Stop Selling Your Soul (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius- August 2019)

Tarot of Dreams- Success comes in the end.

You’ve been “selling your soul” up until now. Your Main issues surround your family, the family home, childhood, the past or memories. You will deal with these issues head on instead of allowing them to fester any longer. It has been energy draining and soul sucking enough. You must free yourself. Yes, there’s been something long term going on that has caused periods of disappointment, regret and grief. I believe the regret would come more so from allowing whatever this is to continue for so long. Holding your tongue is not an option anymore. Or preventing yourself from BECOMING much more is coming to an end.

To other people it will seem like you’re walking away from a fire. You are coming into this new moon as the Tower. There are some of you that may start drama or chaos around you within your immediate enviornment that will spiral outward onto extended family members or friends, colleagues. . It’s not that you want to start this own fire of yours, I mean, a small portion of you might,  But it’s really because You have either had an epiphany or you’re fed up with the way that you’ve been living or treated by others. You’re sick of the situation as a whole. You will see everything and everyone for what it truly is. And it is causing you to either explode or voice your opinions on the matter once and for all before finally walking away. It may not even be you that explodes with anger in this situation, it may be certain people around you that don’t like what you have to say. Your own sense of explosion could be just allowing your thoughts and feelings to come forth instead of holding them in. Thoughts and emotions that have been building up over time causing a volcanic like eruption. For those that detest drama, this has been one of the hardest things to keep to yourself and experience. Though you’ve been growing through this in a very tremdously way!! Becoming stronger as a human being, as a Soul as you find out and begin to stick to your own belief system. You don’t want to cause a rift but the whole time you kept it to yourself, you felt sick. Either with physical ailments, or negative thoughts. Also showing up as periods of low self worth. There is definitely a breakthrough coming to you guys in August. This could be aided through the power of The New Moon in Leo which gives you intense courage to break through barriers. Whatever has been unhealthy within your life is about to “meet it’s maker.”

You are ready for something entirely new! You will be fearless in your pursuit. Other’s may try to warn you or scold your choice, but you won’t allow them entry into your own bubble of beginning. I’m seeing you going about your business as eyes are in Awe of you. “What is she/he doing?? What will they do next?? Have they thought this through?!?” For those reading about a Fire sign in their life you need to know that YES… most of them have thought this through for the past several months, if not years. These Fire Signs have dug DEEPLY into themselves and the situation, looking at it from every angle, pondering, stressing out, possibly encountering moments of sadness, moments of discouragement, moments of trepidation… but the feeling that drives them the most in this situation that they will face— What drives YOU Fire signs the most… is FREEDOM. Plain and simple. The glimpse you are or will be given at what life could be like or what life will feel like once this is conquered and put to rest is such a powerful release that brings instant joy. A massive weight slips off your shoulders. That’s the energy that I’m feeling. It’s like after battle, you release and drop your armor.

I’m seeing that what is or has been preventing this change is the fact that you have had to be the one to juggle multiple tasks, multiple projects, multiple personalities even (I’m not speaking about having a disorder, though some of you could have one– No shame in that!) What I mean is putting on a façade for people. Or dulling your own light, your own abilities, your own strengths, whatever truly makes you YOU, you may not have been showing it off 100 percent. You may have shown yourself as doing well and happy, meanwhile you weren’t. Telling other’s that everything is Great when it’s truly not.  Some of you have been very caught up in the day to day life, as though you don’t have time for yourself or can catch a breather. There are things that may have been more important to tend to that took up your time, as well as your own energy. Low energy leads to not being able to focus on what you truly want. It’s very frustrating when you stop and think about it. Then you can end up getting angry at the ones who you feel take up the most energy and time from you.

Your advice…. Is to Try to have a positive outlook and celebrate what  you’ve accomplished so far. Keep focusing on the good things. Trust in who you are. Trust in the process and the what you move forward with. Live in the now, be present and mindful of the now. This is about a new start, new energy on the level of values. A move to a fresh outlook, more free, more liberating and – a bit more selfish, in the sense of having the confidence to trust what you value and cherish.

To me, this is about individuality, about a healthy ego, inner vision and faith in the future. So, have confidence that you have accomplished much already, even if it doesn’t seem that way, and that your inner vision can bring some concrete, positive structure in and around your life. This can also get reflected in building a home, a new family – home is the most basic structure. You need to put yourself  first to be who you are and trust in yourselves. Then you can build as much as you want.

How you can help yourself at this time is to let go of what you are juggling… be it physically or mentally. Get rid of the excess baggage that you’ve been carrying. The negative cycles of the never ending mind. The attachment to the way you’ve been living, leave the actual person you’ve been involved with… for most of you this has become very codependent. Them mostly relying on you for many things that they should be doing themselves. You want me to call and make you a doctors appointment??? You don’t have fingers of your own?? Lol

What you need and truly desire is One on one connections where you meet on the same energy level, understand each other completely and even telepathically… just one person is all you need to feel at peace. You don’t need every single person to understand you or to complete you. You don’t need all those acquaintances or 1,000 friends on Facebook. Ask yourself, Are they really friends after all? Why keep them there? Are they supportive? If so, keep them, if not.. Delete them. If it’s a PAGE or a business or if you’re a celebrity, then yes… but when it comes to personal business…. Delete the unnecessary, if you choose to.

For your outcome in August, I am seeing SUCCESS you can be quite proud of!! Admiration from others. Some of you will get a shit ton of attention from this. One thing that is for certain is that many people will be talking about you. But you will only care about this huge hurdle that you have overcome to get to this place. When you feel like you’re on cloud 9…. You’re there for quite a while until someone comes along trying to pop your bubble. There is always someone to “bring you down to earth”.. Hopefully, in the best possible way. Just like there is like and dark, there are ups and downs… it’s the only way for life to stay balanced and for you to keep growing. When we are off kilter, we learn… we when become balanced, we’re at peace. It’s stuff like this that causes you to appreciate these moments even more so… it’s that rush, that FEELING you get inside that will refuse any negativity- be it person or event— to destroy this amazing moment for you.

Spirit Animal that you will exhibit during this time…

Aries: Hawk / Lion (both carry this respectful presense– Top Dog energy) You have been as strong as possible for a very long time in your life. Practicing as much tolerance as possible. Trying to remain grounded. You are about to become a Hawk. This time, instead of hanging on the ground you are about to embark upon a flight to see the bigger picture. You also are metaphorically TAKING OFF in life, leveling up,

Leo: Panther / Vulture (both are territorial)– The Vulture is needed for purification of you and your enviornment. It helps to bring things back into balance. It represents taking care of the dirty work that must be done. Cleaning up a mess that was made in your situation. While this is all taking place in your world you will embody the Panther for August. The Panther represents ridding yourself of the unnecessary. Of Purging. If your situation has been stagnating, you will experience a type of universal interruption in order for your life to restructure itself on a solid foundation.

Sag: Owl/ Gazelle (Both are in a “waiting and watching” mode — Going by instincts.) Your intuitive nudges become heightened at this time. There will be a circumstance that beings you beneficial help. This is either from someone you know and trust or from an offer that has the ability to bring more success into your life. As the Gazelle, You’ve been testing the waters to gain more awareness on what it is that you should bring about. As you embody the power of the Owl, in August, You will make decisions based upon your intuitive hunches.


In the past….. You felt like you had no support. It was  a time when you were feeling isolated and lonely. Perhaps you have (or will) separate yourself from others to “pull yourself together”, and reflect on your life. There were obstacles, and someone or more likely a group may have been interfering with your business … meddling. I’m seeing you waiting it out, then seeking legal advice, then fighting. It may not be in that exact order for all of you. You may even choose to do only one or two of those depending upon your specific situation. I’m seeing Selfishness, most likely from others, that has  played a HUGE role to this problem of yours.

MANNAZ is the rune of assistance and teamwork. You can expect to receive some sort of help and cooperation now. Could be  in the form of good advice. now is a very good time to implement any plans. It speaks of constructive activity with the assistance of many people.  be on the lookout for a new acquaintance, one that will enlarge your outlook and contacts. For a small portion of you, This rune may indicate magical ability …may also mean trouble with women, as always, look to the placement in the spread and the surrounding runes. Women conducting black magic.

You are also surrounded by the rune of completion, this  represents a time in your life when all  loose strings are tied and you are free to move in a new direction .a successful conclusion to the problem at hand. This is also rune of relief. A time of no anxiety.  a milestone in your life, very possibly the realization of a dream.  the birth of a child,  it’s a new job. , the milestone is a new love affair. Sometimes this rune brings news of a stranger coming into your life. This rune shows the ending of an old phase of your life and the beginning of more exciting phase. Positive energies and feelings of deliverance are indicated.

Oracle: Water Element- Sensing 40/ Sun spirit 1—

This speaks about utilizing your intuition during this time in your life. Allowing yourself to feel into others and their wants. Opening up — when you’ve been closed off. Sharing bits of yourself. With the Sun Spirit, you guys feel right at home, Especially, Aries. Aries is the First sign in the Zodiac. All of you will embody such a independent state of being during this time with boosted confidence and courage to take on and tackle what needs to be done in order to achieve the success that you desire.

I hope you have a Wonderful August!

Blessed Be to you and Yours!

RJ Worrell

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