Aries, Leo & Sagittarius- December Fire Elemental Reading.

Welcome to December, Fire Signs! This reading is for Aries, Leo & Sagittarius. This is a general Reading. Be sure to read your Rising and Moon Signs as well. You may venture to to find out your ASC (Rising) and Moon.

With the Lenormand, your main focus for December is on your Health (Mental and Spiritual). Not so much Physical health. Though I must state that when your Mental and Spiritual Health is in need of help it will seep into your Physical body to become more known if you do nothing about it. You could end up physically ill. I’m seeing Stress building up causing restlessness. This is eating away at you over a period of time. It’s becoming imperative to do something about it. For some of you, you may be dealing with the Government, Judicial system or an organization that is placing boundaries and restrictions upon you. This could be a social media platform as well; algorithms, banned hashtags, banned keywords. Apparently, now on FB if you use the word Tarot, then no one is going to see your post accept for yourself. Shadow banning.  I’m seeing things changing for you, though you may have to plan in advance how you will go about either getting what you want or fixing the situation. There is a solution here for you. You either know this or will find this out sooner rather than later. Some of you may be dealing with a Masculine individual who has mental/emotional issues… There is this Karmic cycle that they have to go through and it causes them to carry this heavily conflicted energy. I feel them being able to get the help that they desperately need. There is a wish coming true for you, that has been long held to be given when the time is right.

When it comes to the Tarot:

First things first! Your reading is being DOMINATED by Cups. I have 8 cards placed before me; 6 are Cups; One is The Moon… ALL of these are about your emotions, intuition and your emotional life. You have two majors- The Magician and the Moon. This is all within your own control, my Wicked Souls. 😉

You’re coming into December either walking away from unsatisfactory circumstances, turning your back on someone or what once was. I feel as though you carry a heavy burden on your shoulders. Some of you may feel as though you must do this all on your own without seeking help. There is this energy of experiencing a burn out or nearing a burn out. You’ve reached this point of letting go. 8 is the number of strength and courage to do what must be done against all odds. You’re seeking change in your life brought upon by emotional boredom, inertia and dissatisfaction with the status quo. You’re Looking back on past experiences to see where to go from here.

Others can see the way that you’re feeling; you’re definitely not hiding this! People may be trying to get together with you, invite you out somewhere, emailing, texting, calling,… but you have no desire to accept or reach back out. If you do reach back out, it can take you days to weeks to get back to them. It’s as though there is nothing they can do that will motivate you. I feel as though your focus is on the past, or what has not come about for you. This is a “wallowing” type of energy. Possibly intense sadness for some. I’m hearing, “not taking a chance…. What is the point?” So, yes, past disappointment got you to this place. You don’t want your time wasted anymore. Even if someone were to be honest about what they are offering you, even if it were from someone you care about and trust, you’re blocking them out. It’s a defense mechanism. You’re trying to protect yourself. Subconsciously, you’re protecting yourself, physically you may be unwavering and numb.

The Blockage of your desires and goals could come from another individual. This person could be a water sign (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio), if it is not yourself. This person has a tendency to become overemotional because they are internalizing their feelings for a long period of time before they show them. When they do release their emotions it comes out of the blue quickly surprising the other person. It feels like a roller coaster- it’s very tumultuous and unpredictable. They could be trying to pull you back in- afraid they will lose you. I feel as though you have pretty much worn your heart on your sleeve and have been taken advantage of one too many times. You want to care for and protect those you love and people seem entirely selfish. Or it’s a specific individual that has been selfish. Continually taking from you and not really giving back. Possibly only reaching out when they need help, but never reaching out to ask how you’re doing and to catch up. It’s always about them and their problems. That could why some of you are cut off. YOU are choosing to cut people out who use you. I commend you! 🙂 Don’t feel bad, if you’re doing this. You have to put yourself first from here on out.

I’m seeing you taking control of your life and with what is going on. You’re looking to get things done and squared away. Be sure to delegate certain tasks to others. Specifically, tasks that are trivial and would take away time needed for more important things on your list. Say, you’ve picked up more work or clients and the house is becoming a complete mess- ask your kids and/or partner to help out. You need the extra time to be directed and given to your own progress.

You may be in a dull period emotionally but, I am seeing that you need to gather hope again. Look forward to the future. Regain that sense of newness, of opportunity and excitement to get things moving. To become motivated again, turn to things that would help—- Music plays a huge role in inspiring people or a class you’ve thought about taking. I’m seeing something from the past playing a big role in this. Could be someone from the past that could inspire this new direction. You need to take time to yourself. A break. To just enjoy the moment that is free from stress or expectations.  Try simplifying your life as well. Cutting down on certain obligations, especially if you have overextended yourself.

I’m seeing you being able to work through problems and to move away from heaviness– heavy emotions. You’ll be able to communicate your needs and wants. You will be exploring a whole new path for yourself in the future. This could be a path that you have only dreamed about, but haven’t fully taken action on. You may still be unsure as to how it will all work out, but you will have this inner knowing about it propelling you forward. This is like walking on a long, dark and twisted road where you only see your feet before you… yet, you continue to walk knowing you can’t turn back.

Spirit Animal:

Aries: Moth/Earthworm- One of Air and the Other of Earth. The Moth rises above towards clarity as the Earthworm remains grounded. Moths signify to me a death is about to occur. This is usually a physical death that I will hear about in a matter of two weeks. An extremely small portion of you will hear about a physical death. keep in mind, that most deaths I hear about aren’t of people I personally know. They could be a friends uncle, or a friends boyfriends cousin. The other side of the Moth deals with a transformative state. In this case, it will be your Mind and how you think. You will be able to rise above old thought patterns that have held you in place. With the Earthworm as your Overall energy, you will be able to remain grounded as you change the way in which you think. In the Spirit Animal Oracle the Moth comes with the keywords: Impulsive, Hasty, Wishful.  This is a warning… not to head towards something that you feel will ultimately “fix” your problems or be an easy solution. This is the “grass is greener” card. ” No matter the illusion, no one is exempt from the trials and tribulations of this great journey. Practice seeing life as an infinite mystery rather than wishing it was easier or different. Looking at the card of the earthworm I feel as though you are turning and twisting into yourself. This card comes with the keywords of shy, hesitant, reluctant to share inner vision. It’s that feeling you get when you really want to do something so badly but you feel like you shouldn’t. Speak up, risk embarrassment.

Leo: Crow/Hyena — There seems like there is or will be a lot of “talk” about you and what you’re doing. Hyena’s remind me of gossipers and shit starters. Their energy is quick, nervous, as well as fearful. The Crow on the other hand is wise, psychic and strong. The Crow protects what is most important to them, what is special. The Crow also knows that the choices they make are the right ones, as they only listen to themselves. They allow their Souls and gut instinct to lead them. Crows also know their way back to specific places and faces, no matter how long they have been away. I feel as though a lot of you want to change direction in your life, you may have a plan in place already and feel that it is Exactly what you want… You know you have to face adversary on this path. You’re going to do it anyway. You’re going to protect what is most important to you. The Crow comes with the keywords: Spiritually Strong, Creative and Watchful. You will carry the gift this month for “Seeing the unseen & knowing the unknown.” which will work out well for you through the Moonlight that you will enter during your own journey. The Hyena comes with the keywords: Humor, Wit, Sarcasm. This is about the realization of unfulfilled dreams. You may have been playing it off for a while as though a specific dream meant absolutely nothing to you, when deep within it meant everything. You felt as though you couldn’t show it to others, or speak about it to others. And now, through all of the heckling of ridicule that the Hyena makes, you will fulfill this dream regardless of what other’s say or think about it.

Sagittarius: Otter/ Starfish — Both of these are of the Water Element. I feel as though you carry this longing for something or someone. You are patiently on alert… waiting. As though something (someone) is about to come around the bend, or up over the hill. You are waiting in anticipation. You may even feel this energy internally as if something big is coming. The Starfish also holds tight to something until the time comes to release the grip and move along with the current. The Starfish is alluring… you are in awe by whatever this is. Some of you may feel as though you’re under a spell of some type. I see as though you are standing there frozen. “Deer in headlights”. This is definitely something unexpected even though you feel something is coming, you won’t expect THIS. 😉 It is something completely different than from what you are thinking or imagining. The Otter comes with the keywords of: Unobstructed Joy, Playfulness, Contentment. You will be without the presence of doubt, worry, or skepticism. No more Gloominess, Sighs of woe or making excuses. The Starfish comes with the keywords of: Beautiful, Alluring, Superficial or Shallow. I feel as though the main keyword is Alluring when it comes to this particular channeling. I’m not feeling anything superficial or shallow, unless it is an energy coming from an individual in your world that is not yourself. Make sure that you are not swayed by anything other than what the core of yourself believes in or wants. You cannot take a person’s “word for it”. You must feel into your own gut instinct. You may feel mesmerized, but stay grounded the whole time.

Black Moon Oracle: 11th house/ Grand Trine- The 11th house deals with the Public eye and our associations to other’s. This is where our goals and objectives become fulfilled. This reveals to us what we achieve from the effort we have put into the past months. In this case, what you’ve been working towards is almost at it’s destination. Normally, when someone has a Grand Trine in their birth chart they are “magically” set up to become well known in their field or famous. You could have a Grand Trine in Fire; where you’re courageous, original and inspiring to others. You would then be Known in the artistic or creative field. A Grand Trine in Air; Where you’re highly intelligent and an amazing communicator. You would then be a type of motivational speaker. There’s also a Grand Trine in Earth and Water. A grand Trine brings great blessings into your life with what you’re attempting to achieve. It brings a sense of wholeness and completion. This blessing didn’t come easy for you. You had to work through some severe obstacles to get to this point in order to be rewarded. Your luck is on the verge of a major turnaround. The Universe is focused on You.

Oracle of Visions: 42/29- Card 42 is about setting a target, a goal, something to strive for, a purpose. Motivated by need or ambition, you now have something to aim for; which for most of you is success in your chosen field. It’s easy enough to dream and establish goals. The question now is whether that dream is realistically achievable, or distracting fantasy that will not come about. At times you may have dealt with feelings of despair, doubt and frustration that clouded your progress. Possibly your efforts were hampered further by other limitations– be it physically or mentally, or quite possibly outside factors played a part. Other commitments have also distracted you or competed for your time. With card 42 as the overall energy you are dealing with temptation. What you want to go after may be considered “forbidden” by others. This will be a measure of your personal willpower, character and strength. Whether to succumb or to resist will be a choice that will define you.

Hope you all have an amazing December!!

Blessed Be to You and Yours!

RJ Worrell

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