to create the success you desire.

I see that you’re coming from a place where you have been through a very long process of trying out different solutions and making compromises within your situation. Knowing when to be soft, when to be tough. When to speak and when to back off. Some of you were quite dedicated to continually trying to improve yourselves. This took a lot of control, though not forced control. There were readjustments that had to be made. I’m seeing that you gave up the “fight”, you’re giving up putting anymore effort into the situation. You feel as though it has been “all for nothing”. What you were working towards didn’t pan out. You’re focused on the fact that things didn’t go your way. It saddens some of you and you’re disappointed. You are required to learn from your mistakes at this time. You must aim to make sense out of what you are left with. I’m feeling a bit of resistance when it comes to moving on. Even, when it comes to reflection for some of you… you just don’t want to face what is happened or has happened. You have a desire to go back in time and change the course of events.

In June, you will be spending time in suspension. This is a time when there isn’t much action being taken, most likely on your end of this situation… you are stuck in a state where things are happening around you that you have no control over. Some of you may feel helpless. “Hands tied behind your back”. You feel as though there is nothing you can do. Others will willingly put themselves in this state so that they can analyze more fully to get the bigger picture in order to understand just what it is that needs to be done. This is a transitional period in your life. This is HUGE for a lot of you. I’m hearing, “Just let it go”… Deep breaths… just let it go. Let go and allow what needs to happen. I am seeing that you anticipate problems arising, and so you will make plans and gather information in order to try and prevent even more issues from popping up. You’re not only going to have a plan A, but also a Plan B and C. This is how prepared you want to be. I’m seeing dishonesty coming from this situation since some of you feel as though that is the only thing that may help you. Try to be as honest as possible in June. You may not get exactly what you want, but you won’t lose completely. Even if things don’t work out in your favor, you don’t want to be seen in a bad light when all is said and done.

Have a Wonderful Month of June!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell